The Spoonbill Generator

The Furnishing Witches, or Lucy's Festive Wager

Wit of pig and limb of bat

Eye of crow stirred into a vat

Build yourself a plutocrat!

Rubber fantasy churns the gut

Proudly through the night I strut

Tracking down my Robo-slut!

Poking hormones through the slot

Trampling in the fairy grot

Singing memories I forgot

Catch yourself an ocelot!

My name is good king Lancelot

Now let's move to a new bit of plot.

Womb of dredger, gut of tug

Liberal giving tree a hug

Bitten by a spindly bug

Labour in intensive care

Liberate the frozen fair

Poison those who breathe the air

Wrench me off a snowman's wheel!

Winter solstice lemon peel

Hear those witty piglets squeal!

Wit of pig and limb of bat

Stir them well within the vat

... one perfected plutocrat!

Contributors: TG, Stacy, Roland, S.A.A., Peter, John D., S.A., Jane, P, stacy.
Poem finished: 24th December 1996.