The Spoonbill Generator

Fetch Away Fish!

Yellowing leaves frame a watery sky [TG]

Titania's baby is suckling [Roland]

Clinging to breasts which will never run dry [TG]

No matter how ugly the duckling [Roland]

Orange and green are the colours of night [TG]

Bottom's child is snoring [Roland]

Sucking his thumb as the nightmares take fright [TG]

And the fingers of dawn come exploring [Roland]

Scarlet and gold ride the horsemen at dawn [TG]

Spirit? or Ass? they're enquiring [Roland]

Breasting the breeze to the song of the horn [TG]

And their stallions' pungent perspiring [Roland]

Azure and black run the scarabs of Tyre [TG]

Sipping the baby's saliva [Roland]

Milking their prey of his darkest desire [TG]

In the saddle with Lady Godiva [Roland]

Eat many fritos, frighten the sheep [Loopy]

Poison the pen of the master [Roland]

Cupping his hands as he wards away sleep [TG]

Wards away dawn and disaster [Roland]

Mindnight has sounded, the dancing must end [TG]

Horses are ready for riding [Roland]

The frosty mug sits on his wooden drum, [Stacy]

As the engine sits dumb in the siding [TG]

Time, the yardstick of a light too soon streaming [Danny]

Yokes us in hybrid regret [Roland]

That all will be woken from life's cheery dreaming [TG]

And find life's an infested baguette [Kent]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Loopy, Stacy, Danny, Kent.
Poem finished: 13th July 1997.