The Spoonbill Generator

Therapeutic Heresies

In the field, no break of day [P]

Not a ray, not a ray [Roland]

In the street, no gleam of light [TG]

How will we find our way? [Stacy]

Let the deaf lead the blind [Roland]

Not a sight, not a sound [Stacy]

On the stem, no whiff of blight [Roland]

Where shall we go to grind [TG]

Boneless wraiths, tired and damp [Roland]

Weary on! Weary on! [Stacy]

On the tyre, a jaundiced sprite [TG]

A gremlin on the ramp [Roland]

Shadows of the childless souls [P]

Not a sound, not a sight [Roland]

For anyone of nervous plight [P]

Or worried by dark holes [The Agent Apsley]

In the Vesper, not a vowel [Roland]

Not an eye, not a ewe [TG]

Not a sty, nor a stew [Roland]

Will hear its winsome howl [Mick]

On his Vespa, cruising slow [TG]

(Nottingham! Nottingham!) [Roland]

Every week, on Tuesday night [P]

The Sherriff drives his beau [Roland]

In the field, no end of night [P]

Knotted rags all knitted new [Roland]

All is wrong that once was right [P]

And day becomes the time of fright [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Mick.
Poem finished: 19th December 1997.