The Spoonbill Generator

One Last Later

Betrayed! The voyeur's curtain [Roland]

Wraps the timely conscience of the last [P]

Uncertain, steamy leerings [Roland]

Of past presidents and leaders [TG]

In a greasy knot [Roland]

Bedecked in primrose satin [TG]

Creeps the tiny consequence of lust [Roland]

Unerring, steely gleamings [TG]

Used rods from old Fast Breeders [Roland]

In a sleazy net [TG]

But sorrow's such sweet parting [Roland]

is lost on what is dear, [stacy]

Unsteady, starry dreamings [TG]

From men, many thought were cheaters [Sharron]

On a grassy knoll [Kent]

Rolling back the curtain, [Stacy]

Striped with threadbare counterpoints of dust [TG]

nostalgia becomes the preferred poison [Danny Green]

And we strive to adjust [Roland]

Beside a broken Knave [Kent]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG, stacy, Sharron, Kent, Stacy, Danny Green.
Poem finished: 9th July 1997.