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Poem: The Violet Poem


First line

2003 Aug 4Await the PerilousRemember, if you feel the urge to speak
2003 Aug 4Dour Poetry for Fools in LoveRoses are dead
2003 Aug 4Of PaisleyMy wardrobe is my pride and joy
2003 Aug 4Heart ShinesThe moon will nevermore
2003 Aug 4Prey LettersI wandered lonely as a clod
2003 Aug 5The Quirky Quiver (Haiku)Snow falls, cold winds blow
2003 Aug 5Strange StretchedLife passes by at a thousand miles an hour
2003 Aug 5Phones and WindowsThe phone is mute, a black hook
2003 Aug 5May I Apply for this Job?On the morning of the seventh day of May
2003 Aug 5Invitation to Rather Unlikely PersonnelShould I invite you to my soiree?
2003 Aug 6Store Your SmilesThe store was stocked with many things
2003 Aug 7Things Seven Of Pairs Socks Cannot ProvideUNDERPANTS AND BLUCHERS
2003 Aug 7Nowhere in Particular (Man Talking)On the Road to Nowhere
2003 Aug 7Fight the Defiant Epithets for Sleeping ChickensThe customer is always right!
2003 Aug 7Limerick WhoreLimerick Funfest
2003 Aug 11Too WorseIt was much softer yesterday
2003 Aug 12Because the Orchestral Are OrchestralFlutes are mainly known by their ability
2003 Aug 13Around The You You TreeI think that I shall never find, a poem as lovely as your behind
2003 Aug 15Apocalyptic RumorI heard this rumor in class today..correct me if I'm wrong:
2003 Aug 17Steel Safari of Red RiversSaid the zebra to the lion, "Why in heaven are you cryin'?"
2003 Aug 18Pantoum of BrevityLooking down through the shadows
2003 Aug 18Calculating BetweenThe calculator is calculating its own lifespan
2003 Aug 18Synthetic Harmony, Synthetic ReflectionsAnother new poem, now what will it be?
2003 Aug 20MoooonMoon bars, moonbeams, mooning honeymooners
2003 Aug 20Only A Warthog Won'tGoofy Haikus
2003 Aug 23But For a NoviceMatilda tolled the churchyard bell
2003 Aug 25Sounds Like the Vampire AbroadThe beating of a distant drum
2003 Aug 25Lilliputians - My Play on Their SetLilliputians in my lap
2003 Aug 26Who's To Absolve the Jersey Stitch?There was a young nun from Hoboken
2003 Aug 26Holographic ImplantTales of magic and mystery
2003 Aug 27Cupcakes For JesusSo many Herberts with which to contend
2003 Aug 28Contemplate the StuffLet the sun shine in! Or let it rain.
2003 Aug 29Inter-Planetary TomfooleryI once took a spaceship to Mars
2003 Aug 29Yurt OptometristPerpetuating structures: these
2003 Sep 1Even Time Will Have to Tread the PathA thousand opportunities
2003 Sep 1Nirvana in DaylightI think I'll tiptoe over there
2003 Sep 2A ReliefAn uncle, all carbon
2003 Sep 2One Cat for Every LearHow blithely do the flivvers fly
2003 Sep 3Guilelessly, NoGus Grissom ... wasn't he the dude
2003 Sep 3Cummerbunds Will Fall (2004)Predictions for the Coming Year
2003 Sep 4Air Is Saleable To Those Who Don't CareBilly Mays here, Folks, to tell you about an incredible new product:
2003 Sep 5The Circus Elephant BluesMy tutu's not starched and my toe shoes are scuffed
2003 Sep 5Truly, I Have Subverted YouI can't help but note that your navel is inverted
2003 Sep 6Sister Sarah and the Beef PanicWhatcha gonna do when the money runs out?
2003 Sep 9The Chrysostom CathedralChrysostom ... wasn't he the saint
2003 Sep 11One Less Day to RememberJournal Entries
2003 Sep 16Through the Days of SmoulderingI can barely remember the time
2003 Sep 17A Meadowlark Crumbling in BasaltA costive agent knows too well
2003 Sep 18My BlotterThe ink was barely dry upon the page
2003 Sep 20Drooling Without DementiaAn empty page is
2003 Sep 20Kindly Mind My ZooKruschev and me
2003 Sep 22My Misadventures Began in ClevelandInaccurate, like any map
2003 Sep 22MuggedCoffee mugs are breeding grounds
2003 Sep 22Minstrels Really KnowThe Troubadour was travelling, his merry band in tow
2003 Sep 23Why Listen?If wishes were horses
2003 Sep 24Yellow Pasty CavalcadeI've heard that folks that are from the U.K.
2003 Sep 24The Gospel of Even NumbersMy only brush with India
2003 Sep 24Blessed are the CircularBlessed are the spoonbillers
2003 Sep 25The Intent Of NosesAttend the tale of Jack the Lad
2003 Sep 27Noodle Ingests ItselfMumbles not heard on any Pink Floyd album:
2003 Sep 28Hindsight BlindnessIf I had known that this would be
2003 Sep 30Transcribed by Strangers that FloatKeep all new songs as softly sweet as mine
2003 Oct 1A Challenge To The JuvenileHow many times have you started a line
2003 Oct 1Forlorn Ode To VerseOn Helicon, the Muses gather round
2003 Oct 2Straight Forwardtiny
2003 Oct 2The Flawed, But Somehow Delightful VacationLet us retire to France
2003 Oct 7Horizons Known Only to the CertainOver the listing, under the stamp
2003 Oct 8Plutarchs Anthill BluesWhen flying on a jumbo jet
2003 Oct 9Dancing the InevitableWhy must you dance the lambada?
2003 Oct 10Right Nestled Securely Among WrongOur old friend, haiku
2003 Oct 10Let'sU LKE 2 HIKU?
2003 Oct 13A Lacklustre ParagonChanged the channels 'til my fingers bled
2003 Oct 15Haunted ColoursLacerated insights pour into my head
2003 Oct 16Sleeping Is IgnoranceWhile trudging through the swamp let us endeavor
2003 Oct 17Reinstate War FunYou've seen but a few of my numerous failings
2003 Oct 17Any Old Moth-Eaten UniverseThis plethora of pickles
2003 Oct 18Naughtiness As CanI once knew a good sick ducker
2003 Oct 21Upside-Down Cat BluesSometimes I feel I'm going insane
2003 Oct 22Cooper's Atomic DogmealInside this barrel - don't you know? -
2003 Oct 23Gene PylonsAndromaque: 'twixt bloodied sheets
2003 Oct 26Profit and the Usual UmbrageLest we profit from the slides
2003 Oct 27Delusions are my FamilyI love you because
2003 Oct 28Mouldy HiccoughIt
2003 Nov 1Yo-Ho-Ho, Piratical BarnaclesAvast me hearties! Haul away!
2003 Nov 3Lawfully Invalidated Fishing PermitA pound of osmium breaks all banks
2003 Nov 3The Unwanted HaikuI hate raking leaves
2003 Nov 5We Are More Free In PlayI'd like to haiku
2003 Nov 7Spoons Succumb To FawkesA stack of broken furniture is set ablaze tonight
2003 Nov 8Debauchery, Alcohol, And Nothing LeftThere appears to be much merriment tonight
2003 Nov 10Vanishing Dustbins In DagenhamDisappear into the mist!
2003 Nov 11Poem Against The Removal Of Divided TeethRemember, sir, when spooning with your bill
2003 Nov 12Till Eulenspiegel For AmateursThere never has been a good time
2003 Nov 12Vacancy Is All The RageThis mournful empty space
2003 Nov 18Glyphs And Cryptographic ChanceRed rocks; blue skies; a snooze and air refreshed
2003 Nov 18The Virginal Chorus Sings AlleluiaHer clavicle was something to behold
2003 Nov 20Tuppence For The BatteryMarie looked, but saw herself no more,
2003 Nov 20ToothyAfter searching high and low, I finally found
2003 Nov 21Only Known Criminals And Their ZebrasI think I saw an eagle fly across the Interstate
2003 Nov 23Never Knowingly Renounce Walk-on PartsA small incision in the chest-wall
2003 Nov 25Classes Unusual In School Environs'Mediæval frolics in the gym?', the porter queried,
2003 Nov 25If BentleyGeorge Dubbya Bush
2003 Nov 27Your Own Secret BodyA mesomorph, a mesomorph
2003 Nov 28Hades Doesn't MatterPersephone will not emerge; I've heard it from the highest source
2003 Nov 29Sold For LeatherIt's time to shampoo my peruke
2003 Dec 1CollisionsListen, my children, and you shall hear
2003 Dec 3Situtationist FuneralPallbearers of uneven height
2003 Dec 4Sometimes Almost RoundishPasquale's famously roundish tartan muffled
2003 Dec 5Lament For The Unseen CakeWho will come with me, who will come play?
2003 Dec 8Rude FeminismCarol took my G.I. Joe and hitted him with a stick
2003 Dec 10Biscuitry In Clean SheetsMine was only mortar
2003 Dec 12Pies And AstrolabesBody-rot, on crocodiles
2003 Dec 13Boutiques Full Of Festive Knick-knacksGreensleeves and wassail, angels galore
2003 Dec 15Loneliness Corrupted By FishesHomesick while at home--candles melt like promises
2003 Dec 18Lyrics To Kill The Bliss Of Heart-throbsHer tortured lip was dripping blood
2003 Dec 23Peaches En FamilleThis mortal skull that looks on me
2003 Dec 30Why Not? Your Knots Do!"Compliments of the season" annoys me beyond reason
2004 Jan 2That Otherwise Fruitful HumanityWhere has haiku gone?
2004 Jan 3Avoid The DossierThis page is discontinued
2004 Jan 8The Giant Eyes Of FriendshipDon't take offence at what I say,
2004 Jan 13Athens Whose RuinsWhat venom lies behind the name
2004 Jan 14Leadership Fails TurtlesHe used to be, so rumor has, the Dean of Men at Alcatraz
2004 Jan 28Of Sailors And Their WaysI'll tell you the tale of ham-handed Hannah
2004 Jan 29Mayoral Heart-throbsA burst of poignant doctrine
2004 Feb 2A Plurality Because Of Our NauseaLet's not forget the little ones
2004 Feb 5Concealed In Plain LeatherOf all the nights I've spent abroad
2004 Feb 6Questions, Not MoreWhen You've made all Creation in just seven days
2004 Feb 10The Better To Infiltrate Someone's AffectionsI never saw you in a dream
2004 Feb 13I Won't Be Flying Anywhere Near BasildonThere's time enough for changing sides
2004 Feb 18Doom Dealt DeftlyThe djinn that made me sneeze
2004 Feb 23No, Angels Shouldn'tTo cling, once more, to selfsame forms
2004 Mar 3Musical Accomplishments Involving Instruments Of ZincIt's fine to play the didgeridoo, but please not in the office loo
2004 Mar 4It's Unoffically Denied Until ProvenNow the news is out,
2004 Mar 12Beyond Her Final FineryMow the news is out
2004 Mar 19Collaborating, SupposedlyTo polevault, or to stay in bed?
2004 Mar 24Milk ManoeuvresFree, with every Guernsey cow
2004 Mar 30To Heroic BakeryCrumpets, muffins and baguettes
2004 Apr 2Faithful Enough Before LunchAt the age of thirty-seven
2004 Apr 14Brief Lives Last SundayPeople from Purley like getting up early
2004 Apr 20She Never Even Saw His Noble BonfireWithout ever eating
2004 Apr 24Brigade Of BillabongsIn conclusion, Speckled Jim
2004 Apr 26Bayonets Programmed To TwirlScarcely welcome though she was
2004 May 9Surprise DentistryAt a quarter past one on the fifteenth of May
2004 May 17Pork Beam CustardPalpably encoded in the Turing mould
2004 Jun 1Sing Soprano Like They're SniffingA venerated halibut consecrated mass
2004 Jun 22Lotteries Bring Us Little SnowdropsDivest yourself of all your wealth!
2004 Jul 1Defenestrating Our Noisome EntertainersBeckham, Rooney, Owen and Scholes
2004 Jul 7Lighthouse MagicIt came upon the midnight clear
2004 Jul 9North-east Is Henceforth BanishedA globe for tea, crammed high with brine,
2004 Jul 9Hideum CatBanalities, encountered twice,
2004 Jul 13Weather-vane WarningBehind the grizzled pine
2004 Jul 18America Next Thursday Or ThereaboutsThou old, unruly turban
2004 Jul 27Swedish Substitute For Previously Contaminated DessertSpeciously, you are so fine!
2004 Aug 16Knighthood For Those In Direst DestitutionI chanced upon a shouting match
2004 Aug 17It Might Not Be That ScrapWhen coupled with that
2004 Aug 20Biblical Sheep-dip NonsenseNo more strumpets,
2004 Aug 24Raskolnikov Spotless, Adrift Upon OceansJesuitical was his way
2004 Aug 26They AstrayOn coming home at last
2004 Sep 1Plans For NobodyAndromeda, I cry to thee
2004 Sep 2Adrift Beyond Our ReckoningThree hobbling blondes
2004 Nov 14Hittite Words Of UnforgivingA gentleman of oriental character
2004 Nov 18Mine Or Not To BeYour clone is a much better lover
2004 Dec 9Please Let Us Pronounce Each Syllable BetterOne for the money, two for joy
2005 Jan 4Cycling Behind The TracesCoded in the final hour
2005 Jan 7Is Nothing ValuelessOnce quite temperamental
2005 Jan 16Deatiny Shaped By SimpletonsState of action: quite inert
2005 Jan 24Keatsian DevicesGrecian urns do not inspire these words
2005 Feb 3Systemic GoudaStale cheese croutons in my jar
2005 Feb 8Drive-By MoralitySo how ya doin', Mrs. Knapp?
2005 Feb 11Desperate KippersJust a tingling kind of pain
2005 Feb 21Still, Inkpots Leave StainsWill you be f***ing p***ed if I use asterisks?
2005 Feb 28Dog-biscuit DunkingI paid for all this road myself
2005 Mar 18Eye-Flavored ScrutinyProdigiously attractive
2005 Mar 29Nothing More Redundant Than ThoughtStagnation, degradation
2005 Apr 12Over Blighty DippingMen who pause
2005 Apr 26Our Socratic Brethren Will One Morning Save The Welsh UnaidedPlato's grin did shame the sun
2005 May 17Tears Before TonsilsLethal injection, on the tide,
2005 Jul 11Highways, Byways, AfterthoughtsKaleidoscopes in bronze and zinc
2005 Jul 22For The Draining-board That Survivors ClutchStep this way, you man o' war,
2005 Jul 30Tantric DiagramsThe empty vest had seen some times
2005 Aug 23Why We Ought Not To Bellow Faintly Throughout Our DinnerBetrayed by movements in the dark
2005 Sep 1My Third EmpireIn this haystack, L. P. Hartley
2005 Sep 6Neolithic MuesliGrizzled, in a state of tears,
2005 Sep 19Charity Enough For NowAction is as action does
2005 Oct 15Airworthy KitchensDross of ages past is ours
2005 Nov 23The Interplanetary Concavity Is How DeepGood Men, our good ship's run aground
2005 Dec 8No Thanks, KennethAre you going to Scarborough Fair?
2006 Jan 2Winged Things That Reek Of MyrrhIn dreams of dimes and happenstance
2006 Jan 5When This Ends We Shall, TooI sprawl, I sprawl
2006 Feb 25Decorated With Hasty StitchesNot another nugget
2006 Mar 9Not A Proper PostmanMore of me, and less of you
2006 Mar 15Where Is It Going To End?My old conveyor belt
2006 Mar 29To Dissuade Potential ConsumersYou claim that you've heard it before
2006 Apr 18ImplicationsTake a pinch of mustard-seed
2006 May 1Vienna In PencilFleeting vision, yesternight,
2006 May 1122 Catheters Soaked By CircumstanceWho could resist
2006 May 15The Weather Of Mine HeartCatch 22
2006 May 30Pork-pie Hatred In StokeI hefted bricks of twenty pounds
2006 Jun 3How It Was BeforeAstride an ice-cold anvil
2006 Jun 8Hereinafter HakeTo view the ocean from a cliff
2006 Jun 11Testimonial Of UnrestA song for hake, an anthem, ho!
2006 Jun 15Show Me How Verdi Murdered Houdinihis pendulum might make you sneeze
2006 Jun 20Occasionally He ThinksOh! So now you're telling me
2006 Jun 22DistressingBasingstoke is mentioned in Henry 4 Part 2
2006 Jun 23Kill The PennyPerfection in a postage-stamp
2006 Jul 28Market Anomalies Perpetrated By Emily DickensBecause I could not stop for Lunch
2006 Aug 15The Lesson Of Days Before TuesdayThere's a red house over yonder
2007 Jan 5In Dreams of Counterfeited HarmonyThey met at Domus Felix
2007 Jan 29Uniformly BunyanFutility is much admired, by those outside this burgh,
2007 Feb 14Who Shall Own Nerina PallotNerina Pallot® sings divinely
2007 Mar 1Before More Nuns Knew Lisaveta PilchardTirades against The Steady State
2007 Apr 11Our Blessed Foolery AgainNeo® caught me unawares
2004 Dec 11Watery Flapjacks, Damn It!Adam and Eve had reason to grieve
2005 Apr 26Our Welsh Brethren ConfessRushing from the Laundromat®

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