The Spoonbill Generator

Whoever timely looks

I've eaten all the Urals [P]

And my catheter's on fire [Roland]

I'm sure you know the feeling and can fully sympathize [P]

I've whitewashed all the murals [Roland]

With the colour of desire [TG]

Where is the prize? [P]

I'm munching through the Chilterns [Roland]

With my teeth of burnished gold [P]

I'm sure you have the wherewithal to speed me on my quest [TG]

To recite a line of Milton's [P]

Full of flattery untold [Roland]

Which would be best? [P]

I'm grazing on the Andes [TG]

My golden teeth aflame, [Stacy]

I'm sure that there's a reason for my appetite for hills [P]

To dignify the dandies [TG]

(If that's their rightful name) [P]

and crush the lovely butterflies, [Stacy]

Until their beating stills [TG]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG, Stacy.
Poem finished: 18th August 1997.