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Poem: The Orange Poem


First line

2003 Aug 2Who Hasn't Written Doggerel?!Blank verse is but pretentious prose - discuss
2003 Aug 2Why Won't Secrets Reinvigorate our Parakeet?Why won't you tell me
2003 Aug 3The Providence NetworksThistly waysides line the primrose path of dalliance
2003 Aug 4DreamyHe was the man of her dreams - tall, dark and Estonian
2003 Aug 4StinkyStinkbombs here and stinkbombs there
2003 Aug 4Rhyme in PerversityForgive me if I sound perverse
2003 Aug 5The End of a Shrewd HeroineThere once was a cold winter knight
2003 Aug 5Poetry AlloysWhen composing a poem, one must
2003 Aug 6A RoundHiggle-dee piggle-dee pudding and pie
2003 Aug 6Vacation for GingersnapsI took a trip to Ioway
2003 Aug 7Seek the Shade, the SilenceIn a garden of unrestful silence
2003 Aug 7Frogs and StaleThe frog comes in on little fat feet
2003 Aug 8Mizzen ManhoodOn board the good ship Mary Jane
2003 Aug 9Mistakes AlwaysOh me oh my
2003 Aug 11Sadly Going Between SeasonsThe empty swing still made arcs
2003 Aug 12Taxes, AlwaysTaxes, levies, tithes, and tariffs
2003 Aug 12Void White TruthIt is the blackest of blacks
2003 Aug 14Please Pass the WrestlerIt is an ancient wrestler
2003 Aug 14Goals and PerilsWe have searched the world for treasure
2003 Aug 15Replacement Of My Jaundiced PetticoatAnyone asking about apples
2003 Aug 15Hayseed, Huh?Red Necks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer
2003 Aug 15Untitled, Entitled, RetitledUntitled
2003 Aug 16Fish BrocadeWho needs rhetorical questions?
2003 Aug 17End And EndThree score and ten years ago
2003 Aug 17Redneck DesignsSouthern Astrological Signs
2003 Aug 18WhenHere stands a giant
2003 Aug 19DisregardOh how I loathe thee, let me count the ways
2003 Aug 19Shameless? Us?The incredulous bunch, the lot of them all
2003 Aug 20PinaforesqueWhen I was a lad, I served my time
2003 Aug 21Horace is What We LikeWould you like to waltz or samba?
2003 Aug 21Washing Fish In My UnderwearSo when are ya gonna make up yer mind?
2003 Aug 21Scurvy and VarletsI challenge you now with my swordTo the death! (well I'm really quite bored)
2003 Aug 22Misery TrainsBill stood in Charing Cross looking at the departure board
2003 Aug 24Eager BeefA toast by any other name is but burnt bread
2003 Aug 25Goatishness : A Change For The BetterBefore I owned a goat-face mask
2003 Aug 25All My ComplaintsMy battery is draining
2003 Aug 25And Then the Next AnimalFerdinand the Porcupine was quite a prickly fellow
2003 Aug 26Dimmer Switch HaikusCompounded, as an alloy
2003 Aug 26I Hear Sousaphones MarchingTrombones are sounding in my sleep
2003 Aug 27Headless ParrotsWhen Granma discovered my dungeon
2003 Aug 28Onions Can't CryI've far too much hair on my head
2003 Aug 28Faintly Wild, Like Justice and LoveLet me describe the love of my life
2003 Aug 29The Gnomes Who RollOnce upon a time, in a country faraway
2003 Sep 1UntitledThe proof of the rock
2003 Sep 2Webfooted Drive Through TownOn the night I was headed for townI went out and waved a cab down
2003 Sep 2Fandango LashingI've told you once, I've told you twice,
2003 Sep 4Crewcuts And ClangersGus Grissom ... wasn't he the one
2003 Sep 5Goose NutsBe like the squirrel
2003 Sep 5Yammering AgendaMy political agenda:
2003 Sep 5SneezingArrrrghhh!!!!
2003 Sep 7Beer GodsThou still unopen'd flask of liquor,
2003 Sep 9Revisionist ShenanigansIn my cardboard cardigan
2003 Sep 9More SweepingsMaybe now, or maybe later
2003 Sep 10Filling For That Apocalyptic SandwichWho ate my doughnuts? I could weep
2003 Sep 11Package Surprise, Not Surprise PackageOft had I heard of Lucy Gray
2003 Sep 12The Premise for My Jellybean GuidelinesSleep eludes me now
2003 Sep 18Courage, John!Ray Harryhausen, in the days before attaining fame,
2003 Sep 18The Trouser Leg of HellI have measured out my life with tablespoons
2003 Sep 19The Hoity-Toity EnvelopesThere was a young painter from Maine
2003 Sep 20Regardless of Their AppearanceThe haiku beckons
2003 Sep 22Trysting Without ThomasinaIn my borrowed jacket
2003 Sep 22Dystopia The MooseIn this city there are no angels
2003 Sep 23Isn't Doubt Corrosive?Doubt is so corrosive
2003 Sep 24Unlikely Gumdrops from SavannahThere once was a moose from Ontario
2003 Sep 24Tumble Driers of YesteryearWise men have been fooled
2003 Sep 24Water FingersThe Irish invented the limerick
2003 Sep 25The Queen Of All ChagrinOne bright September morning, the sky a crystal blue
2003 Sep 25How To Cook VegetablesI may have to boil a turnip
2003 Sep 25Learned SeaWhen halfway through swimming the channel
2003 Sep 26Karma RodentsDreaming gerbils in the sawdust dream of you and me
2003 Sep 26A Simple Purveyor of GaffesCarpe diem, as they say
2003 Sep 26Once You Forget My Name, A Strange Leathery Complexion BeckonsA man with a prong on his nose
2003 Sep 27Friday Goof-OffMotivation now departed, though the day is not yet done
2003 Sep 29Agriculture Good And BadIn the land where the brain-fart trees grow
2003 Sep 30Fasting with Predictable TerrorFor many years, this story has remained untold
2003 Sep 30Have the Patience of the BrokenI'm building castles in the sky
2003 Oct 1Look, No Anatomy!I looked at my feet and to my surprise
2003 Oct 1Bowling Nearby StonesStepping through a wall of mirrors
2003 Oct 2Perspective Isn't All UnlikelyA tap on the spine
2003 Oct 2Absorbent SyllablesAnother year on, the question arises:
2003 Oct 2The Backwards TimeMyself when young did eagerly frequent
2003 Oct 4If Wishes Were ForcesFix what is broken
2003 Oct 6Hammering On The EyelinerKick down the door of the lipstick factory
2003 Oct 7Spread Your Ears Skiffle JunkiesCoughs and sneezes
2003 Oct 9The Dreaded Chair GangThe sly London chair gang is at it again
2003 Oct 14Melted Rectories of Nyum-NyumOn vacation, I saw a most Marvel-ous cave
2003 Oct 15Most Even-Handed Definitionimpeccable: Can not be pecced
2003 Oct 17Songs of Prestigious Bill Giblets, the Whistling TailorI had my shoes shined in Chicago once
2003 Oct 19Disease MeWhen one would look into your eye
2003 Oct 21In Vicious Family CirclesOh papa, look! A jolly bruin
2003 Oct 21Just A HogThere once was a pervert named Mick
2003 Oct 21Alright?Hey Randy? Are you still up?
2003 Oct 23Mary Marmalade And Very Tasty PuppiesI make them go fast
2003 Oct 23Robert Faked Tough ChoicesThere was an old coot from Zimbabwe
2003 Oct 23That LaterLong and short: Venus emits gas at sunrise
2003 Oct 24Aperitifs to Drink When Meeting Your MakerThe mustard in my lemonade
2003 Oct 27Lawrence's Spaniard FoolHow hideous is the Spaniard
2003 Oct 28Go, Authors of My Lunch!See how you like it, Mr. Black!
2003 Oct 30No Fry-up For PresidentsJacques Chirac would eat no snack
2003 Nov 1Spooks Like UsOn Halloween lock all your doors
2003 Nov 3Hypochondria Isn't The Harlot's ProofI think I have a broken leg
2003 Nov 6Rather A Pain For The FairyA piece of verse should pierce the soul
2003 Nov 7Huddersfield PieDon't let that horse eat that violin
2003 Nov 8Is Confused ByNever did I dream that she would call a spade a spade
2003 Nov 10This Lame War Mixes Our CementIf I understand you right,
2003 Nov 10Little Extremes Of Bedtime CocoaShorter than the shortest book
2003 Nov 11Coma CompassesA new indictment for the meek
2003 Nov 12The Metallic AllegoryGolden apples in a silver bowl
2003 Nov 13Jilted By Cheapskates"I've saved you so much money, dear"
2003 Nov 13Whatever Is WhenWlatsome words were whispered
2003 Nov 13Inhaling Woolf's OuevreDon't revile me, don't come near!
2003 Nov 15Dictionary, You MeanPoetry: in voice, a first!
2003 Nov 16Sorry, SausalitoSausalito
2003 Nov 16The Cauldron That Foils Such Weaklings As UsI see your hoof prints on the stairs
2003 Nov 17When Things DeceiveChamonix, beside the name
2003 Nov 18The Ill-drained ThreesomeIn the evening came the cycles
2003 Nov 19Swimming Upstream For Several RhymesQuietly humming his favourite tune,
2003 Nov 19Misconstruing HullabalooingWhen shining shoes, you really must
2003 Nov 20Fifteen Broken ThingsOne day my name will be up in lights
2003 Nov 22Fish Jam VotingThe elephants of Iceland were meeting for the talks
2003 Nov 22Solicitude Is For Featherweight FoolsPlease, my dear, take off your coat
2003 Nov 23The Ontological Rabbit-hutchComparisons are odious, it has been said,
2003 Nov 24Blessings Aplenty For ApsleyGod speed to you, fair travellers all
2003 Nov 25Bloodthirsty Tales And Unseen LemonsI feel I must indulge in certain vices
2003 Nov 28Clerihews Are More Fun Than SexCharles, the Prince of Wales
2003 Nov 28Universally HorsewhippedVenus and Serena
2003 Dec 1Hungry For KeysRowan is a wood that I can't eat
2003 Dec 9Bashful Statements Of StatehoodThe denizens of Alabama
2003 Dec 10"Enough!" Said Old McDonaldInspiration isn't need - not when you're a pote
2003 Dec 11Wahhh! Sob Sniff!Not every poem can please each aesthete
2003 Dec 12Somebody Is RottingIt seemed (to
2003 Dec 16Mythical QuestIn days of yore, when dragons roamed the world
2004 Jan 1Prejudices Coming To Your Local Works CanteenSaid aged King Lear
2004 Jan 4Betokening BitternessLove, shmov--I'm jaded now
2004 Jan 7A Wishlist For ClambakesI hear that sluts from Milwaukee
2004 Jan 9Möbius DancingA cannon-ball into the pool
2004 Jan 12Snow WheelsTo those who'd venture off the brink, atop a fold-up scooter,
2004 Jan 15Anatomical ChapsVesalius, whose scalpel bright
2004 Jan 17Laundanum Language'Ulalume, ulalume,' said Edgar Allan Poe
2004 Jan 18End-time OctaveWhat time does the apocalypse start?
2004 Jan 18Oompah TubaI hear you like to polka with clubfooted gals
2004 Jan 22Forever The Syntax OmeletteThe gas oven sings a sweet song to my leadened seratonin
2004 Jan 25Little Holly Sat Upon HerI'm the only gay in the village
2004 Jan 28Thesis For A Standard TextSaid the shaman to the showman
2004 Jan 30Traditionally Devoted To Artificial PunctuationsHere in Freud's kettle
2004 Feb 5Two Hands Forwards, Two Peas BackwardsOnce upon a noontime cheery, as I daydreamed hale and hearty,
2004 Feb 11Wandering Socks Found WantonWhen JB Priestley, in his bath
2004 Feb 13Dangerously We Fly"What is your destination, child?
2004 Feb 16Once Lithuania, OnceIn a cave, on a mountain so high
2004 Feb 23Pious Hens of UnknowingWhat kind of men are these, with beards and balding pates?
2004 Mar 1Surprise Me LessThe trunk in the attic held something amazing
2004 Mar 3Middle VictorianThe generals are born again
2004 Mar 5Balderdash BrevityHere's an ode to hogwash - to tripe and pure baloney
2004 Mar 12Away Game VoyeurismPeople are bloody ignorant apes!
2004 Mar 22Several Chemistry SetsBromide in the afternoon
2004 Mar 23Peptic UlsterLater than the final hour
2004 Mar 31Onwards, Henrietta DawsonI carry Hank, my freeze-dried hake,
2004 Apr 14Who Dares GrinsBefore expiring, Genghis said:
2004 Apr 15The Danish WordThe lonely Swedish man
2004 Apr 15Beard RecognitionsFriends reunited
2004 Apr 15Dragonfly With DiamondsWe who were not bound to rhyme
2004 Apr 20Upstream Into CamberwellSo clumsy, so clumsy
2004 Apr 28Unsettled DirectionsFrom the Baltic, travel North
2004 Apr 29Ghastly AppendagesOh, it's all quite ghastly
2004 May 7Liquid Never FlinchesSo plaintively you ask if this
2004 May 10Shelley: Drowning Was EnoughThe weight of any bantam
2004 May 21We Flee Toward The Far JourneyIt is time, I think we'd all agree,
2004 May 24Circus AccountantsDreary, dreary dogs
2004 May 27Aspirated Eyeball, Innit?It started with a glottal stop
2004 May 29Cautionary Tales For Young HotshotsHow many times must I tell you?
***2006 May 30Phoenix, BoredIs no-one here to waken me?

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