The Spoonbill Generator

More Paraffin for my PerpetualApprentice

The sun and moon kiss in the light of day

as lovers go their parting way

And the astsronaut sighs for the starry bowl

As he plummets through the blackest hole

Into the darkness of the night,

Ignorant of the lovers' plight

The orbiting tale of a comet's tryst

Heavenly bodies stardust kissed,

And the cosmonaut howls for his Mummy's breast

Close your eyes and dream the rest.

Into the dazzling glare of dawn

Hand in hand o'er a starry lawn

Singing favored fairy songs,

Of many cruel and wicked wrongs

Puts my dreams where they belongs.

Our telescope lens, neither green nor wan

Incites the light of stars that shone

on harmony blends, either here or gone,

Close your ears, and then ... dream on.

Into the comfort of the night,

And I can see no end in sight

Onward! Onward! Through the fog!

No dying horse unfit to flog!

Onward! Onward! Comet's tail

What if path or passage fail?

Then we may end up in hell!

or on some isle, elysian and bronze

with fauna, flora bark and fronds.

The cascading stars which plummet and hiss

Extinguish all life, all comfort, all bliss!

They plunge to the earth in a mountain of fire,

All billowing halos and heavenly choir

sculpting topographic bowls strewn with dust

As impacts compound the terrestrial crust

bit by tiny bit this temporate orb grows

Flinging itself into passion's throws,

Throwing itself into passionate flings

This is grist for heaven's wings.

Contributors: soft`rain, B Knight, Roland, P, Stacy, TG, Loaf, stacy, Lucretia, Jr. Korvorkian, Bop, D Cole.
Poem finished: 28th February 1997.