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Poem: Colquhoun


First line

1997 Mar 15The Mushroom AntipopeHis terror of fruit was a virtue
1997 May 4When Spoons CollideThe outskirts of Odessa
1997 May 29Devout Epic On A Tiresome ChampionHow ponderous, how ponderous
1997 Jun 28Cry the Narcotic LaundryI dreamed a quaint equation
1997 Aug 29Your Gerbils, My HotelierBefore I sensed this vacuum
1997 Sep 15One moonbeam, undercookedThree drops of cactus-water
1997 Sep 20Echoes Echoes, WithoutBy 'Custody' I do not mean
***1997 Nov 25Alice's Peculiar RevengeAlice frowned; all around, leaves were falling to the ground
1997 Dec 12But Actually...Although you're tall, and gifted
1997 Dec 14Promising A Macrocosmic DisasterIf Dusseldorf were Dusseldorf
1998 Jan 23For Tadpole Perkins'Don't carry the coal to the amethyst pool,
1998 Feb 24WHat Further Unsightly Turbulence Awaits Below?Carmelites! Before we know
1998 Mar 17Nocturne by Insectlike Co-authorsTimely teal creeps
***1998 May 30Confusion Excuses This Apparently Plotless FiascoThe night this narrative began
1998 Jun 10One Daren't Expect MoreThe night we rode, the path we trod, we knew how it would end
1998 Sep 27Ode to the Laughter of my PancreasWho can fathom the rat's cunning ways?
***1998 Nov 21Stale Toffees Know NothingHis feet are larger than the sea
1998 Dec 13One More LandscapeTo renovate the galaxy
1999 Jan 11Tales for the Dogmatical NursemaidThe unicorn, though custom deems it myth,
1999 Jan 22These Fiscal CousinsQuarters
1999 Apr 5The Leather Ambulance CrumblesBy dint of subtle mime
1999 Dec 31Merlin's Legendary Lost OathsMy daughter! My daughter! the old wizard cried
2000 Jan 14New, Tidier PixiesThe stately tread of centuries has just assailed our ears
***2000 Feb 13The Minotaur's Preserved TearsFrugal the frog
***2000 Mar 31Uncle Helium Meets His MakerHe was born at a quarter to three
2000 May 1Abhorrent ParadisesA silver bird, set in a leaden sky
2000 May 15Essay - Let's NotIt's a terrible start to a poem
2000 Oct 15Naturally We're CoughingWho comes to answer Pity's call?
***2001 Jan 7Fashionable, The Unseemly LexicographerThere is, I've heard, an organist, who plays at half past three
2001 Feb 22Wood Knot RictusRevival of my former fame
2001 Nov 5Balsamic BusFrom Russell Square to Holborn
2001 Dec 12Forgotten Riposte VThematic spoonful, years of corn
2002 Feb 17National Gnu Stun AtrophyIt was on just a night such as this
2002 May 13Reflections Behind Closed MindsThe art of interactive verse
***2002 Jul 24The Mark of Uncertainty (Improbable Thumbprint)If you can hold a tune, when all around
2002 Aug 23Fortissimo EpilogueWhenne that Julye, with its weather bloodie
2002 Nov 8Impressions of the National Arthritic GalleryMy fourteenth friend cannot be seen from here
2003 Aug 4My Other Lifetime was a Thing ForegoneA mothball larger than the sun
2003 Aug 29The Burlington Commuter BluesThe wrong kind of sun, the wrong kind of snow
2003 Sep 1Chipping ProverbsA French kiss from the Blarney Stone
***2003 Oct 20Dignity for Sixty Six Possible Consonants'Twas on the 8th of August that the taxman came to call
2003 Nov 16Captain Of My LandHappy ever after? Well, at least until that day
***2003 Nov 27Misplaced DevotionFollow the players all over the globe
2003 Dec 29First Glimpse Of Summer This AutumnA 21st Century Christmas Carol
2004 Jan 28Excess Ease ComingWho welds a poem huger than the grave?
2004 Feb 10Even Duplication FactorsSay hello to Chutney Spears
2004 Feb 24Whence Cometh Our Whelp With Its Peculiar Outlook?It's not just the hole in the dyke
2004 Mar 23Refusenik Attitudes Long Considered PasséIs that your usual tone of voice?
***2004 May 21Seven Seasons In RedWas it for this that I sold all my children?
2004 May 26Home Time Before Cock-crowWhy do I sit here, why do I strive
***2004 Jun 1Wordsworth's IntentionOn viewing Chloe's coccyx
2004 Jun 25The Kiss CabinThis mouth of salt
2004 Jul 21Taller Despite AppearancesThe short-cuts that Yevgeny likes
2004 Aug 11Distant FashionThe tram that passed the Opera
2004 Aug 27Welcome To The Never-ending SchoolComrade railcar
2004 Dec 9The Hurricane That Tore Our Beloved Condominium From Its Very FoundationBehind the bandstand, when we dared
***2005 Jan 17Grey From Top To TowpathUpon the next-to-shortest day
2005 Aug 8The Stranger ButlerThe end is the beginning, subtly changed
2005 Nov 15To Any Passing CriticIn opting for a blacker grey
2005 Nov 22What A Nefarious Newcomer Might Not Instantly Perceive As Worthwhile Is Often ValuelessDrinking round the clock
2006 Jan 25At Equal IntervalsThe other day (or was it night?)
2006 Apr 4Powers That Remain PotentA night of perfect chaos
2006 May 11Fester, FarewellFester, farewell
2006 Jun 15How Many Such Openings Have We Squandered?Astride a red-hot anvil
2007 Jan 15A Futile Attempt on ParnassusI meant it as an insult
2007 Apr 13Snow Without DistinctionFrom the swirling coffee-grounds

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