The Spoonbill Generator

Aphorisms for Unseen Swine

A kiss and a cuddle

Cause untold muddle

A bird in the hand

Is worth the lot in the sky.

A piss in a puddle

is sure to rattle

A stitch in good time,

Outstrips a pocket of slime

A cock on a walk,

A parcel of pork

stripped pink flesh devoid of blood

Betrothed to the mud

A pig in a poke,

A jig, and a joke

and Life's tenuous grasp for meaningful words

All bush and no birds

A fish and a fiddle

This poem is too little!

Our brains are grown too brittle.

Contributors: Roland, P, K.D. Johnson, Stacy, Lucretia.
Poem finished: 6th February 1997.