The Spoonbill Generator

What if the Princess Can Seem Sentient Without Dissembling?

Cardboard [P]

The very word inflames my ailing senses [TG]

Corrugation! [P]

The very concept fills my heart with awe [TG]

My defences [Roland]

My flaw [P]

Lock-jaw [Roland]

I never knew until I'd read the papers [TG]

Circulation! [Roland]

I never guessed they'd stoop so vilely low [TG]

But their sense is [Roland]

Too raw [TG]

Forceps [Roland]

The only time I've ever eaten beef [P]

Mastication! [Roland]

Not a fitting use for teeth [P]

Let the dentist [Bop]

Make war. [Roland]

Tightrope [P]

Enough to knit my safety-net anew [Roland]

Perturbation! [TG]

No more moist or sober nights [Roland]

Amanuensis [P]

Pershore [Roland]

Cut-throat [P]

My cousin sits, indifferent to the clippings [TG]

Peroration! [Roland]

Not the nicest way to write [Bop]

Of mending fences [P]

Young whore! [Roland]

Killjoy! [TG]

Your sodden blanket clinging to my loins! [Roland]

Perspiration! [TG]

Half the night spent in the bath [Roland]

For twenty pence is [TG]

A bore! [P]

Contributors: P, TG, Roland, Bop.
Poem finished: 15th September 1997.