The Spoonbill Generator

Other Shark-Infested Pillows

Seven cubed plus fourteen squared [Bop]

Half as much again [Roland]

That's the number I've prepared [Bop]

Even though its properties defy our mortal ken [TG]

Armed with cyphers thus profound [Roland]

We live a pirate life [P]

Deftly mingling with the drowned [Roland]

And harmonizing ballads that discomfit the wife [The Agent Apsley]

Half the time I hold my own [Roland]

Half I cede to you [TG]

All the rest will soon be thrown [Roland]

To those who cannot tell the foolish from the true [P]

All the rest will soon be hurled [Roland]

Into Satan's pit [TG]

Then shall I confront the world [Roland]

Alone - - for just a minute [KD]

Contributors: Bop, Roland, TG, P, The Agent Apsley, KD.
Poem finished: 13th January 1998.