The Spoonbill Generator

Negligee Vector

The man who vilifies my tent [Roland]

The man who subsidised my rent [TG]

No matador is he; [Roland]

Though strong his arm, his back is bent [TG]

By tyrants in the Government [Roland]

For reasons plain to see [P]

The man who maims my Apple Duff [Roland]

And fills my bed with rancid stuff [P]

Is not mine enemy [Roland]

He may pretend he's passing tough [TG]

But we all know it's only bluff [P]

For reasons plain to see. [Roland]

The man who mocks my sullen smile [P]

And fills my dreams with vistas vile [TG]

Has paid the monstrous fee [P]

While posing as a paedophile [Roland]

- He has a plan to drain the Nile [P]

And fill the swamps with ghee [TG]

Contributors: Roland, TG, P.
Poem finished: 15th August 1997.