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Poem: Megalitha


First line

1997 Mar 2Territorial Seas RevisitedNo, Man IS an island
1997 Mar 23Lemur Song UnsungFrom leprechaun to Lancer
1997 Apr 26Trans-Atlantic Plagiarism, And The Combustible AlibiTwo doggerels, whelped in one litter
***1997 Apr 30Ovaltine Cannot Age My KittenCracked, but half asleep
***1997 May 22One Smug Portillo, Timely ForgottenThese low and oily charmers
1997 Jun 17Hiding Like A Hun (Portia's Lament)Here comes the knight, mail clad, through the border
1997 Aug 15Gloucestershire My Undiscovered ChildHis elbow never faltered
1997 Sep 15What if the Princess Can Seem Sentient Without Dissembling?Cardboard
1997 Oct 31Possible Idolaters in a Black ThroatIn all my vast concerns
***1997 Dec 9The Alchemist's CrusadeIf all the world were turpentine
1997 Dec 16It's Entirely God's BusinessEleven, six or eight
1997 Dec 17The Hopeless Love ClientsOne Phoenix, hankering for love
***1998 Jan 4The Throat EffectGorgonzola partridge
1998 Feb 10Type-cast TreacheryHow undone as would be seen to show
1998 Feb 19One Last Lobster Seeking Re-electionRide onwards, lads, a new-born day
1998 Mar 18Homer, Art Thou Heat and Lightness?Before the dawn, the darkest hour
1998 May 2The "Don't Bother Me" ParadoxShe came at dawn and slit my throat
1998 Jun 21Protracted, Dreamlike, Hermetic, Peculiar, HelplessIt may have been a Tuesday - the bus was late again
***1998 Jul 20At First Simply GuessingThere was a young lady fron Dar-es-Salaam
1998 Sep 19Epitaph for the Ninth Night ShiftA snowman, weaned on Castor Oil
***1998 Oct 22Propose The ImpossibleJemima: take this catapult
1998 Dec 2My Bahnhof GodparentCarve this thought upon the bark
1998 Dec 16Spray-on Orkney SweaterIn the winter's brutal smile
1999 Jan 10Thumbscrews This TimeWhen your boots are filled with brandy
***1999 Jan 18When We Reconsider All Our FootstepsMy grandmother told me on one grand occasion
***1999 Feb 9The Lewd Mouths SquealCarnivores, despite the laws
***1999 Mar 20The Ballad of Archibald SidewaysThe Ballad of Archibald Sideways
1999 May 14Vulva buoyGive me a coin and pass by
1999 Jul 5Unpleasant LacunaTo line our wombs with chemicals
1999 Nov 18Bunuel, Masterly EngineerI skipped among the parsley beds
2000 Jan 31Pontifex Caught Under BridgesThough drowning in the vat, I can
2000 Feb 8Fencing Our Glass BabyFor all your faults
2000 Feb 13Dancing PeculiarMy dear Professor, listen
2000 Apr 24Picture This, My ChatelaineRembrandt, on his better days,
2000 Jun 13We Falter, Our Falling Too FacileWhose is the hand that eats my head?
***2000 Oct 3World One HundredIf a man shall lack a shoe
2000 Oct 11Equator ProtestTeach history slowly
2000 Nov 12Beyond Any LogicIn autumn-time, a small spittoon
2000 Dec 4Limpopo CocktailRivals, fourteen inches high,
***2001 Mar 22Father, Forgive Our CarpentryThe practice of law is a terminal bore
2001 Aug 31While Columbus Never BotheredIt's now been raining hereabouts for more than half a year
2001 Dec 11Dreaming Our Favourite CyclonesWandering churchwardens, speaking in tongues
2002 Jan 15Typist's LamentBloody machine! Why won't it behave?
2002 May 15Colonels Crooning to Their DowagersTo bridge the gap 'twixt man and machine
2002 Aug 6Behind Beelzebub's Backyard'Make mine mink,' said the Minotaur
2002 Sep 20Anniversary Epithets (if any)August the eighth, Oh August the eighth
2002 Oct 28This Way, Lord ByronIt's a long haul to Christmas, a long time to toil
2003 Jan 29Remembrance of Things PasteurisedThe year was but a few weeks old
2003 Aug 5Housemaids Singing on SundayIs this what we've come to?
2003 Aug 29Dressed To CurlStaring blankly through the glass
2003 Sep 8Sequoia's LawyersThe sycamore's riposte
2003 Sep 23Further The Pope's Unwitting ConversionDown the gullet, soft and sweet
2003 Sep 24The Meagre Friend of JugsNewbie, newbisti, newbit
2003 Sep 29Consciousness for PeptidesWhat will they think of next, those clever clever men
2003 Oct 13Extended Gravity From The Spectral RegisterGosh! That cat's obscenely fat!
2003 Oct 20Avoid Our Stranded CactusDreaming of a potted snipe
2003 Nov 24Arise, False Dawns!Goliath in the cutlery-drawer
2003 Dec 8From Here, Hence And FurtherIs there anything I can say
2003 Dec 29Windy City IciclesA man must walk down twenty roads
2004 Feb 12Gateways Home To WorthingWe set out, full of hope and ale, one grey December morn
2004 Mar 31Tales Of Someone Taller Than ExpectedTell me, O Wanderer, whom do you seek?
2004 May 7Carbohydrate Counts Against Each MouthfulThe problem of a bee city
2004 May 25Today's Not LikelyPardon my haste - I really must dash
***2004 May 25Rubbish-tip TopThe moving pencil writes and, having writ, it breaks
2004 Jun 2Afternoon Delight Until MiddayCity slickers in the sunlight
2004 Jun 23Singing For Our Tea In CA whipping-boy
2004 Jul 2The Tale Of Squabbling ArchangelsAt first, it seemed an ordinary day
2004 Jul 7Prosperity Falters If Poverty Persists Beyond The BreadlineMeathook
2004 Jul 13Zeppelin Without PageSaid Benk, the lusty bear,
2004 Aug 16Those Whose Every Movement CountsI chanced upon a postcard
***2004 Sep 16Satanists With No Desire For Pontifical StripesI bought a thing on ebay
***2005 Jan 11Welcome To DarciDelightful news! An heiress to the line
2005 Aug 8Farewell, My Lively Oystercatcher NymphsHeading off to sunny climes
2005 Sep 18One Will Between FriendsIn opting for a greyer black
2005 Sep 27Prematurely ConcludedEnvoi
2006 Feb 10Boots Were Made Before SoulsA basement, and a base intrigue
2006 Mar 7Yorick And FriendsThe azimuth is past
***2006 Mar 9NB: In MemoriamThe blackest of shields by the light of the moon
2006 Apr 5Dreary Days Compounded By SnowstormsHave you seen the Nothing man,
2006 May 12Only LaggingAt altitudes like these
2007 Jan 11Spurned To GloryLet us now praise famous mounds
2007 Mar 15Lest We Forge Unwitting JubilationThese brinks on which we teeter

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