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A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse

The Spoonbill Hall of Fame

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DateTitleFirst line
1996 Dec 16Hectoring tripeEnough of your brutal evasions!
1996 Dec 26Misadventures Without MisconductThe travails of my giroscope
1997 Jan 19Eldred's glum, glum spleenThe dictionary was far from green
1997 Jan 24Not Enough SodiumTransubstantiation
1997 Feb 13The QuestionIn front of a crowd of reliable hens
1997 Feb 19Invisible Sandwiches - The Tiresome BeginningsShe found the smoothest stone,
1997 Feb 21Dreaming of a Swamp and the Holy RiverAs we starve in our secret Alaskas
1997 Apr 30Ovaltine Cannot Age My KittenCracked, but half asleep
1997 May 22One Smug Portillo, Timely ForgottenThese low and oily charmers
1997 Sep 26Who Causes Jetsam?Gulls feed the sky
1997 Nov 25Alice's Peculiar RevengeAlice frowned; all around, leaves were falling to the ground
1997 Dec 9The Alchemist's CrusadeIf all the world were turpentine
1997 Dec 28Swimming While DrownedWho were the Bewlay Sisters
1998 Jan 4The Throat EffectGorgonzola partridge
1998 Mar 20Whiskers of AnonymityKeep your vigil - face the facts
1998 May 30Confusion Excuses This Apparently Plotless FiascoThe night this narrative began
1998 Jul 20At First Simply GuessingThere was a young lady fron Dar-es-Salaam
1998 Aug 7Theory Comes LaterOne: a sponge, of medium girth
1998 Oct 22Propose The ImpossibleJemima: take this catapult
1998 Nov 21Stale Toffees Know NothingHis feet are larger than the sea
1999 Jan 18When We Reconsider All Our FootstepsMy grandmother told me on one grand occasion
1999 Jan 21Only Transient SheepHiatus and Hibiscus are the names of my two sheep
1999 Feb 9The Lewd Mouths SquealCarnivores, despite the laws
1999 Mar 20The Ballad of Archibald SidewaysThe Ballad of Archibald Sideways
1999 Aug 4QuiteWhy, oh why, oh why, oh why?
1999 Aug 17Deathrow Welshmen Sometimes TickHas time stopped?
1999 Oct 16The Knight who Rode a Goat to BarcelonaBefore the porcupine descends
1999 Nov 1Over-baked blossomNow listen, please. I've brought you here
1999 Dec 1Stacy's Fading CardiganThe autumn leaves
1999 Dec 24You'll be a Laughing-stock TomorrowAt this festive, glowing season
2000 Jan 18A Behavioural ThesisYou giants! You, who from this crag
2000 Jan 30Big CustardWarm in nutritious mulch, we germinate,
2000 Jan 31Adam's Ballooning ErrorWhatever happened to darling Denise?
2000 Feb 13The Minotaur's Preserved TearsFrugal the frog
2000 Feb 14SonnetIf the prophets who foretell my life
2000 Feb 27Rash Wednesday On The Grim ReeperbahnGive me a whirl on the trampoline dull
2000 Mar 20Discredited in BirminghamYour bland mosaics, weak and pale
2000 Mar 31Uncle Helium Meets His MakerHe was born at a quarter to three
2000 Apr 10Round/ArabesqueDo not cry, my darling, do not cry
2000 Oct 3World One HundredIf a man shall lack a shoe
2001 Jan 7Fashionable, The Unseemly LexicographerThere is, I've heard, an organist, who plays at half past three
2001 Mar 22Father, Forgive Our CarpentryThe practice of law is a terminal bore
2001 Aug 12Noah often said that it was lucky to stick herrings to treesThe rain poured down; the waters rose,
2001 Nov 21Who Will Seldom Live Unseen?Invitation, contradiction, punctuation, wedded bliss
2002 Jul 24The Mark of Uncertainty (Improbable Thumbprint)If you can hold a tune, when all around
2002 Nov 15Civic Pyjamas AkimboWhile editing the alphabet
2003 Jun 21Theory of Everything on TapLucinda' big sister chowed down on plutonium
2003 Oct 20Dignity for Sixty Six Possible Consonants'Twas on the 8th of August that the taxman came to call
2003 Nov 14Recycling GenesisIn the beginning Bob created the woman and the beer
2003 Nov 27Misplaced DevotionFollow the players all over the globe
2004 Mar 8A Mile Beyond The World May Be A MaidenCongealing in a fusty box
2004 May 18Calling For A Funicular Tramway ServiceWhile strutting through the quicksand
2004 May 21Seven Seasons In RedWas it for this that I sold all my children?
2004 May 25Rubbish-tip TopThe moving pencil writes and, having writ, it breaks
2004 Jun 1Wordsworth's IntentionOn viewing Chloe's coccyx
2004 Sep 16Satanists With No Desire For Pontifical StripesI bought a thing on ebay
2005 Jan 11Welcome To DarciDelightful news! An heiress to the line
2005 Jan 17Grey From Top To TowpathUpon the next-to-shortest day
2006 Mar 9NB: In MemoriamThe blackest of shields by the light of the moon
2006 May 30Phoenix, BoredIs no-one here to waken me?
2004 Jul 2Domestic MeltdownThe problem is easy to see

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