The Spoonbill Generator

Cry the Narcotic Laundry

I dreamed a quaint equation [Roland]

That would simplify my life [P]

I needed scant persuasion [Roland]

To reduce my load of strife [P]

I jotted it, while sleeping [Roland]

In a corner of my mind [TG]

Intending, for safe-keeping [Roland]

To enlighten those behind [TG]

It started with a 'p' (I think) [Roland]

And ended with a shriek [P]

The middle part was indistinct [Roland]

(My dream had grown quite weak) [TG]

And, though I knew it mattered [Roland]

For the sake of global calm [TG]

My memory, quite scattered, [Roland]

By the cry of my alarm [TG]

Refused to yield its burden [Roland]

Though I scoured it several times [TG]

And walked it round the garden [Roland]

While pelting it with limes [TG]

And thus my great solution [P]

Dissolved towards the dawn [Roland]

And during my ablution [TG]

Baptised, it died unborn. [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG.
Poem finished: 28th June 1997.