The Spoonbill Generator

The Bethlehem Magnetometer

When skies are grey, the darkest thought [TG]

Can quite blot out the moon [Roland]

And scare the galleons back to port [P]

More swift than a typhoon [Roland]

As fearful seamen, often caught [TG]

Within their tearful fears, [Stacy]

Prepare to hear the loud bassoon [Roland]

Evoke a seaman's tears, [Stacy]

and leave the last restort [Roland]

When skies are blue, a cheerful smile [TG]

Can quite blot out the sun [Roland]

And coax the cutters out to sea, [Stacy]

To watch the right whales run [TG]

a league or more, a sailor's mile [Roland]

Beyond their tearful fears [P]

Beyond the zone all mermaids shun [Roland]

Towards the fearful weirs [P]

Where octopi resile [The Agent Apsley]

When skis are cold, the freshest ice [Roland]

Can quite blot out the stars [P]

And lure toboggans up the hill [Roland]

While glow-worms hum in jars [TG]

The shanty that, by sound advice [Roland]

Shall steadfast sturdy stand, [Stacy]

Like youths bestriding bumper-cars [Roland]

While sliding down the Strand [Mick]

Who seldom reminice [Roland]

When skuas cry, the brightest star [TG]

Deserts the Milky Way [Roland]

To lurk among the murky waves [Mick]

That hold the tide at bay [Roland]

While we retrieve our sunken car [P]

From interstellar space [Roland]

While we prepare the supper tray [The Agent Apsley]

And half-remember Grace [Roland]

Who made us what we are [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Mick.
Poem finished: 21st December 1997.