The Spoonbill Generator

Hanging (Tidal)

Key of diamonds, tempest

No stouter than the last,

bold glass of brawny ale,

porter to the pale


Day of crashing breakers,

Jewelled licence, tartan

blue dusky-purple plaid heather, crispy mauve thistle

Shipwreck plumage


Burst upon the finger

Crest of temptation

Jealousy's ration

(Some or other passion)

Decline of this nation

Crowned by the commoners

Portent of paradise, failing

Crowned by the royal

Parsimonious template of action


Blown by laboured reason

drowned and hung to dry, limply flapping in the wind

Sneered upon by fate's wicked grin,

These fragments have I shored against my ruin

Temptation's noose bites

As the flesh dies, whining.

Throat of harpoon, lambent flakes

of dessicated epidermis crumple like paper

Torn from books of fate


Pantheistic epilogue

Intoned by a wilful shaman

Guileful woman

whose tears descends from cheeks split by husband's hands


Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy Alexander, Stacy, Lucretia, A girl named Sue, K. D. Johnson, Nabarun Halder, K.D. Johnson, Bop, Zsa.
Poem finished: 2nd February 1997.