The Spoonbill Generator

Mind My Forgotten Puddleduck

This overbearing convoy [Roland]

Will never undertake [TG]

Commissions from the Kommandant [Roland]

Or tasks for any tomboy [TG]

Across the seething lake [Roland]

The gleaming of the sand [TG]

Sequestering no elephant [Roland]

Will cauterise the caique [TG]

This overweening rogue [Roland]

Has driven underground [TG]

The editor of Vogue [P]

Once justly unrenowned [Roland]

Across the shimm'ring plain [TG]

The screaming of the gland [Roland]

Enraptured by the adjutant [TG]

Behind the one-night stand [Roland]

This undernourished trickster [TG]

Will try to recommend [Roland]

Persuasion of Persephone [TG]

Old Plato's former friend [Roland]

Across the clueless page [TG]

Unspools the winding line [Roland]

The lightning of Leviathan [TG]

The thundrousness divine [Roland]

This undecided heckler [TG]

Shall remonstrate in vain [Roland]

With Chairmen, Boards and Governors [TG]

Who go against the grain [Roland]

All else is vain [Anon.]

Contributors: Roland, TG, P, Anon..
Poem finished: 23rd July 1997.