The Spoonbill Generator

Upon Losing Worlds Of Azure

A summer's day, there comes an errant knight

Followed by a dwarf that wields a whip

Followed by a maiden in a shift off-white

And a jester with an off-colour quip

A gust of wind, pavilions all a-dance:

Postillions rushing wildly here and there

And, sharpening his jewel-encrusted lance

He entertains the vulgar at the fair.

Yet, by the lake

In veil opaque

And quivering

The lady sits a-weeping

The vigil she is keeping

She fears will never end

Her blithe mistake

(a secret meant for keeping)

Still, pale, shivering

Taller than the pine

Anticipating hatchets

The knight, her only friend

Reveals a secret sign

As wheels reveal their ratchets

As blazon shows its bend

In gules incarnadine!

A summer evening: champions at rest

Pavilions shimm'ring, delicate the breeze

Between the pines, by pining all oppressed

The lowly lackeys crawl upon their knees

A summer's night, there comes an errant king

His catafalque with arabesques embossed

His fool about his feet a-capering

Though all his other titles he has lost ...

The sun has set, the kingdom is at peace

- all have been arrested by the police

Contributors: TG, P, Roland, Bop.
Poem finished: 23rd March 1997.