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Soup Training - Who Cares?

"Happy New Year to the burghers of Strood!" [P]

The billowing banner proclaimed [Roland]

It flapped a gallant reminder, [Stacy]

She thought of the long trail behind her [TG]

Of those who had never maligned her [Bop]

-- she guessed that they probably would [Roland]

The burghers of Strood are an indolent lot, [Bop]

Much given to lounging in bars [TG]

Where molls are known to foregather [Roland]

Incessantly muttering blather [The Agent Apsley]

Chemises all sodden with slather [Roland]

-- they'll snog any man for a port [TG]

For even when Strood was a dot on the map [Roland]

That no decent folk would abide [TG]

We found a powerful eraser [Roland]

A government-banned pencil laser [KD]

And, aping some witless stargazer [Roland]

-- we basked in the warmth of the sun [KD]

So pretty soon Strood was a blot on the heart [Roland]

A dangerous lesson for those who throw darts, [Stacy]

So pretty soon Strood was a scab on the mind [Roland]

A salutary lesson to be always kind [TG]

So pretty soon Strrod was a pain in the ass [Stacy]

But ... let it pass [Roland]

"Happy New Year to the burghers of Strood!" [Stacy]



Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy, TG, Bop, The Agent Apsley, KD.
Poem finished: 20th January 1998.