The Spoonbill Generator

For Tadpole Perkins

'Don't carry the coal to the amethyst pool, [Mick]

Don't send the nursemaid to burn down the school! [P]

Rest on your laurels [Roland]

Dispensing with morals [P]

And mimic the gait of the ghoul [Roland]

Remember, the first shall be slaves to the last [TG]

Don't send the housemaid to clean up your past! [Roland]

Burnish the altar [TG]

The pyx and the psalter [Roland]

And lash all the slaves to the mast! [TG]

But hold, ye Martyrs! [Roland]

Gird your garters! [TG]

Down your Old Malts! [Roland]

And let's waltz! [TG]

On Wednesday, a lantern was left on my horse [Roland]

A token, no doubt, of unbridled remorse [P]

Why be forgiving? [TG]

No point in living [p]

If all we can swallow is gorse! [Roland]

Remember, our beasts have our burden to share [TG]

Each desk has its dust and each light-bulb its glare [Roland]

Murder the squirrels [Bop]

That roost in the Wirral's [Roland]

Dark forests, though no-one knows where! [Bop]

But stop, you cynics [TG]

Callisthenics! [Loaf]

Quaff your tonics! [P]

Crushed onyx! [Roland]

At Christmas, I sent for my neice and her son [TG]

But neither would visit; I fear I'm undone [Roland]

Burn all the presents! [P]

Polish the bezants [TG]

We pinched from the purse of that profligate nun [Roland]

Remember, our kinfolk were born for our sin [TG]

Despite all the trouble we've landed them in [Roland]

Anticipation [Bop]

Death of each nation [Roland]

Dissolute architects drowning in gin! [Bop]

Contributors: Mick, P, Roland, TG, p, Bop, Loaf.
Poem finished: 23rd January 1998.