The Spoonbill Generator

The One Incorruptible Servomechanism (The Princes' Mile)

Fancy Wills and Harry, [Stacy]

Hosing down a mule [Roland]

Burdens they must carry [TG]

Burdens scarcely cruel [Roland]

Let them fight a duel! [P]

Fancy Marc and Cleo, [Stacy]

Formed in Gingerbread [Roland]

Raisens in their bellies, [Stacy]

Currants on their head [Roland]

Fancy tea and crumpets, [Stacy]

Caked with damson jam [TG]

Ceremonial trumpets [KD]

Offensive plates of spam [P]

Fancy fae and sprite [kelsey]

Frolicking in the summer breeze [kelsey]

Running through the night [TG]

Tossing groatcakes to the trees. [Stacy]

Fancy men and doxies [TG]

Plucking pickled eels, [Stacy]

Pyxes and eek pixies [The Agent Apsley]

Honeybooms and thrills. [Stacy]

Fancy flies unending [TG]

Buzzing in and out [Stacy]

Coded warnings sending [TG]

To the men who doubt [P]

Fancy faulty plumbing [Stacy]

Groaning through the night [TG]

Clogged for all the wastrels [Stacy]

Too cowardly to fight [P]

Fancy follows fancy [TG]

Salting saccharine earth [Steven Zetschka]

Wishes upon dishes, [Stacy]

O what joyless mirth! [The Agent Apsley]

Faking Wills and Harry [Stacy]

Swilling down a beer [TG]

Di's boys can't be lushes! [Stacy]

Waiter! Over here! [TG]

Contributors: Stacy, Roland, TG, P, KD, kelsey, The Agent Apsley, Steven Zetschka.
Poem finished: 28th October 1997.