The Spoonbill Generator

Blow-torch Conquests

Neither of the archetypes was very much in vogue

as she peeled the blue veneer from Heinrich's chest

And the Finnish archeologist was something of a rogue

who delighted in the dives of Budapest

Slowly peeling oranges with one too many knives

Hallucinating tetrahedra underneath the bed

The Finnish archaeopteryx halloo'd his rubber wives

And awaited new developments with undiminished dread.

Silently the Minotaur was whitewashing the maze

Expecting any minute to be taken by surprise

The finny shark apologised, and set his lair ablaze

and peed a red stinging urine, unphased.

Echoes filled each orifice as Acheron uncoiled

Echoes filled each orifice as Acheron uncoiled

the silver tongued serpent unspoiled

The bicycle-biter unoiled.

spoke the silver Acheron words and toiled

Pumped the ocean, parched and boiled

Dry as an economist's cat

Or that Stone-age meringue in my hat

Contributors: Bwp, Roland, P, Anon., Pyrex, Stoochi, Stacy, Lubbidge.
Poem finished: 12th November 1996.