The Spoonbill Generator

Reasonable Crimes Of Tarpaulin

Tribal animosity [P]

Lacking no firm cause! [Roland]

There's ancient, wild ferocity [KD]

When the glacier thaws [P]

Reducing its viscosity [TG]

Inducing menopause [Roland]

Historical significance [Stacy]

Leading us astray [Roland]

Let us state, with diffidence [TG]

The elements at play. [Stacy]

Let us dance with elephants [The Agent Apsley]

Toss infants to the lions, [Stacy]

Twirl with elfin elegance [TG]

And style to match Orion's. [Roland]

Borealus effigy [Stacy]

The coelocanth compacted [Roland]

Languid in its lethargy [TG]

Its crimes all re-enacted [Roland]

Tribal animosity [P]

Tarpaulin of truth, [Stacy]

Purple with porosity [TG]

Pithy but uncouth. [Stacy]

Contributors: P, Roland, KD, TG, Stacy, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 11th October 1997.