The Spoonbill Generator

Finally, the Revelation that Armpits aren't Necessary

The twenty-first of Autumn [TG]

The last week of the hour [P]

I sold my wife a part-used life [Roland]

And lost my magic power [P]

And when you lose your prison [Roland]

The curse of living free [TG]

Corrodes the mind and leaves behind [Roland]

A sense of mild ennui [TG]

So come, you sad-eyed ladies [Roland]

And sing with me once more [TG]

Caress your drum and feebly hum [Roland]

"The Humbling of the Boar" [Anon.]

The boring of the humming-bird [Roland]

The modesty of the crow [P]

The taming of the pygmy shrew [Roland]

The damming of the tidal Po [P]

These things are sent to try us [trad]

And, trying, set us free [TG]

Or else bring forth disaster [P]

Confusion's apogee [Roland]

The twenty-ninth of Summer [TG]

The last day of the year [P]

The start of a millenium [Roland]

The last dregs of the beer [P]

The folding of the firmament [Roland]

The crashing of the sun [P]

The death of gravitation [Roland]

Will fuse the world as one [TG]

Contributors: TG, P, Roland, Anon., trad.
Poem finished: 31st October 1997.