The Spoonbill Generator

Almost After Forgotten

Sleepless wretched pacing, red-rivered eyes - glazed, gazing

out nocturnal-backdropped windowpane - reflecting

on tides rippled by time worn sands,

Let me take you by the hand.

And wander through back-lit rooms of plastered walls

Laughing at the ogre's bulging balls,

So tightly wrapped in velvet cod-piece - blue

Let me go there now with you.

Temptress wakes the sleeping man,

makes an inroad - all for what?

Mysteries blurred in the onslaught,

Words that champ at the mouths that speak them.

Man awakens from his dreams,

Eats the inflatable scream

Forgotten knowledge that he'd gleaned,

Dreading what the knight would bring

rusty mail, dented shield, blunted sword

This poem is awful! Good Lord!

Contributors: Lucretia, Anon., Stacy, A girl named Sue, Nancee, Deirdre, moss, TG.
Poem finished: 12th February 1997.