The Spoonbill Generator

Voluntary Pith

Barquentine of Arkansas, the dismal oaf here,

Accompanied by labyrinthine sins

Has never known the meaning of the word "commandeer"

Which the blind tattooist scribbled on his shins

Yet are not we - Oddsfackins! - likewise marred,

(Accosted by ebullient distress)

Who can be tainted, branded, stigmatized or scarred

Or fed cankers and put to rest.

Sulky little strumpet in a sweat-soaked sundress

Petrified by solipsistic fear

While the skin bedauber gropes for sipid ingress

And the necromancer remonstrates for beer.

Fly Lords bring their swarthy, black gifts

While your naked ninnies lick their silent paws

Time-lords rip their raspberry red shifts

Eating flesh and fear the worthy cause

Snotty little cousins in a long-lost spaceship

Came along and ruined this poem

With a fatuous remark about a timely facelift

Zipping through the portals unharmed.

Elementary penguins in a clapped-out cornfield

Elementary penguins in a clapped-out cornfield

coo-coo -ka-chube

Barquentine, drum bun!

Contributors: Roland, Peter, Bwp, Walter Blenkiron-Koprasso, Loaf, Carl Wonzmann, peter, The Agent, Apsley, Stacy Alexander, Kent Alexander, Anastasia, Stacy, Starla.
Poem finished: 1st July 1996.