The Spoonbill Generator

Regarding Mr Slick

Chiropracters, anarchists, and sheep

Lecturers, socialists and fish

Amputees and dwellers of the deep

These are the beings I wish

NOT! to meet in my sleep

Mesmerists, mountebanks and mice

"Sun" readers, policemen and crows

Omnivores and vendors of dry ice

Who, surely everyone knows,

Seldom turn out very nice.

Ethnographers, loud-hailers and kine

A hawk's tooth, a peddler of twine,

An elephant's entrail, luminous mud,

Half the betes noires of mine

Have blackened my half-sister's blood

Skindivers, antipopes and bees

Lotus-eaters, salesmen and lice

Parasites that prey on others' knees

Purveyors of the tales of others'vice

Are renowned for exorbitant fees

Tegesterologists, androids and fowl

Philatelists, smokers and YOU!

Soothsayers, dentists and priests,

Keep well away from my feasts

And howl till your left lung turns blue

Contributors: P, KD, Roland, Stacy, Bop, TG, KMA.
Poem finished: 6th April 1997.