The Spoonbill Generator

My Gallic Endorsements

"I wonder, mused the conqueror, "why lemons seldom sing"

Why turnips hardly turn up and tellie's seldom ring,

Why parsnips know no grammar, and radios have wires

Why all the most compelling tales are told by knaves and liars

His subjects stared, bewildered: no answers came to mind

The carrots thought "To humour him, would be so very kind".

The root of all this kindness was a quite perplexing plot

To restrain the nascent rising with a labyrinthine knot

The Mangel-Wurzel opined "Here's a fine to-do"

If we cannot give him answers, the day we'll surely rue

And all through the allotment came endorsements thick and fast

Wear our shoes we'll pay you well,

And depart here at a trot.

They trotted off to Waterloo

To vandalise a Portaloo

Contributors: TG, Stacy, Roland, KD, P, R. Majid, Anon..
Poem finished: 25th March 1997.