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Poem: Pegleg


First line

2003 Nov 27Girlish Lavender HuesHow feminine, this colour scheme!
2003 Nov 28Phew! Poodles!Beans, beans, the musical fruit
2003 Nov 29Wink!I think it's time for a limerick
2003 Dec 4Cogito Ergo PogoErgonomic chairs and beds are presently on sale
2003 Dec 5Boohoo HoodooHow sad that ode was ended--and why I want to know?
2003 Dec 10Wanton Destruction Is AssuredGot any new poems to wreck?
2003 Dec 15Tumbling Over The SweetsYour babka, I hear, is delicious. Your cheesecake is second to none.
2003 Dec 21Subzero IgloosA frozen smile has crossed her sullen face
2004 Jan 11Forgotten Blips Of The Ages NeolithicAll I crave is a little attention
2004 Jan 14Wetnurse BurdensI was hired to breastfeed his pups
2004 Jan 16Shivering With SharksWhen the mercury plunges to ungodly lows
2004 Jan 23Bootblack Hatrack KnickknackThere are so many words that rhyme with "whack":
2004 Jan 28My Toe Is Now Swollen AgainThat fellow, Othello, could not be called mellow
2004 Feb 5Wresting Joy From Daily PicklesA pickle I wanted, and yet that darn lid
2004 Feb 18The Great RoarThe lion's the king of the beasts
2004 Feb 21Tardy Wishes For Sweethearts And CriticsYour valentine was late arriving, the message rather sappy
2004 Mar 10Alternative WillTell me Doc - I've got to know
2004 Mar 16Because I Am Seesawing"Why do you carry hamsters in your pockets?" demanded Mrs. Pringle
2004 Mar 22Before Cows Were ChicThey say you're no good
2004 Mar 30Somehow Somewhere Leads NowhereWould you like to wax my floor?
2004 Apr 2Gathering Clouds While Visigoths CircleLet me be the first to say, it's nice to have you back
2004 Apr 18Nursery Rhymes for Lawyers, Juries and JudgesArnold Berry, quite contrary,
2004 Apr 23Iconoclasts Rarely Gain Entry To DisneylandBreaking down barriers and opening doors
2004 May 1Late Comers To RollerbladesWhich came first, the liver or the wurst?
2004 May 27After Backward CauseAn adman amiably asserted
2004 Jun 2Oftentimes Manet Tried Somersaulting Over RenoirLanky Hank was the tallest of Sherpas
2004 Jun 25Thistle Bow And SawThis poem will be highbrow and clean as a whistle
2004 Jul 6Forget About Broken DaisiesWhen you take a taxicab, don't forget to tip
2004 Jul 16Tennis Balls Striking Us ForciblyI never will get over
2004 Jul 19Beep RoadMy dear, have you lost your panache?
2004 Aug 5Patience Is Never Compared To HopscotchIs solitaire a virtue?
2004 Aug 14Naughty Thoughts Are Always ParochialHow fetching you look, Miss Sipple
2004 Aug 20The Operatic LifeI had a fish named Rusty
2004 Aug 30Channel The AvuncularMy Uncle says, "The weasel never sings."
2004 Sep 7Left Handed And Concealed In Murky AllusionsIs it such a sin to lust
2004 Sep 8The Snowman Assassinated By Fibreglass MittensA limerick written by me
2004 Sep 17She-men And Domestic AppliancesIf silence is golden, why won't you be quiet?
2004 Sep 23Society UmbrellasYour frothy latte burns my tongue
2004 Oct 6Outlawed HaikuThis secret haven
2004 Oct 12Namedroppers' TangoSeveral times you've baked a cake
2004 Oct 26Unsubtle Songs And Cowboy GemstonesWhen packing bags, it's always best to try
2004 Nov 2OK, NaysayerHave you ever rode a Trojan horse?
2004 Nov 18Envious NeighborsThey say that those who live their lives
2004 Nov 29Visions Of Shouting GreengrocersLast night I had the strangest dream
2004 Dec 14Dickens Saith"A pox upon thee, wretched cur!"
2004 Dec 24Limblessly EffortlessUp here we no longer have a need . . . for thumbs
2005 Jan 9Up In Canada Antlered Creatures Are EverywherePerhaps, your new line will go here.
2005 Jan 18Home Schooling And No BidetsTwice in one day! A rare delight
2005 Jan 27The Christmas MilkmenAnd here are the pictures
2005 Feb 15Among BeanbagsSo tell us, how many times have you
2005 Feb 24Plans For VacillationI think I might go out today
2005 Mar 7Flaring HairclipsIn latter days of green and blue
2005 Mar 31Cultural DividesI watched a ritual of the Baluchistanis;
2005 May 4Doughboy GraduatesCookies and biscuits, crackers and buns
2005 Jun 3When Talents Droop As FeathersOne day, I hope to play the concertina.
2005 Oct 23Pending Further GuestsDoes anybody come here any more?
2006 Jan 14They May Well Abandon ShipKansas Sam, Beefy, Will H, Karin, Grayman et al.
2006 Feb 11Flames Coated With Heavy PenaltiesThe flames were gone, but, yet, a tiny ember
2006 Mar 20All The Benighted CroutonsWhen choosing the proper wine
2006 Apr 21A Cynical Attitude Toward RoadrunnersOut here in the wasteland
2006 May 24Mute Soup And Memory FadedI met a man whose nose extended
2006 Jun 14Complicated WhimperWhen cloning pigs or kangaroos
2006 Jun 22Grave MayhemAn awful example of verse
2006 Jul 1Lingerie ThroughoutNow harken to a tale so vile
2006 Aug 10Never. Should We WindsurfDon't forget to tie your shoes
2006 Sep 1Your Villain In This StyleA superhero needs a cape
2004 Dec 14Every Third Word Recited Effortlessly (Canticle )"A pox upon thee, wretched cur!"
2006 May 12Elixirs Of Godknows WhatI took a sip. I didn't know

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