The Spoonbill Generator

Swimming While Drowned

Who were the Bewlay Sisters [P]

And why did they never vibrate? [Mick]

This riddle confusing [TG]

And quite unamusing [Roland]

Was told to me when I was eight [P]

Where was the Spanner of Knowledge? [Mick]

And where was its ignorant twin? [P]

This baleful inquiry [Roland]

Has been in my diary [P]

Since first I was covered with skin [Roland]

Who were the Sultans of String? [P]

And why were they wedged in that tree? [Roland]

This long-standing poser [P]

Was mentioned by Rosa [Roland]

In the days when we lived by the sea [P]

What was the hammer of Thrace? [The Agent Apsley]

And which of us knows of its lore? [Anon.]

This crusty old teaser [TG]

Foxed Julius Caesar [Roland]

And rendered Octavian sore [TG]

Where were the Kidneys of Darkness? [Roland]

and how did they work in the dark? [justthisgirl]

This baffling enigma [P]

Is stained with such stigma [Roland]

That no-one dare question its mark [TG]

But one thing we ALL know, for certain [Roland]

The surest sure thing since The Bang [TG]

Absurdly delightful, [Stacy]

Assuredly rightful [TG]

No mermaid is made from meringue. [Roland]

Contributors: P, Mick, TG, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Anon., justthisgirl, Stacy.
Poem finished: 28th December 1997.