The Spoonbill Generator

Hectoring tripe

Enough of your brutal evasions!

Evading the brute is enough

Ebulliently bruising while silently choosing

To joust with the Billy-goats gruff

And forthrightly choosing to simper

With simply symmetrical lip

Lip-synching verses while stifling curses

And lashing oneself with a whip

Begone, with your scurvy effusions

If fusion is all you desire

Decibels pounding all passion surrounding

Tied up with electrical wire

And finally chewing the charmer

While charming the tutor divine

Surfing an ocean of anodyne lotion

Or wading, waist-deep, in red wine

But now for my greatest achievement

Each evening, in formal attire

I sit on the stairs and mumble my prayers

In the gloom of a derelict spire

Enough of this solemn devotion

Let's end with a caustic aside:

He who prays kneeling is never appealing

And will always be shunned by the bride!

Contributors: Roland, Boppo, TG, Nanny-goat lot (not!), P, Kevin, Martin and Nicholas, Peter.
Poem finished: 16th December 1996.