The Spoonbill Generator

Yellow Paris Hags

St Vitus, in his winter robe

Is hard to see against the snow

Notwithstanding mistletoe

He slithers round the globe

St Alban, in a potent dream

Forgot the recipe for gold

By understanding moss, and mould

He implements this scheme:

St. Thomas, woke from troubled sleep

by cries of fishwives nestling near

which echoed in each haddock's ear

will doubtless start to weep

& St Chrysostom, in his bath

found a way to vent his wrath

On bowls replete with barb'rous broth

he laughs a soupy laugh

And lastly, St McGregor

Lascivious old beggar.

Contributors: Roland, Boppo, TG, P, Kevin, Stacy, PWRC etc, stacy.
Poem finished: 8th December 1996.