The Spoonbill Generator

Tapioca Mouthwash

Outrage at the orthodox

Venom for the vain

Irrational dislike of socks

And love of Salisbury Plain

Hatred of the halibut

Envy of meringues

Anger when the shops are shut

Joyous berry stains.

Coveting of kerosene

Craving for cocoons

Longing for the langoustine

And bands with nine bassoons

Boredom on the Bayou

Languor on the launch

Careful with that Kangaroo!

and please ignore my paunch!

Mirth on Maundy Thursday

Gladness in the glen

Everyone prefers the

Women to the men

No pudding in the poetry!

Censors on the trail!

Make room for more bigotry

Emasculate the mail!

Shun the parson, save your soul!

Only drill-bits make us whole.

Our dear pudding does no harm!

Eat it on the run

Smash the dish on Maggie's farm

(Please excuse the pun)

I likes it with my porkpies,

Mine aubergine, my prunes

Now the broken fork lies

Among the sharpened tunes

Scorn for every envelope

Cursing every curve

Contempt for every antelope

Is more than they deserve!

Shun the parson, eat more cheese!

Only windmills feel the breeze

Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy, Bop, TG.
Poem finished: 29th April 1997.