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Poem: The Red Poem


First line

1996 Nov 1Cost-effective StarlightThere is room for two legs in my trousers
***1996 Dec 16Hectoring tripeEnough of your brutal evasions!
1997 Jan 3Chutney, the Ragtime CrabI sighed for the feel of formica
1997 Jan 18Arizona's Coptic RimeYour fossil terrorised our clan
1997 Jan 22Seemly OnionsA beast with two backs
1997 Jan 30Although My Testament Lies SteamingThe price of penance is the soul,
1997 Feb 8The Cherry ChallengeWoodworm! Spare that tray
1997 Feb 16Modish QualmsI name this dead wasp 'Halitosis'
1997 Feb 17ArtlessArt serves to remind us all,
1997 Feb 24Insensible BlandishmentsAsk anyone about my woes,
1997 Mar 5Maya's Misty Watercolor BluesAs Maya turned the page
1997 Mar 10Your Strict Horses Inhibit My Double RepetitionIt was something to do with marmalade
1997 Mar 13A Token for PartingThe filing cabinet, the filing cabinet
1997 Mar 24Obelisk: ConfusionThat karaoke chaos
1997 Apr 15Bathroom PsychodramaPale in her Siamese twin-set
1997 Apr 29Tapioca MouthwashOutrage at the orthodox
1997 May 18A Snail Keeps ShopA Case of Riotous Block
1997 May 21Unrealistic CoconutsMerry munchkins mangle macaroons on Mondays
1997 May 31How Met By LegionYou call yourself a Yeti
1997 Jun 7Saffron, SaffronI've seen the skull beneath the scone
1997 Jun 28Mudwoman, repent!Life for a girl is a sensual map
1997 Jul 7On Knowing Little TessHer hair falls short of a pageboy's crop
1997 Jul 27What is Golden?The curlew trolls to Nell of darkling hay
1997 Aug 18Whoever timely looksI've eaten all the Urals
1997 Sep 10Highgate HopefulAs we crested the brow of the ultimate hill
1997 Sep 27Ornamental William Golding Glimmmers in VoidPretty, pretty hermit
1997 Oct 11Reasonable Crimes Of TarpaulinTribal animosity
1997 Nov 4A Particularly Contemporary ProcedureParticularly pleasing was the scent of new-mown hay
1997 Nov 28Clustering (Algorithm Played on a Gumby)Between the barns, half-buried
1997 Dec 21The Bethlehem MagnetometerWhen skies are grey, the darkest thought
1998 Jan 5Half-wits in ParadiseI've heard it said that Hell is other people
1998 Jan 13Other Shark-Infested PillowsSeven cubed plus fourteen squared
1998 Jan 31My Soothsayer's ImpeachmentEmblems of the regal scorn
1998 Feb 8Armpit DisciplineIce carved by cold hearts,
1998 Feb 15The swarthy Wellington-bootWhen nights draw in, and pubs resound with tales of Arthur's deeds
1998 Feb 24Ancestral vestiges of tambourineShow me not your golden purse,
1998 Mar 2All Aboard, Airhead!Wide eyed and innocent, she
1998 Mar 8Whether Lewinsky Swore (Wittgenstein's Homily)The unblessed stranger twisted forth,
1998 Mar 11Nabobs and FrumpsOH! FEY! Cried the winged eel fingerling,
1998 Mar 16Z's Bequest (The Gamut)'A' was an Arctic Abacus
1998 Mar 22Prayer Wheel PokerCarpenter's, my only hope,
1998 Mar 23BunsAndante, my love, for we've hours a-plenty
1998 Apr 19From Underneath Diana's ToastIts stuns me, like it stuns us all
1998 May 2Kate's Gruttock ImpalerIn times of stress I like to scratch my foot
1998 May 14Frugal the FrogBehold the frugal cactus
1998 Jun 7Marching with Redemption BalloonsLike spoons they lie, a front to back,
1998 Jun 30My funicular cutlets, redeemedThe Green Joy made the Queen wet with dew
1998 Aug 1Who Once was Orson's VampireJudge this breakfast lightly
1998 Aug 12We Build, The Planes ComeUnbroken, unending, the wine-darkened sea
1998 Sep 30One-note Symphony on the Sudden RevolutionFrom where will the words come?
1998 Oct 5Unfamiliar Hair-brushes GurgleClothing for the absent mind
1998 Nov 18Marrying KineIn this ballet, cochineal
1998 Dec 7These honeycombed facesMarmaduke was searching for the never-ending flute
1999 Jan 3Hell FruitIf you think that I'm the reject, then I'll thrash you till you're blue
1999 Jan 7Trip, 15th August 1812The sun had scarcely risen when we started down the lane
***1999 Jan 21Only Transient SheepHiatus and Hibiscus are the names of my two sheep
1999 Jan 24Music Shadows RepetitivelyAn amphora of Egyptian darkness
1999 Jan 31Her DaymareOn the far side of the beach: abyss
1999 Feb 4My Earliest Barnacle-Busting MemoryCount to ten, then start again
1999 Feb 8Crepuscular CreationI was excreted through a pore
1999 Feb 8From...At the end of my tether I fastened a kite
1999 Feb 13Squeamish, Mother?Toothpaste is a substance that I readily ingest
1999 Feb 21Crystal All AlongDying in Luxor with the Spoonbill chill
1999 Feb 28How Death Became MoonshineMy tribal ways
1999 Mar 6Sugared Death WatchingA simple thought occured today, entirely on its' own
1999 Mar 10Seal CobblersNow, children, gather round, and I will tell you of Old Tom
1999 Mar 28Who Desecrates the Vector?Make a portrait of King George upon the very sod
1999 Apr 4Homer RetranslatedConversations are a winding down of time for most,
1999 Apr 9Neoplastic Ha'pennyMy parachute has broken and I don't know how to fall
1999 Apr 13Uncivil ArcadeGushing geysers greet the dwan with foam and spume and spray
1999 Apr 20Canterbury NemesisPetulant pilgrims don't like to eat rope
1999 Apr 24Romeo's Disagreeable Collapsible Peregrinations'Festival of shouting!', so barked the trusty swain
1999 May 8Major Karamazov's On CallCooler than the outer wall
1999 May 17Anthem of Unfinished ToenailsIt's best to smile
1999 May 26Warriors from EternityI wandered lonely as a nerd
1999 Jun 11Wetness, Damp Socks, and PrawnsAlthough our raft is still marooned
1999 Jun 21Fracturating Kippers: This Homophonic HarmoniumMeet my typing-tutor
1999 Jun 28Midsummer Fails EveryoneMellow jazz oozes from the speakers
***1999 Aug 17Deathrow Welshmen Sometimes TickHas time stopped?
1999 Aug 27Googlehimmel (Pathetic Science)Is it so? Have you not heard?
1999 Sep 7Renaissance Dental Imperfections GalleryAll right he said, I think I will
1999 Oct 11Blessed, Blessed, this Momenteum of the MorningI told him that he shouldn't hoard the family's only Oiuja board
1999 Oct 23Beneath the Dismembering SkyWhen Ethelred beheld the axolotl
1999 Nov 9To Bypass Cartesian NotationLot Seventeen: two lightweight combs
1999 Nov 17Corking the Windswept WolvesWhen I consider ............ no, I can't go on
1999 Dec 7Mythical PiscatorI talk to herring in the dark when no one is around
1999 Dec 24Worse Shame Than Coal-Shovelling TendenciesUncertain and yet, somehow, sure
2000 Jan 4A Formal Comeback For The New MillipedeFrom pyramid to penthouse
2000 Jan 5Melt-Down Happens Nightly'Well, stap me vitals!' swore William Hague:
2000 Jan 14Barbecue SoresFolded like a deck-chair
2000 Jan 21Hurrah! A Pointless Stereo PencilThe lines of life upon her face
***2000 Jan 30Big CustardWarm in nutritious mulch, we germinate,
2000 Feb 1Advertising PlatoWith cogent epigrams
2000 Feb 8Bottomless YachtingA plethora of penguins is rarely to be found
***2000 Feb 14SonnetIf the prophets who foretell my life
2000 Feb 15Binyon County: The Defective KiteWho remembers me, Lieutenant Aubergine?
2000 Feb 15SonnetThis flower that we planted long ago
***2000 Feb 27Rash Wednesday On The Grim ReeperbahnGive me a whirl on the trampoline dull
2000 Mar 17Mask of the HeraldHer sharp mouth, again,
2000 Mar 20Angels, Whenever You CoughInstruction none of us are free
2000 Mar 31Vacuity's Gin Rots One's Pudenda'Just the place for a Snark!', the Boatman cried
2000 Apr 3Whose Other Stomach?Underneath my Mother Tongue
2000 Apr 5Fraternal Greetings To Reverend Cuticle's OppossumArabella Spommit had three cousins slim and tall
2000 Apr 5Heather Eliot's Bottom LineApril is the cruellest month
2000 Apr 10To The GoatherdsWhen asked to choose an Antipope
2000 Apr 24Felicity Kendall's Lovely ArmpitsWhen you said you were my friend
2000 May 3My Nightly Righteous FermentI think that I shall never see
2000 May 8Endlessly TransitoryWhen my Doppelganger calls
2000 May 9I'm Pitifully Happy Wherever There Are SpoonbillsMy life is like an open road (yes, people walk on me)
2000 May 11Surely it behoves us to grant...In Istanbul
2000 May 14Ramsgate Station (1066)When mice attack a quarter-back
2000 May 15Drinking Electricity (Sonnet)One sonnet is too short to tell the charms
2000 May 16Unless They Get MistressesSweet nymph, though thou art ever im my dreams
2000 May 17My French Bananas Of Unbounded MagnificenceWhen teaching Granny to suck eggs
2000 May 22The Puissance In American AdverbsThe cake of opportunity must be eaten whilst it's fresh
2000 May 23Hengist's coming to get you, HorsaIn Persia's lands, there is a wisp that terrifies the priests.
2000 May 24Is My Navel Growing?What is that great black bird I see?
2000 May 30Duck Soup StoriesWhen Duck and Gerbil went adventuring
2000 Jun 6That's That Over WithIn the beginning was the Herd:
2000 Jun 6Goats Cannae KnitThere was a young man from Kilbride
2000 Jun 8Courtly Like The Dancing CobraMy brides lined up in order
2000 Jun 12Our Ugliest Newly-Weds Disgust MeA feast of fumes, a feast of fumes
2000 Jun 13To Hypnotise Badgers Bereft Of DiscretionAcross the hills a cry rang out:
2000 Jun 14Sparklingly Devoid Of InterestWhat is a thruttock? questioned Sam
2000 Jun 20Nevertheless, Nuke the FrenchEach time I use the word 'defer'
2000 Jun 25Underneath The Forest WallCalypso, on her vaulting-horse
2000 Jun 29Eggs And ArtilleryThe gambler folds his hand and sets his gaze
2000 Jul 10Totally Dissimilar Sausages (With Mustard)As I was walking all alone
2000 Jul 22Mr Stilton Stalks The UndergroundAs I was going up the stair, I met a froglet tall and square.
2000 Jul 27B-Flat TonsilsDown in New York City is a craze that's hit the streets
2000 Jul 31It's Meadowlark LemmonIn the dead of night, lit by pale moonlight
2000 Aug 14Birthdays Passed Without MintsAugust presence or August presents, what will be thy choice?
2000 Sep 11Slander Me!I'm the child of a Red Road skyscraper.
2000 Oct 3Whose Shift Avoids Whose Pellicule?The grumpy armadillo sat in front of his computer
2000 Oct 25Recriminations Against The Hideous NymphetIn olden days, a glimpse of Hockney
2000 Nov 3Bees Hover Like BeesNever, in the field behind the gasworks
2000 Nov 8Spanner HatredNow the fat is in the fire
2000 Nov 21Favourite Cheese-MongersBeefy, Loaf and Costorphine all went upon a jaunt,
2000 Nov 23Undo My StartPainting the Register Office
2000 Nov 23My goodness... my gumbootApsley wrote a novel about a small baboon
2000 Nov 23Always BlitheringWhen ducks and drakes meet late at night
2000 Nov 25Argentina Is ImaginaryWho predates this predator
2000 Nov 27Fantastic Tabletop Of SuctionRebuke, like gossip from the sun
2000 Dec 1'Destiny', Said Chastity, 'Doesn't Fulfil'Your new line will go here
2000 Dec 5If Sluices MatterIncas ... dreadful drinkers,
2000 Dec 13Getting to Loathe YouDinner jacket,, morning-suit
2000 Dec 14Happy Those Who Bother Not To Wash EmusNow is the time for joyful feasts
2000 Dec 15I Stagger Under Fourfold FardelsTime and again, with weary tread
2000 Dec 19Deserts East of HarwichLiving in a dream
2000 Dec 25Titograd Cathedral, Fatuous In DefeatWaltzing through the alley-way
2001 Jan 1No Cat's TrousersPelting down the motorway, with my wheels of fire,
2001 Jan 9Iced Mohicans, Anyone?Zoroaster sunnily bestows his
2001 Jan 10Nasty, NastyThe gremlins in my kitchen make
2001 Jan 20Offhand EmblemIf the captain's metaphysic
2001 Jan 23A Vain Attempt in English to Accommodate DiversThe hour of innocence, of hopes and dreams
2001 Feb 16Palfreyman In SwitzerlandDoubled up with laughter, trebled up with woe
2001 Feb 27Captain Scott's ImplosionAt dawn we slew another pig
2001 Mar 11Fleeing, The Sticky Eremite ScratchesPoetry and Poesy declined to fight a duel,
2001 Apr 20Conception By Maidens (Anchovie's Verses)How long will you be up there?
2001 Apr 29Lost Meanings of TurkestanShow me a mirror and I'll
2001 May 1Tumbling Kills. Water Falls.Carrie was an acrobat who fell upon her head
2001 May 21False Tales of My CalumnyBring me an egg-whisk, and sand-blast my shoes!
2001 May 30Whenever Angels Return to HampshireComing back from London Zoo
2001 Jun 19Are You the Last Paradigm?In France, there is a little town
2001 Jun 28I'm Washing Pyjamas for LunaticsDrunken badgers and their TVs
2001 Jul 18Arctic CharlieWhen singing to potatoes, the cowboy always stutters;
2001 Jul 27Impertinent DesiresThe Scandinavian roll-mop
2001 Aug 9She Performed BadlyYoung Margaret was a silly girl
2001 Aug 10Seaside Hallucination (Felixstowe Docks)The shores of sand stood up and waved
2001 Aug 13BiographyHelena was born in a pub
2001 Aug 20Near the Symbolist Palace of AtrocitiesWe start our tale outside a German wood
2001 Aug 22Light Grey SunshineGroatweed grows by every verge
2001 Sep 4Kylie, Dark IllusionI unfolded my favourite handkerchief slowly
2001 Sep 5Quiet Teatime MomentsThe carrot spoke too sweetly
2001 Sep 24Cartwright's Innocence UnleashedAlong the mute canal
2001 Sep 28Dagenham CakeshopTie me to the lamp-post with a silken thread
2001 Sep 30Hugh's Underpants Defy DogmaStaggering across the heath
2001 Oct 2Misconduct With Whosoever ChoosethWelcome to the conversation
2001 Oct 2Very Old HighlandersAngels in the centrifuge
2001 Oct 5Culling Ear-Trumpets by the GangesWhen Nylon paves the way for silk
2001 Oct 8From Chocolate Time-ZonesHer eye is not my voice
2001 Nov 1Television Penis DisenfranchisementBorn with magic pubic hair
2001 Nov 8Wittgenstein's Spare PumaNascent longing, unrecognized, but pure:
2001 Nov 8Clothes PegsFor a man of the cloth
2001 Nov 17Lenten OrgyA pint of gin to steel the nerves
2001 Nov 20Lechery's AppraisalI loved her hazel eyes so much
2001 Nov 22Let's Have Time to FondleBeing a tomato-knife
2001 Dec 7North-South Pedestrian CrossingsThese suicides, who strut the streets
2001 Dec 10Twenty-Three Costermonger High-RoadTwo-ring circus, one horse town
2001 Dec 12Stanley Knife, Solid FleshAlone
2001 Dec 13She boilsIn its own bottle
2001 Dec 18Lesbians of YesteryearThe Crossbill, famed in Nordic lore
2001 Dec 19Brute Pesto Lollipop (Intolerance)The gate is torn asunder there
2001 Dec 23Behind Bermondsey BridgeButterfingers Battersea
2001 Dec 30Attempts To Separate Meniscus from SurfaceOur lady of Sligo
2002 Jan 7Mitochondrial Ne'er-do-wellsCarved in frozen gasoline
2002 Jan 9Is Santa Powerless?No man is an isthmus
2002 Jan 14Fawning Without DistinctionMy regard for you does not acknowledge borders!
2002 Jan 16Beckettt's Crispy Pacific Noodles'The stratosphere is not so near,'
2002 Jan 18Love Icily VisibleBones and twigs and a perilous ascent
2002 Jan 22Tundra NightmaresWoolly mammoth, now unravelled
2002 Jan 28Who Wobbles Behind the Arras?Champagne was flowing down the stairs, perhaps.
2002 Feb 4Pay for Teddy-bearsBy the black infernal Styx I sat
2002 Feb 7Heroic, We Know NothingBoil my leg before you go -
2002 Mar 5The Dockland ProxyThe caramel wafer was tempting and thin:
2002 Mar 7Gingerbread Housing CorporationGretel's luxuriant hairy schnauzer was a bitch!
2002 Mar 13Eliot's Daily VariationsThe flat sky
2002 Mar 14Nowhere Quickly PalesWhen the last train left the station
2002 Apr 4Fugitive and FuncleReading avidly, yet slowly, I devoured the novel.
2002 Apr 11The Maritime SuctionOn this desolate beach, a lost trinket
2002 Apr 19Tennyson's Untreated Butane Vat Goes WhooshCome into the garden, John, for the dark bat night has teeth
2002 May 8My Lion-hearted Friend EdgarThe tiger hunting in the dusk
2002 May 8Cuttlebone SandwichesGiants, in their tiny way,
2002 May 11Exculpatory DancingGiants, in their tedious way
2002 May 14Gabriel's HiccoughsSledgehammer? I thought to use a shovel
2002 May 16That's the Ticket!A Hindu Deity is often blessed
2002 Jun 11Testimonial for Pier Café RaidersLong, long ago, in old Tashkent
2002 Jun 25Life Doesn't FesterResponsibility for life on earth
2002 Jun 30CompromisesI ponder what I dare not do,
2002 Jul 12Immediately to the North of DorkingA friendly leaf once gave me quite a fright:
2002 Jul 18Professor Branestawm Finally SuccumbsThis so-called portrait of the Bard
2002 Jul 29One Scourge Too Far From HomeImagine that! My little cat
2002 Aug 2Limerick FollyThe funny thing is, remarked Fred
2002 Aug 7Carp of a Thousand DrumsExactly how surreal do you fish?
2002 Aug 24Another Hairless Igloo ObjectsReplace mine injured planet
2002 Sep 9Mix My ChickensTorn off a strip
2002 Sep 10Ill-qualified for HopingDodging through the rainbows
2002 Sep 14Loaf Mumbles LoafPunished for his extra ears
2002 Sep 21Our Lissom LaureateWhen you wish upon a stoat
2002 Sep 24Machine Coffee: Grounds for DivorceEstimate the water's depth
2002 Sep 28By Any Drowned PavilionGuacamole, whose brindled haunch
2002 Oct 3Impersonating Nelson for Fun!As fine a feast as man has known
2002 Oct 4Why not experience leprosy first-hand?There is deep water everywhere
2002 Oct 5Erupting Like FlamingoesGone, the subtle;
2002 Oct 10Trouser LeopardFrowsy Frederick did foretell fate,
2002 Oct 15Underneath SeattleBazooka? Not in my bit of jungle!
2002 Oct 21Electon'Cobblers, plain bloody cobblers', the fireman roared,
2002 Oct 22Rescued From My DefectsThere upon the ceiling, in a pattern rich and rare,
2002 Nov 1A Virgin's Twelve TesticlesSuch a vile winter! Warm in nooks
2002 Nov 4Longings for CelibacyHow hideous the passion!
2002 Nov 12A New Golem SchoolYour lack of understanding
2002 Nov 14Seasons IntemperateIf ever I should leave you, it might as well be now
2002 Nov 15Halibut WithoutI ate my salad in a huff:
2002 Nov 19Shake My GarnishLet us go then, you and I,
2002 Nov 21Britney's in PurdahWhen poets strive against the muse
2002 Nov 25On UndiesQuality control for underwear,
2002 Nov 26Matter, Not MarmiteBurnt his fez upon the pyre?
2002 Nov 27Wenches, Rogues, WrestlersNot spacious, like a blunderbus
2002 Nov 27ShrivenMost cats repent of all their sins
2002 Nov 28Urging My Example SlowlyShe placed the diamond on her toe,
2002 Nov 29Swimming for PilgrimsWhat cloud through yonder window frowns?
2002 Dec 3Life-Threatening Tuesday MorningsWhere is fester? What is he?
2002 Dec 6When the Spanish AttackWho dares cross the line?
2002 Dec 9Documentary HighlightIn the depths of Epping town
2002 Dec 12Big Orchids In Dead MarriageMy dove, Suzette, she lays in wait
2002 Dec 14Having Stacy In SongWhy don't we rename Christmas?
2002 Dec 24Because I've Died Peacefully EnoughA pint of Scruttock's in my hand
2002 Dec 31CaTacLySmi SPEAK in CAPITALS quasi-random
2003 Jan 3My Liverpool LamentPercival the scouse louse
2003 Jan 8Please Not Sideways, ArabellaDreary as a paper towel
2003 Jan 9I'll Surely Trample Your Tractor, My LoveI had a little tractor
2003 Jan 9In LemonsWhy, tell me why, is the future so green?
2003 Jan 12Commentary Arising From My Previous UncialsAnother riposte
2003 Jan 17Rumour PillsLicensed to kill, my dear
2003 Jan 25Beyond Bursting-PointI walk a mile each day before my tea
2003 Jan 30Peace Comes DrivellingWe were a million strong and growing
2003 Feb 7Control of Our Feet in DarknessMoonlight softened the angry lines
2003 Feb 11Overtures MisunderstoodWhy are men so damn complex?
2003 Feb 20Acrimony for Unknown PontiffsDoctrine of the spiral stair
2003 Feb 20Immediately NobodyThe cobbler, blind for seven years
2003 Mar 18A Relativity Prayer Shawl Thrown AsideI quaffed nine cups of joe this morn
2003 Mar 28Tendentious ReassurancesAnother thousand syllables
2003 Apr 1Woeful EnigmaMy notion of 'A Life of Woe'
2003 Apr 18Accidents to Unwary PlaymatesIn the timeless forests of the north
2003 Apr 22Unsaid, UnsaidThe red poem remains unread
2003 May 3Fruitful Duck SoupMy goldfish likes to do the monkey bars
2003 May 16Those Who Can't DefySo many works, untitled and unsung
2003 May 18Laughing Down by the MaelstromBehind the nipple's cruel intent
2003 May 30Hilariously PregnantI guffaw but twice per night,
2003 Jun 16Swinging the TarzanThey trained me, from mine early years
2003 Jun 16PerhapsAnd I thought it might be morning
2003 Jun 16Tiny ProblemsLike hoarfrost on the juniper
2003 Jun 17Afterglow/PuzzleThe pallid young apprentice
2003 Jun 18Turned on by GhostwritersA flock of hungry magpies came
2003 Jun 19Uneven RecipeA rushing tide, a rushing tide
2003 Jun 20If Cocoa Couldn't (Allegory)"Chocolate! Give me chocolate!", the woman screamed
2003 Jun 21My Habitat of Unkempt MincemeatCoconuts are hard to peel
2003 Jun 21Awakening the Aluminum JetsamA paper, a line, a bubble, a tin
2003 Jun 21Tinkle Tempest SoldierThe archive of memory refused to stir
2003 Jun 21In Time (Full Icebox)Without you
2003 Jun 23Abandon Malfeasance, My Cobweb DoctorYou wouldn't want a cobweb
2003 Jun 23Secret Habitude with MenShe frolicks gaily, like a goat
2003 Jun 24A Vagabond Lacking Cunning"Better", I told him, "you had left your seed unsown"
2003 Jun 24The Pastry CupsHow noble is the nobleman
2003 Jun 24Iambic Portrait of MontalbanRicardo's toupee hasn't aged but a day
2003 Jun 24Playland SmackRaggedy-Ann has a heroin habit
2003 Jun 26Epic Gorgonzola QuestIn China, once, an Emperor
2003 Jul 1Armageddon Horses D'Oeuvres Changes CoursePlague and Pestilence sat down by the fire
2003 Jul 10Ketchup AlchemyA red hen, convinced that her eggs were sublime,
2003 Jul 17Ode to the TelevangelistsThey
2003 Jul 17Like the Inner Feathers of EarthHow frothy do these suds appear
2003 Jul 17Gentrification is a GiggleWhene'er I see a falling star
2003 Jul 17To BirdsThe geese were flying high, the ducks
2003 Jul 17Cosmos TwirlsYour new line will go here
2003 Jul 17Vogons In LoveSmudge me, I am yours
2003 Jul 17Whether the DweebsOne summer afternoon, the snow was all around
2003 Jul 17Enough IsHere, there and everywhere
2003 Jul 17Hope Squeals 'Wahoo!"Dispel those neverending qualms
2003 Jul 17LongingOh, my God, it never ends
2003 Jul 17Euthansia without GregariousnessHow often have I pruned a tree
2003 Jul 17UnshornUbiquity is the folly of unshorn llamas
2003 Jul 18Empty Promises among the Symbols of the NorthAmpersand, I love thee
2003 Jul 18Was the...?Every hepcat under heaven
2003 Jul 18Again We Raise the Standards of Poetry Crimes Against HumanityThe slate is clean, the ink is fresh
2003 Jul 18The Lycanthropes Are Eternally Grateful For Your Cooperation In These Matters OfPreposterous! She cried
2003 Jul 18UntitledWhy must you tinkle in your pants?
2003 Jul 18UntitledChildren put on your thinking caps
2003 Jul 18BemusedHow blithely do the crackerjacks
2003 Jul 18UntitledRemove your babuskha, mister
2003 Jul 18UntitledI wish it were true that piggies flew
2003 Jul 18A Royal DisasterIndeed the overweening queen
2003 Jul 18WienerpomeOur story was unfinished! We had not reached the end
2003 Jul 18UntitledBrothels on the hill, tra la
2003 Jul 19She-devils UnrulyHow are you doing, Mr. Slurb?
2003 Jul 19Gargling TroubadoursWhy must you gargle on the couch?
2003 Jul 19Lunar SunsetsThat moon is not an aspirin
2003 Jul 19UntitledThese lovely fruit loops in my lap, these hairpins on my dog
2003 Jul 19UntitledFree verse is my favorite form and so I say to you, "Garbanzo"
2003 Jul 19UntitledTen pennies, three shillings and a paper clip
2003 Jul 19UntitledFrancine can you fix the executioner line to fit the meter?
2003 Jul 19TITLESGOHEREFrancine, are you here?
2003 Jul 19Omphalos(haiku) Three rings on my nose
2003 Jul 19Scrapple Lovin'My headcheese does stink
2003 Jul 19Lifecycle: Forlorn FlappingHow blithely do we misuse this site and yet it does deserve it
2003 Jul 19Untitled(haiku) When once I stood upon
2003 Jul 19WoofI submit that we are not alone
2003 Jul 19UntitledCorky has a brand new wife
2003 Jul 19UntitledHeebie jeebies, toil and trouble
2003 Jul 20Unhealthy Backlash ClichesI fear my favorite pollywog has indigestion
2003 Jul 21Separation AthleticMy love is sailing to Toledo
2003 Jul 21The Snoring SombrerosI've never known a munchkin like you, Nadine.
2003 Jul 21Giraffe Shoe HappenstancesWould you care to multiply?
2003 Jul 22The Hopscotches are GrowlingThe Creature wouldn't seem so bad if only he spoke clearly
2003 Jul 22Cactus AntsAnts are smart, oh they're smart, oh they think they're so smart
2003 Jul 23Whales are Silent WarriorsLittle children, gather 'round and I will tell a tale
2003 Jul 23Nighttime PaddlingThe sky was dark, and rain was falling
2003 Jul 24But for the HeadachesYou may think that it's time for a rhyme
2003 Jul 24Boots of Silly LeatherSilly Sally from the valley liked to dilly dally
2003 Jul 24Rain is No SubstituteIn shimmering skies the clouds were humming
2003 Jul 24Work and Homework, my work, i hate my work
2003 Jul 24Forever SpinningSpinning, falling,
2003 Jul 25Oddments From the BookstoresThe shelving groaned with weight tomes
2003 Jul 25Hunt WithinThe ancient hunter stood proudly
2003 Jul 26Will Oceans Devour the Unforeseen Goats?The rains had not come that year
2003 Jul 26Starfish FootwearIf starfish wore shoes
2003 Jul 26The Yellow SofaTommy, where is my yellow scarf?
2003 Jul 27Wiggles in SpainThe bubble bath! The bubble bath! I float in pink champagne.
2003 Jul 28Gingersnaps (Why Dress Up?)Maxine's coming into town, but look at all this
2003 Jul 28Gilbert, With Giants in HandHave you met my wee friend, Gilbert?
2003 Jul 28Knowledge Couth ForsoothThere are many things you do not know
2003 Jul 28Lost Lies UnderUnder the covers, bodies move
2003 Jul 30Brian's Life of ImpostionHierarchs with open mouths
2003 Jul 30Not For EdificationOf brooding springs, and hooting rocks
2003 Jul 30Tea Calms, Warmth InvadesMy tea warms my hands
2003 Jul 30Dog Life DanceThere once was a dog named Mollie
2003 Jul 31A Prior RainbowRed was the color of my true love's knuckles.
2003 Jul 31Sow SucccessI'm pregnant and I don't know why
2003 Aug 1Evenings Much Like ThisThere is magic in the air tonight
2003 Aug 1A Style of Dancing I RememberScarlett and Rhett decided to pet
2003 Aug 3Ounces of Hidden ObviousnessI got the "I Ain't Got Nuthin' to be Blue About" blues
2003 Aug 3In Awe of Dangerous LivesFar beyond the red-black morning sky
2003 Aug 3You Cannot Steal DiamonsI cannot help but feel that if only I had
2003 Aug 3When Mice LustSpeaking of teeth and mice
2003 Aug 4Fate Knocks at Victorian DoorsThere was a young plumber from Dorset
2003 Aug 4MorningWaking up at sparrow's fart
2003 Aug 4She Never Surrenders Without A...She is a lady in her heart
2003 Aug 5Tipi, LivingSam lived in a jerrybuilt sheet-metal tipi.
2003 Aug 5Argument Can'tWhy should I even try to convince you
2003 Aug 5Denied DreamsThe long body-swept grass
2003 Aug 6Ode to the AtticLet us praise the humble ceiling fan.
2003 Aug 6Garden Shoes of the Vaudeville MonstersMonsters in the garden
2003 Aug 6Anyone Who Whinges Can Go ElsewhereMORE LIMERICKS!
2003 Aug 7Here Moon, There AnotherWe sailed on the third of July
2003 Aug 7Apocalypse (Soon)A sodium glow smolders in the sky
2003 Aug 8Management EvokedHow do you feel about Life?
2003 Aug 8Vogon Blood MusicOh fratulous wrontings, enfrog me
2003 Aug 11Billboards, Numbers, and the Signs for HeavenThere once was a poet of note
2003 Aug 14It's the Spuds' MalevolenceWith sinister speed, they come and go
2003 Aug 14Pollyanna Has Mugged MeLike a small child in a candy store
2003 Aug 14Clique That Promises ExploitationCandidates Promises
2003 Aug 14Semantics AloneAt 4 o'clock on Sunday, with nothing much to do
2003 Aug 15Havoc with Spring-Loaded CrutchesThe worm has made our cities black
2003 Aug 15Melons In DecemberI like bananas, because they have no bones
2003 Aug 17Where Computations Love Cabbage SoupAn inauspicious bread-line debut
2003 Aug 18Farce OfTypes of Medical Coverage
2003 Aug 18Exemptions for the Uneducated LozengeTHREE WORDS PER LINE, UNRHYMED
2003 Aug 19Words GaloreWords to Live By
2003 Aug 19Tricky Fellow Am IMultiple line submissions
2003 Aug 19When Sheep MooWhen spoonbilling, always say "boo!"
2003 Aug 20That Memory of No-OneMy eyes have grown too tired for seeing
2003 Aug 20StopA poem sat, neglected, unloved
2003 Aug 20Down Hallways and CorridorsKeats and Sandburg, Dickinson, Yeats
2003 Aug 22Licks For KicksWith the first light of dawn, the great armies gather
2003 Aug 22Superhighway Of DiscontentCyberspace is crumbling
2003 Aug 24Topological JamI bought a jar of marmalade, paid quite a little sum
2003 Aug 25Belief Now!For all of you that don't believe in unicorns
2003 Aug 25Why is Rain?The rain fell only between the hours of 6 and 7
2003 Aug 25I Shall CopeMy, my! All my underpants are gone!
2003 Aug 26Rich Tarts' ApplauseWhen I was young, I was terribly poor
2003 Aug 27The Innocent Murder of FireI see the walking dead, the fire in their eyes
2003 Aug 28In My Dreams of PaintI hear you are sailing to Lesbos
2003 Aug 28If Oblivion Had FoesIf everything that you had ever known
2003 Aug 29Storm the Language Barricade!Latin died and Gaelic's not so well
2003 Aug 30Permanent PerditionHave you ever felt vibrating oscillatons?Perhaps reverberating resonations?
2003 Aug 30Why Death IsTwice I read your will
2003 Sep 2If You Were UnveilingThings I would do if I were a cowboy:
2003 Sep 2Our Snotty PimI bought a cute puppet named Pim
2003 Sep 2No Week PlannerMonday's light brought dreams of birth
2003 Sep 3Sweet Global SoupAcross the time-zones, rhymesters meet
2003 Sep 3Tim the Godfearing ScientistThere once was a boffin called Tim
2003 Sep 4Puzzled MonkeyThere once was a Coventry Monkey
2003 Sep 4A Pointy NeckWhy do people stare at me?
2003 Sep 4Avoid Big PiesI once knew a Heywood Jablome
2003 Sep 5Wonders Nobody KnowsDouble-u double-u double-u dot
2003 Sep 5The Holiest GlueReligions I am Considering Joining
2003 Sep 6Googlewhacking ReportTragically, we must report this sad fact:
2003 Sep 8Insupportable ToothbrushesThe dream went to sleep,
2003 Sep 10A Romatic EndingBeth and Lee got hitched in Vegas
2003 Sep 13Cash ElegyLet us praise a country maestro: Johnny Cash
2003 Sep 16Pub CoquettesDesmond stays at home and does his pretty face
2003 Sep 165-7-5 HarmonyRefuge I must seek
2003 Sep 17Where Eagles DribblePrivet skirts the aerodrome
2003 Sep 18Genesis is the Only TruthO Universe, O sparkling void, teach me of thy ways
2003 Sep 19Redemption of the RadishesBlossoms the color of bruises
2003 Sep 19Floating My DeliciousIndescribably delicious doodads
2003 Sep 19The Effervescent DigestIf I ever went to Athens
2003 Sep 20Bubblegum and ScrabbleLollipops and bubblegum, jujubes and dots
2003 Sep 21Ceaseless Efforts ConquerI have not the courage to conquer life
2003 Sep 22Apologies To The Stovepipe BabyYou got a smile so sweet, you coulda been drip glucose
2003 Sep 22Emergency HeadlessnessEmergency! Emergency!
2003 Sep 22Nirvana of CleopatraI made my peace with destiny and fate
2003 Sep 23The Wickedness of LuxorThere once was an arrogant Pharaoh
2003 Sep 24A Civilised Child, Lost for MomentsInto the unblinking eyes of children
2003 Sep 24The Sun-Drenched ArcticNot my muscle!
2003 Sep 24Some Poet UnknownMay we address you in verse?
2003 Sep 24Recruitment Drive By The Bogus Snobbery GuardiansHow to swell our number, how increase our ranks?
2003 Sep 24Texted EvolutionWtih frsit and lsat ltteer in palce, it's siad any wrod can be raed
2003 Sep 25DisorientedAnd now I leave this lunchtime land
2003 Sep 25A Melee Mightn't Make My Machinations MusicalTo write a good poem several things are required
2003 Sep 25My Confession‘Screech Screech’, screeched the cat
2003 Sep 26Camelot - an Ongoing InvestigationLong, long ago, in Camelot
2003 Sep 29Fellow UnravellersI'd like to raise a glass to my friends across the sea
2003 Sep 29Hypothermic Ennui for Old TimesThe leaves are turning brown again. I wonder how they know
2003 Sep 30Gravel for My Poignant CotillionFlippant poignancy
2003 Sep 30Times Square DancePiercing sunset with her hand
2003 Oct 1Tree UrchinUnder the shedding nose-nut tree
2003 Oct 1The Elemental BlimeyA wistful moment
2003 Oct 2Too Soon To ReconnoitreFrozen embryos
2003 Oct 2Arts Other Than Those I CherishA gerbil in a racing car
2003 Oct 2Metamorphosis: You Cave InYour chakra throbs with crystal chi
2003 Oct 7Cheesecake Factory TourCheer up, here's Mister Milk
2003 Oct 7Dancing JCBLet's build a mountain
2003 Oct 8Have Pickles, Everyone!Pencilled eyebrows, shaven legs
2003 Oct 13Deep-Fried NostalgiaUp your nose with a rubber hose
2003 Oct 13Gaugin, You VillainSee, saw; go, gone;
2003 Oct 14Blamobilog's Last ReturnA vessel most unfit for sea
2003 Oct 15Lobbyists In SpoonlandReverend Spooner, twice a day,
2003 Oct 16They Who Remove Buttons From Unsuspecting HarlotsLen reported Clara to the fashion commissar
2003 Oct 19Mary, Nary, Oh-So-Scary"I never think when I can talk,"
2003 Oct 21Limerick About a TroutLet us now swim in Lake Erie
2003 Oct 22The Halibut Swears To AttackMajestic as a pikestaff was old Jim,
2003 Oct 22Regional Railway SensibilitiesMostly air, my lost parade
2003 Oct 23The Frequency for Repaginated LadiesPersephone once said to me
2003 Oct 23In Nougat(haiku) Seven plumquats sit
2003 Oct 24Perhaps You Think I'll HideA walk in the park is all very nice
2003 Oct 25When I Glorify the BikeI ride my bike around the house
2003 Oct 26The Cronyism of SongbirdsSmells like you're frying bologna
2003 Oct 26Nope to BlogQuasi blog
2003 Oct 29Secretly, in AberdeenA day in the life of...
2003 Oct 31Why Do The Unusual? Why Not!Why must you paint your toenails ruby red?
2003 Nov 2Pirates And Self-LoathingA pattern is emerging
2003 Nov 4Milk Shouting LouderThis bottle of grease is empty!
2003 Nov 6The Makeup TrowelNever have I seen a more delightful face than yours
2003 Nov 6HairpieceWhen you trim the hair away
2003 Nov 7What The Great AreA corset for the cranium
2003 Nov 7Suck The WonderI wonder did you dance a Latin dance?
2003 Nov 9Bird Authors' Noble ClaimsThis poem was written by Walter Raleigh
2003 Nov 10Cluttered NemesisClutch as clutch can
2003 Nov 10Yet Never OpensPerfectly embedded in a blue-tooth net
2003 Nov 11Only Our Gambits Shall'Incontinence for all!'
***2003 Nov 14Recycling GenesisIn the beginning Bob created the woman and the beer
2003 Nov 14Gumshoe In Divers ForestsI've never been the sort of man
2003 Nov 16Worse Than Any TitansThe next time you think that
2003 Nov 16Yes, The Very Air Isn't Breatheable Over Our SideI see your shadow on the wall
2003 Nov 17Exceptional DisgraceA mighty creature is the wife
2003 Nov 17The Anagrams Of Our Jumbled SelvesCompose a line: especial moon
2003 Nov 18The Gods Of My Great GrandfatherBegin again: restart anew
2003 Nov 19Ears Like QuinqueremesYour ears are rather droopy
2003 Nov 20Twister TokensKen Dodd's dad's dog's dead
2003 Nov 21Burns With Mayflowers DownstreamMy love is like a red, red nose
2003 Nov 23Boating PleasuresWe went to sea in a gravy boat one gray autumnal day
2003 Nov 24Reeling From The Effects Of BeerNinety-nine bottles of beer on the wall
2003 Nov 24The Food Of MinotaursI hear that you like pepperoni
2003 Nov 25Eardrums In The Dark TheatreI never sensed a larger void
2003 Nov 26Breaking The Law Of ThermodynamicsI know the Spoonbill secret
2003 Nov 27Heresy Of Cosmic SanityThe moon is made of cheese, and so
2003 Nov 28Palindromes, Madam?Sex at one, Kate! Take no taxes
2003 Nov 29Dodgy FlapsToo gracious for a moonlight flit
2003 Nov 30Often During Christmas'Twas Christmas in the workhouse
2003 Dec 1English Literature CodeRhyming isn't everything, and scansion's overrated
2003 Dec 3Things Like Cigars"It's coming...like Christmas" they said
2003 Dec 7The Great White Blancmange Of GodClutched against her breast
2003 Dec 8Drawn By The Pencils Of NightWhen all the world is still and quiet
2003 Dec 9If I Illuminate Life Only Slightly, I ShallI was born a prisoner in your dungeon of fish
2003 Dec 10If Wishes Were Geese, Nobody Would HonkI knew a sinister minister
2003 Dec 12When I SplashSometimes I like to run around in just my underoos
2003 Dec 15Misuse Of That Darn AnimalDon't wear a cat for a hat
2003 Dec 19The Mundane Factory BluesNumber ninety-seven was a worker at the plant
2003 Dec 22About BuckWhat a strange little boy is Timmy John Jones
2003 Dec 29Lament Not The Passing Of HaliborangeTwenty past midnight, I want to go home
2004 Jan 3On A String Covered OttomanMistaken for a crayfish
2004 Jan 7Gums And TonguesOut, fry of lechery?
2004 Jan 9Invaders From Rabbit-holes, Snout FirstMars is being explored--and wow, are we excited!
2004 Jan 12Imbibe This PageI don't drinke vodka, only ginne -
2004 Jan 14Tabletop HeirsI've never hit a man I didn't like
2004 Jan 15Non-invasive SkinsA poem without the same old format
2004 Jan 16Sector Vector EjectorIn this one thing all others meet
2004 Jan 17Madwoman, Me?She's come undone--her valium useless as mythical gods
2004 Jan 20Alexander's Shadow Ring-pullTake five, my little feathered friends
2004 Jan 20Despite Differences In Our NecktiesJudicious pruning - of a bush -
2004 Jan 21The Comma Which CausesLet's desist, this time, from writing trash,
2004 Jan 22Arthur Sucking Cough DropsShall I start a new poem or will it get trashed?
2004 Jan 25Rural ConsternationMy sister's just ripped a tractor in two
2004 Jan 26Won't You, Suzanne?I read the rules with some concern
2004 Jan 26Well-wisher's BrideThe grandpaternity suit
2004 Jan 29Frugal Jars Of Mine Filled With Other PigletsIt's a glossary, they claim,
2004 Jan 29Evening Along Its Transverse AxisThis caustic little ditty
2004 Jan 30Balletic TropismThe crutch on which you make your way
2004 Feb 2Pale Mutabilities Of Death In WalesForget them all, their necks, their eyes
2004 Feb 3All That BlistersHave more wine and honey, darling,
2004 Feb 4Borders For Uncle Monk'Quite a clump,' he summarised
2004 Feb 13Harvest Me Gently YetThere's many pheasant pluckers farm life's field
2004 Feb 15Unblinking AgainAtop my desk, her portrait stared
2004 Feb 17Perpetual Hermeneutic Of Girl-GuidesWhen the pressure on our thinking
2004 Feb 22Harvested From Unsavoury PulpitsOnly a man.
2004 Feb 29The Birdbath EmbargoHere in Munich's age-old centre
2004 Mar 2To Strive For Dizzying PerfectionTo get into the Hall of Fame
2004 Mar 5Punctuated ParsimonyThere' s no use whining
2004 Mar 16To Your Abiding ToadstoolsA granite sheet does not get crumpled,
2004 Mar 18Custom Paintwork JobsGood citizens, attend this moral tale
2004 Mar 25Cardinal In ErrorA pepperoni sandwich from the Pope
2004 Mar 31Hammerklavier, DissonantlyThe late sonatas on a lute?
2004 Apr 1Attention: Recurring DecimalPoor Jones got hanged - and yet I know 'twas
2004 Apr 15Businessman In Loose FlannelsWatch out for my claim
2004 Apr 19Chesse-topped MinstrelsThis diversion - to the moon! -
2004 Apr 25My Slide TransmissionAnother Red poem commences
2004 Apr 29Marmots Roam Willy-nilly Across Naked And Glistening TundrasMake love to me as if you'd spent
2004 May 11Zarathustra Lurking In The Out-trayColossal, in a home-made hat
2004 May 17Oversight Of The AcrosticialWhen any lowbrow tunesmith offers notes
2004 May 26Profit From JaaaaazzzzzzzzWhen any lowbrow tunesmith offers notes
2004 May 27Keeping Her Through IgnoranceLet's not expect the moon
2004 Jun 2Intensify The Passion For OphthalmologyBigfoot saw the racehorse
2004 Jun 10In The Seventh Parcel Are Several BusinessmenWhen pass-the-parcel palls
2004 Jun 14Palomar MentorsGot Venus in my Transit
2004 Jun 17Ages Rush By, Unremarked By AnyoneWhat shall we do today, my dear, where would you like to go
2004 Jun 21Chirping By Other MeansYeast admixed with poisoned brine
2004 Jul 2The Universe Eyed From The Back RowLeonardo da Vinci
2004 Jul 7Tin-openers Practising What?Meander into Shropshire, in the old MG,
2004 Jul 8Purse MapsIn the second shopping-trolley
2004 Jul 21Dreams Of Soup KitchensA mile or so beyond
2004 Aug 4Nightly Coal KimonoThese cosy virtuosi
2004 Aug 5To The Nth DecreeThese brief lines
2004 Aug 9Buns Beyond SunsetBreathlessly, you claim to be
2004 Aug 13Perdition In VitroWhen I went to the bar as a very young man
2004 Aug 18Evidence From Pablum MechanicsIt isn't right, it isn't wrong
2004 Aug 25While Parachutes Descend Upon Unsuspecting ParsonsTo build a good business you must
2004 Aug 27Boot Cramp Without Due CauseBe loyal to your captain, soldier: he was once a man like you
2004 Aug 30Travelers That FloatA flibbertigibbet you are, aha!
2004 Aug 31The Deepest, Darkest Regions Inside My ColonWhenever I go for a smoke
2004 Sep 2Dice In The Ovens Of RheimsThe early bird, that gets the lion's share
2004 Sep 7Culinary Experts Seldom AgreeAdd some resin to the pulp, and deftly stir:
2004 Sep 12One Apostate Fieldmouse Alone In All ConjectureIgnorance, in former times
2004 Sep 14Juicy John Chest UnitYield unto me, maiden fresh,
2004 Sep 16Lamentations Upon The MorrowI stare into myself, hoping for redress
2004 Sep 18The Morsel Of ReasonRare confection - of delight!
2004 Oct 8If Kipling Required SatisfactionIf all the buyers faced this way
2004 Oct 14The Jurisprudence Of Aquatic Creaturesthe egret watched the passing ship
2004 Oct 17Dunciad Of Love-sick HandsTo fetishise her silhouette
2004 Oct 22Pharyngitis Spells TroubleUnbridled is your sense of fear
2004 Nov 23Generally Too Much OpulenceHow lithely do these lilliputians leap
2004 Nov 29Predicated Upon Juvenile IgnoranceThe bishop, in his water-wig
2004 Dec 10The Mean Spirit Inside My FrogToasting bread is rarely easy
2005 Jan 6I Surface Behind The LampsA pelvis drowned in custard
2005 Jan 16Embonpoint SandwichesGlobe and Jerusalem, we venerate
2005 Jan 28Puberty Before BreakfastChastising priests becomes a sport
2005 Feb 9Skin For Us Those Infidel ShareholdersAn agéd man in green I saw
2005 Feb 16Nantucket DisappointmentThere was a young man from Nantucket
2005 Feb 18Novelistic LeafletsRussell Hoban, King of Thrace,
2005 Feb 28Custard Pied WagtailGurgling free
2005 Mar 17Poor Semblance Of Artistic MetaphorsProdigiously attractive
2005 Jul 1Liturgically Challenged Papists Vainly Seeking PompHer velvet trousers, on the bed
2005 Jul 6Lucy In TormentPastry-forks were just the thing -
2005 Aug 8Apparatus For Removing ApparatusAlgorithms for the blind
2005 Aug 12Nostrils, EachDespite a severe anaesthetic
2005 Aug 23Help! Aunt Potter Stole My NeckerchiefTrust me with your pudding store
2005 Sep 3Crustaceans In ErrorTo wait upon the late express
2005 Sep 4MonetaristsIn flowerdome five
2005 Sep 8The Railway Couplet DetectedFrom the bottom of my foot
2005 Sep 11In Past EmporiaOne for sorrow, two for fish
2005 Sep 24Platonic Scooter Or WorseBanish poets? To The Pole?
2005 Oct 11Gabriel, So RotundIt's a wonderful life, to be sure
2005 Oct 13The Final AcornFrom Sparta to Spain
2005 Oct 16Unlikely Caretaker In KansasWhen Pinter won the Nobel Prize
2005 Oct 25Seldom So FrequentlyGone before its time
2005 Nov 12Amsterdam TransfersThese canals are full of fish?!
2005 Nov 14Rorschach FondlingWith sorghum, millet, rice and oats
2005 Nov 18Pleasure for GodmothersBuckets of slime
2005 Nov 29Lament: Austere Nightly BeatingsRetribution, hard as stolen milk,
2005 Dec 15Hosiery On Half-forgotten NunsCorset strung as tight as tight,
2005 Dec 23Abundance Throughout PompeiiIn these forests, aroundabout,
2006 Jan 10Nobody Shaves OswaldIn search of the perfect asparagus
2006 Feb 1Tombola ParkingWhen at night I go to sleep
2006 Feb 16Eating The Accountants Until Babbage LeavesHow we wonder, how we wonder
2006 Feb 22Lesbian Cookbook VirtuesCall your mother now and then
2006 Jun 25Beyond The Twelfth Night Service DeskThe faded lilies by the wall
2006 Jul 751 Flavours of DiffusionSo very far from welcome
2006 Jul 18Void Of Open FineryBeringed, beribboned, clad in silks
2006 Aug 1Nothing But Our Static SensesThe Witch-Queen wrought an awful curse:
2006 Aug 23Night From MidnightThe Gates of Ivory and Horn
2007 Jan 16This Famous Story of SpellingWhere do they go when they're ended
2007 Apr 13Pythagoras or PinterTangents beckon from afar - with mystic hints of tangerine:
2004 Jul 5Who Knows More Than Folk?To yield without coercion
2004 Oct 5Credible Safe Kill FactorVirus warfare for our times
2004 Nov 16Your Stupid Obsession With Unworldly People-CarriersShe whitewashed me into the corner
2005 Feb 23If PerchanceBold insurgence swept from coast to coast
2005 Apr 14We Wish You Joy Of HaggisBefore I close this inquest
2005 Jul 29Our Technocrats Under DuressStrontium nitrate
2006 May 31The Legend Of The SphereI'll tell you the tale of a boy from the East
2006 Sep 8The Blanched Almonds of HobokenThe pool beneath the breakfast hall

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