The Spoonbill Generator

Night's Temporary Wrists

Carefully, she folds the fish [P]

Deftly stowed between her breasts [Roland]

And, anguished, cries "I wish! I wish!" [P]

Then, as a man molests [Roland]

Her, sinks into a swoon [TG]

-- That's Lilian Gish [Roland]

Silently, she sheds the gauze [TG]

Limply draped athwart her knees [Roland]

And, aching, cries "I've opened doors [TG]

That hide all remedies!" [Roland]

- - (Zsa Zsa Gabor's) [TG]

Artfully, she thrashes out [Roland]

Coyly hiding face in hands [TG]

And, aimless, cries "Beyond a doubt [Roland]

I pine for far-off lands" [P]

"And we will see them soon" [TG]

- - Alarums without! [Bop]

Mawkishly we trade our snaps [Roland]

"Hot stuff!" -- or so they say [Bop]

And, artless, cry "Beware of chaps [TG]

Swayed by a negligee!" [Roland]

And then we sing a bawdy tune [P]

-- Verdi's 'Relapse'. [Roland]

Limpidly, we turn our gaze [TG]

Inward, lest our navels tire [Roland]

And, shameless, cry "This will amaze [TG]

The cockerel from the spire!" [Roland]

We carve in sand a Celtic rune [TG]

-- Our salad days! [Roland]

Awkwardly, we doff our socks [Bop]

And denigrate our dismal feet [P]

And aptly cry, across the Docks [Roland]

"I trust we'll never meet!" [P]

Then, back into the Blue Lagoon [Roland]

-- Pandora's Box! [Bop]


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Contributors: P, Roland, TG, Bop.
Poem finished: 27th January 1998.