The Spoonbill Generator

Michaelangelo's Lewd Little Brother

Frequently, my brother speaks [P]

Warmly of MacGregor [Roland]

His blush is evidence enough, [Stacy]

For though he'd have us think him tough [TG]

He's really just a bit of fluff. [Stacy]

My brother, fool and drunken sot, [P]

Rarely ever sober, [KD]

His bloom is evidence profound [Roland]

That, though his constitution's sound, [TG]

He hankers for his burial-mound [Roland]

A death wish is my brother's goal, [Stacy]

E'en his alma mater [The Agent Apsley]

He flirts with tankards of ruined rum, [Stacy]

That rot his guts and make him glum [Roland]

He'd rather criticize than flatter. [Stacy]

My brother likes his toddies hot, [Stacy]

To imitate an ogre [Roland]

His hide shows evidence of mange [TG]


When my brother is dead who will answer the phone? [P]

And who'll pay the bill when we're all turned to clay? [Roland]

why is it dark at the end of the day? [P]

My brother would rather not say [TG]

Why 'kneecap' is spelt with a 'k' [Loaf]

When my brother eats cake who cares for the cat? [The Agent Apsley]

Atop a red bus my brother he spies [GED]

And gives him a thump with a brace of pork pies [The Agent Apsley]

He crosses the jetty and crosses his eyes, [Stacy]

He threads a limp needle and undoes his flies. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy, TG, KD, The Agent Apsley, ANTHONY PERROS , Loaf, GED.
Poem finished: 6th November 1997.