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Poem: Usquebaugh


First line

1997 Mar 23Upon Losing Worlds Of AzureA summer's day, there comes an errant knight
1997 Apr 1023 Babies In Maritime TrystTwo doggerels, whelped in one litter
1997 Apr 26Harry In The Blue Toast-RackHail! Hale-Bopp and roll upon your starry roundelay
1997 Jun 9Carbon Pump CityThe never-ending cycle of the wars 'twixt good and ill
1997 Jul 23Mind My Forgotten PuddleduckThis overbearing convoy
1997 Aug 15Negligee VectorThe man who vilifies my tent
1997 Sep 2Mozart once wrote the longest andleastenjoyable limerick ever to darken anthologiesof versificationDomestic bliss
1997 Sep 14Lockjaw ImminentDead as any dodo
***1997 Sep 26Who Causes Jetsam?Gulls feed the sky
1997 Oct 31Finally, the Revelation that Armpits aren't NecessaryThe twenty-first of Autumn
1998 Jan 27Night's Temporary WristsCarefully, she folds the fish
1998 Oct 3Shakespeare's apparent homily diverts the Thames ferry-menLay thee at my rump, thou contumelious sot
1998 Nov 25Pandora's Boxing-gloveI never tire of asking
1999 Jan 13Unending MitigationRemind me to unwind the clock
1999 Feb 2Endless Power, Our Sole AccomplishmentInflamed with paranoia
1999 Mar 23An Entropic EncroachmentAs we waited for the bus to mow the wicked postman down
1999 Jul 18My Slapdash EndgameA Cautionary Tale
***1999 Aug 4QuiteWhy, oh why, oh why, oh why?
1999 Dec 16Claudius Jointless, Claudius PointlessThe other day I found a paper clip
2000 Jan 4Dome Settling DimlyA thousand years and each one gone
2000 Jan 7Once Over Once AgainThree to one, three to one
2000 Jan 14A Whole Inuit ToothOrificial
***2000 Jan 31Adam's Ballooning ErrorWhatever happened to darling Denise?
2000 May 29Off Ovary StreetWhat baby spurns the cattle-grid
2000 Sep 11When Everest Falls SickIf ever there were time for writing poetry, 'tis now
2000 Nov 26Once Is Never Too RarelyOnce, just once, could someone let me know
2001 Jan 11Sunday, We ConfessA monstrous sneeze assails the ears
2001 Feb 17Membrane One (Laughing Hoop)If Joan of Arc wasn't a zombie
***2001 Nov 21Who Will Seldom Live Unseen?Invitation, contradiction, punctuation, wedded bliss
2002 Feb 5Defy the Hoariest BlanketSavage is as savage does
2002 Aug 5The Lament of my Square Informal TusksThe sergeant sighed as his steely gaze
2002 Aug 30Frau Jung Was My MainstayDonkey shot, the French would call it
2002 Oct 3On Pandora's BonnetPerhaps I should have told her, perhaps she should have seen
***2002 Nov 15Civic Pyjamas AkimboWhile editing the alphabet
2002 Nov 27From Prussia Without StampsMercator's projection had one tiny flaw
2003 Jan 9Regurgitate AfreshI ring alarms with my Nan
2003 Aug 26The Popemobile In EscrowI have it in mind to purchase a pie
2003 Sep 3Something Sinful For BasildonFinally, the croissant burns
2003 Sep 18Sound-Effects for Hitchcock's RailwayThese neatherds know a trick or two
2003 Oct 1Railing Against SootyI promise not to mention lice
2003 Nov 12Does Anybody Else Think That We Aren't Seeing Much?The paupers, intimiate with secrets of the court,
2003 Nov 25Dubious PeacenikA walking shrub shall grace our shores
2003 Dec 9Carbuncle City From My WindowErotic gherkin, looming in the dusk
2003 Dec 29Something Beyond HymenopteraThe version I favour
2004 Jan 20Bleak HousingTen to a bed, the children slept
2004 Jan 27Womenfolk Taken AbackWhen shifting the permanent way
2004 Feb 10Those Poor Breakdancing TripletsThe birth canal has many locks
***2004 Mar 8A Mile Beyond The World May Be A MaidenCongealing in a fusty box
***2004 May 18Calling For A Funicular Tramway ServiceWhile strutting through the quicksand
2004 May 28Desist, Whoreson Knave, Lest Great Cudgellings Befall TheeTo count the rings of Saturn
2004 Jun 3Bailiff Only BecauseBeyond the reach of kettle-leads
2004 Jul 2The Denouement Of VermicelliThe blank screen gazes remorselessly back
2004 Aug 17Robbers Never Stopped Us Before LunchIt started at quarter to one
2004 Aug 27Westwards In Search Of Undiscovered PastriesDespite his utter shabbiness
2004 Sep 17Epic Oration Looms To StarboardIn time to come, rememb'rance of this hour
2005 Jan 4Houndstooth CanalIt seemed as though I'd never been away
2005 Jul 25Mine Shaft Mendicants, Their OathIf I told you how I feel
2006 Feb 10Who Prefers Bedsocks?The little prophets of an idol-king
2006 Mar 15Homeward BoundaryWe flee the sun, and head back to the gray
2006 Jun 16Sacks Of MoonshineOut here in the wasteland
2006 Aug 1Equator Blown OverI never met my sister till I was twenty-three

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