The Spoonbill Generator

Breakfasting Traditionally

An arbitrary asp might say, [Stacy]

No bee shall misbehave; [Roland]

No wasp shall violate the law, [Stacy]

No lobster, red in tooth and claw [TG]

Shall wrench me from my grave [Roland]

An ordinary wren might say, [Stacy]

No tern shall go unstoned [TG]

No robin sing his roundelay [Roland]

No prankster, hidden wit will pay, [Stacy]

Shall pass on what he owned [Roland]

A mortuary mouse might say, [Kent]

No cat shall swallow fish, [The Agent Apsley]

No rodent go unratified [Roland]

No goat shall go ungratified [TG]

However base his wish. [Roland]

A mangy marmoset might say [TG]

No vermin in the church! [Stacy]

No writing in the sacred font [Roland]

No dancing with the debutante [P]

For whom we vainly search [Roland]

A tiny terrapin might say [P]

No running on the stairs [Roland]

No turning flips on rusty bars, [Stacy]

No trips to Mercury or Mars [Roland]

Abandon turtle cares. [Stacy]

An affable orang mught say [Roland]

No cares may touch you here [TG]

No dirty looks from folk unwashed [Roland]

No sidelong glances from unclean posh, [Stacy]

Whose lifeblood is the sneer [Roland]

Contributors: Stacy, Roland, TG, Kent, The Agent Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 9th December 1997.