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Poem: The Indigo Poem


First line

2003 Aug 2Epistle upon the Ancient StreamsSir:
2003 Aug 3Feet Were WalkingWhen I was young did eagerly frequent
2003 Aug 3Cleaning the Little WeaselsWhere have all the guppies gone?
2003 Aug 4Naked Halluciantions of NightMadness and despair have haunted me
2003 Aug 4Mean WordsWhen words cannot convey
2003 Aug 4SamWill Kansas Sam be upset with us when he gets back?
2003 Aug 5What Boils Soot?Whatever shall we do with your Aunt Sadie?
2003 Aug 5Diesel PassWhen you see me, pass me by
2003 Aug 6Titillate but Don't TouchVersification is such titillation
2003 Aug 6Piggy, Piggy, Here Comes PiggyPIGGY WINGS
2003 Aug 6Ballad of Vermillion DancesCould I borrow just a minute of your time?
2003 Aug 6Never Wake, But Often DreamsA bleeding broken heart
2003 Aug 7Bees' ButtocksWhirring dials and blinking lights
2003 Aug 7Menthols for DinosaursDo not go husky into that bad flight
2003 Aug 7CocksureThere's halfcock and moorcock
2003 Aug 8Whatever I May Need in Make BelieveI may be gone a little while
2003 Aug 8And And And Whimpering"It was so kind of you to come!
2003 Aug 11Bells, Time OfThe bells of contrariness
2003 Aug 11Do Bubba NanoJazz, pizzazz, and razzmatazz
2003 Aug 12Paper GrasshoppersThe moon's a baloon, you know
2003 Aug 13UntitledThere is a secret hidden in the code...
2003 Aug 14If Rapture ExistsIf ever there was a time when wishes and dreams could come true
2003 Aug 15Against SpellingWould you care to dance?
2003 Aug 15The OverThey say the power has just gone out
2003 Aug 17Exhausted Bus of SandI took a Greyhound bus to Timbuktu
2003 Aug 17Naughty SonnetOh how I loathe thee let me count the ways
2003 Aug 17Favorite WigsCrewcuts, pompadours, bouffants, and mohawks
2003 Aug 18RhymeIs the meaning of poetry lost in the ages?
2003 Aug 18Flattery of a GooseWhen starting on a masterpiece
2003 Aug 19Tarragon PigletsHeaven-sent sixpence, platypus pie
2003 Aug 19Antiproverbial: Aphorisms RedefinedWhat if one swallow does make a summer?
2003 Aug 20Bus Baby BoopI went down to the bus station to meet my baby
2003 Aug 20Sigh and SuicideIt's time for a limerick now
2003 Aug 21Not Yet Nice EnoughAussie rock lyric challenge
2003 Aug 23With Suzanne in SwazilandI never thought of leaving home until I met Suzanne
2003 Aug 25Why Forgive?Forgive me if I salivate when Pavlov rings his bell
2003 Aug 25Brooding NightThe night is a ladyOf no uncertain temperament
2003 Aug 28Your PrizeThere is often told a legend of a treasure
2003 Aug 28Millipede StainWhen saturation takes its toll
2003 Aug 28Will Scarlett Ruffled Your WhiskersTry not to get your knickers in a knot
2003 Aug 29Silly ClothesMy boots they are not filigree'd
2003 Aug 29WishI wish I were a platypus
2003 Sep 1Pablo The Optometrist's FriendPicasso, in his early years,
2003 Sep 2The Night Match (Unseen Sisters)Simple sisters in the sunlight
2003 Sep 3Happy Ode to Love UnboundedCome with me, My Love, and see good Nature's fairest flow'r
2003 Sep 4Escape AttemptsThere once was a Cornishman, Lee,
2003 Sep 5Cruella Knew Every HamsterI once knew a shipless Magellan
2003 Sep 6Christmas Eggs (Sorry)The lesser spotted Spoonbill
2003 Sep 9He Knew Lake GenevaTaupe plateaus, a turquoise skyThe bleached bones of oxen
2003 Sep 9Let The Litmus DecideIt's time we rearranged the border
2003 Sep 11On The ToesIve just seen my feet for the first time in years
2003 Sep 16The Moon So Subtly FlyingOnce I flew to the moon, my wings dripped gold and blue
2003 Sep 17Anarchy PastillesWhen Spoonbill went on the blink
2003 Sep 18Legacy of Homey CharmsI would hardly complain that loudly to be compared with Frost
2003 Sep 20Beatles StewWhen I get to the bottom, I go back to the top
2003 Sep 21Input CommandmentsAnother call from Abraham
2003 Sep 22Quicksand in My TushYou're my special Dalek
2003 Sep 22Signs Of SorrowsI am sowing hope
2003 Sep 23Mix My Soul with Potions MetaphysicalWords enfold me, winged things
2003 Sep 24Time is Our SinecureWithin this life awakening
2003 Sep 25The Tidal Sound of Deflated SoulsThe river was breaking its bank
2003 Sep 25Filling the Proverbial CranniesI try to Haiku
2003 Sep 26The Copy-Cat StutterThe miscreant potato
2003 Sep 26The Authors of Unsettled RemainsOn Spoonbill we all write in verse
2003 Sep 26Finis isThis is the first line
2003 Sep 26Ears for EyelidsSleep is coming soon
2003 Sep 28Wiggling On SteroidsWhen playing a game of poker with some dogs
2003 Sep 30Food for the TwinKielbasa is a sausage quite sublime
2003 Oct 1He Knew I Was a FrogMiss Piggy was making a fuss
2003 Oct 1Several Nirvana YearsThis metropolis, this wasteland, these wand'ring souls
2003 Oct 2I'll never ηπ againI once was told that A is πr
2003 Oct 2Not Their Fault At All, ReallyWhen down-and-outs start trading shins
2003 Oct 8My Least Best FailingThe restrooms here are fairly clean
2003 Oct 11Rearward Facing Gum Machines Realise Their Cosmic PurposeAn overpriced player called Rio
2003 Oct 13Loincloths of HickorySome folks like a formula
2003 Oct 14Relentless KnishesThere was an old lady from Wales
2003 Oct 15Shaking Like Evaporating MilkmaidsDon't think me ungrateful, but
2003 Oct 17Any Compound of PhosphorusParadigm of porters' skill
2003 Oct 18Asphalt Trumps My AceI like
2003 Oct 21Other Pubic GrindingsAh, your onyx eyes and sequined purse
2003 Oct 22Vice and ChipsThe world, a fuzzball, a ball of yarn
2003 Oct 22Screaming for Revenge in the AfterlifeSomething there is that doesn't love a fish
2003 Oct 27Lemon FeetYour limpet grasp gives me no rest
2003 Oct 29Tmesis HellI like to spoon-bloody-bill,
2003 Oct 30Manure CanOvegiously, he blarks the heen
2003 Nov 1Even Elves Entirely ExcellentTwixt D and F I'm found, but missing from this ballad
2003 Nov 4Gambits Under GlassThis time, then another, then - perhaps - once more
2003 Nov 6If They Reversed The CreosoteIt didn't have to end this way
2003 Nov 7Shaking Moon TeabagThere was a spoonbiller so svelte
2003 Nov 7Pastiche (Coconuts)Palm trees are not known to thrive amid the snow
2003 Nov 10The Abandoned Soup MolestorsThe soup is rather thick today
2003 Nov 11Londoners In VegasAnother buck; the symbols spin
2003 Nov 11Into The Black Of The TentacleThere was a young maiden named Sue
2003 Nov 12When The Wings Are Spread Like MustardIs Haiku passe?
2003 Nov 12ConsequencesThere once was a curious cat
2003 Nov 13Fructose Frogs For Little BoysA line of sawdust or cocaine
2003 Nov 17Let's Ride Away And Begin Again Without ShameShould one great leader cross the sea
2003 Nov 18Highly Prized HydrocarbonTitrate this acid, if you please, against this salt,
2003 Nov 19When Einstein Saw MadonnaElusively, they flit away
2003 Nov 20Enigma Who Will Someday Prove SecretWhy do you stare, do you think that I care?
2003 Nov 20Harrumph Parumph GallumphHow silly, you're suddenly snooty
2003 Nov 22The Ancient Dreams Of KenAgainst a sky of brooding green
2003 Nov 24Tale Of Municipal RibaldryWhat strange goings-on have there been in this town
2003 Nov 25Words That Fail MOTsPreserve us from another bout
2003 Nov 27Grudges Over The Family Fishing RightsAnthony Blair
2003 Nov 28Who Would Right Their Wrongs?Our curls may give a false impression
2003 Dec 2Dyslexia Is A Condition Much Like Nay OtherA narry stight, a brentle geeze
2003 Dec 3Increasingly Preposterous HomiliesThe champagne glass lies shattered
2003 Dec 3I Admire The WillingnessAs we know, there are known knowns
2003 Dec 6Stop Playing Tiddlywinks When I'm WatchingOn the plains of Andalucia, I met a honking horse
2003 Dec 8Destiny In PoundsExcuse me, darling, have you put on some weight?
2003 Dec 10Abuse Of Frequent PositivismWhile I was panhandling one bright sunny day
2003 Dec 12Poets Into BeastsI know what it's like to be a poet.
2003 Dec 17Papal DisgustIf you lift a dog with a crane, will he count to infinity?
2003 Dec 21Ill-fated Flyover On Insect WingsSee the tiny aerodrome
2003 Dec 29The Shown Tear Of A CloudbusterI'd rest, if I could, but a holiday's on
2004 Jan 4Without Looking Twice"Wherefore honkest thou," said I, "although in neighing guise?"
2004 Jan 7Despite ThemselvesCaptain Mesmer brought me 'round
2004 Jan 8Devoured By TrousersShut tight as a clam, not to be pried by any mere woman
2004 Jan 14Contempt For MoustachesWhen nightfall arrives with a purplish glow
2004 Jan 15Reversed In The Wash Of FortuneCorporation. There we go
2004 Jan 17The Georgian SilhouettesDo not single out the fat for taking too much space
2004 Jan 20Impasto Throughout AustralasiaMy wife is nibbling at my neck
2004 Jan 21Ut Nicotinum Ad Adorum NescientumThe rattle of toys being hurled out of prams
2004 Jan 22Phoebe Married The WarmongerSmell my squirty button-hole
2004 Jan 24Paternity Proves NothingCrayfish, lobster, crab
2004 Jan 25Implacable Northerly PadrésCompetition in other places
2004 Jan 26Each Syllable Concocted By BuddhistsThe pulse that beats within a flea
2004 Jan 28Hamlet With FishMy chronic youth would soon speed past
2004 Jan 29440 FoursomeThree down redoubled, 1000 away
2004 Feb 5Sorry Lament For Gilded WalletsWhen I consider what my wife has spent
2004 Feb 19Crybaby Number Nine (1967)The lonely hearts in Sgt. Pepper's Band
2004 Feb 19Forgive, OffhandedlyWhile you were away
2004 Feb 20Flawed InheritanceAgnes played the cymbals, three nights a week
2004 Feb 25Near Creepy Cow LaneThe last time I polkaed with Ted
2004 Mar 18Proved Once, Baked TwiceUnshockable, the bailiff's urge
2004 Mar 23Subtle With Hotdogs'Here are the gum-boots you ordered, madam!'
2004 Mar 30Hen Pectoral CommemoratedSuffolk Asian – who would choose
2004 Apr 2Canine BearingDespite this aberration, sir
2004 Apr 11Soprano And UnderSurrendering to something
2004 Apr 20Spoon ReceiptSuch is the demon's lot
2004 Apr 24Longingly DependWhilst figuring out how to untie his shoes
2004 Apr 26Looking Lively And Feeling CrapCan this be it? Can Spring be here?
2004 Apr 29Nuns Betray Our Laxative SuppliesIncantations - dead of night -
2004 May 8Thwarted By OccamDon't invade us till the dawn,
2004 May 13Better Lettuce ForthcomingAs the orders start to dry
2004 May 17Upstream CandidateHe was singing in Dutch
2004 May 17Wasted NeedleworkHarrumph, I say
2004 May 18The Very OuchPut me through the paper shredder
2004 May 21Semaphore Statements Issued In UrduLet's keep this one simple
2004 May 28Attraction Determined By InquestHe took her down a leafy lane
2004 Jun 1Nepalese Danceuse Observed Using Stun-gunsBehold the scold:
2004 Jun 25Each Dainty Ballerina And Her Imaginary PilchardThis happy nest has made me cry
2004 Jun 27Blackbird Singing With BluebeardWith 'action' just another word
2004 Jun 29The Fourth Alibi From The LeftOh blessed fragment of the foam
2004 Jul 1My Cardboard MotherDressing as a helicopter
2004 Jul 2Only Fools RushOnly a rose
2004 Jul 6The Fragile SteelSo easy to upset her
2004 Jul 9Sailor Marinated In NovemberPleiades in yonder sky
2004 Jul 13Glaswegians In Time-share BodiesOn a hilltop, left of Rheims,
2004 Jul 14Fail By Then If NeverCalisthenic ribaldry shall not win you the prize!
2004 Aug 8Eyeliner How Ever Loosely BentRidicule for penguins only makes them slide
2004 Aug 11Syllabub ProverbsThe lumps one sometimes finds in cream
2004 Aug 23Nuptial Mishaps With Long KnivesA young anthropologist cried
2004 Aug 25Sugary Benisons During WalpurgisnachtIn conclusion, blessed child,
2004 Aug 27Queen Of The FeathersHer innocence unquestioned, her purity renowned
2004 Aug 31Campaigns Begin Like BladdersThe politican declaimed and avowed
2004 Sep 1The Things That Are Caramelized By MoonlightImagine there were jungles on the moon
2004 Sep 6Yeats Upon A ToadstoolParsimony of the heavens
2004 Sep 10Cheery Thoughts About SocietyBiting on a leaden shell, I contemplate my doom
2004 Sep 16Stuff Your Turkey And Grab A Second Chance For RedemptionI see you bought a pair of saddle shoes
2004 Sep 19But For Us And ThemCall me a quack
2004 Oct 5Since We Are Seldom DecodedCaught in cobwebs, smothered by your love
2004 Oct 22Clucking Behind The Bicycle ShedsCharlie the cheerful chicken
2004 Oct 30Philately TentaclesI'm off – be back by Thursday night
2004 Nov 3In My Long-lost WellingtonsMagnetic fields, an iron horse
2004 Nov 9Packing-case DiagramsWhen all seems lost, all hope forlorn
2004 Nov 16The Newest HelmetYou can't complain
2004 Nov 30Lunar Love-festWe hear you're taking a trip to the moon
2004 Dec 1Lurching BalloonsPlease release me
2004 Dec 9Pathos During MoonsetsThis wearisome drought
2004 Dec 21This Is My Third ThumbPlease release me. Let me go
2005 Jan 9Zeppo LamentingEmily and Sally, Kathy and Loureen,
2005 Jan 11The Crooner Under CoverWay down upon the Swanee River
2005 Jan 25Haddock Versus Anchovies: DiscussMy tension's most unmenstrual,
2005 Jan 27FutileRipe bananas, ten a pound! Grapes to fit a feast!
2005 Feb 4Over And OuthouseAstride a blazing horse
2005 Feb 16The Frictionless Vol-au-ventThis is now
2005 Feb 23Gorgon CookiesJust imagine thirteen cakes aglitter in the night:
2005 Mar 31Four Times Four Is TonicSo ... how to subvert the Age of Consent?
2005 Apr 12Send Major WordsworthSaid I to Gus Grissom
2005 Jun 13Saul Bellow Cloudringed By NymphsIn his Jeans®, stood Jasper Johns
2005 Jul 5The Sanskrit Kirk RailingsJust a taste of sunshine
2005 Jul 18Heave Aside Our Plundering PharoahAt seven Gs
2005 Jul 22Mated By HappenstanceA fledgling wasp once took the time
2005 Jul 27Bismuth Bill AgainIncursions 4, Evasions 5
2005 Aug 22Lasers In LatinTo grasp these prawns will take some skill
2005 Sep 7Our Leather-Bound Archipelago Swept CleanReturning to my spawning-grounds
2005 Sep 27Any Extreme Prognostication ExceptYou - a loan - are the Most High!
2005 Oct 14No CarborundumMoving twice
2005 Oct 20Mermaids Sighing AffidavitsHarold Pinter, author of Betrayal,
2005 Oct 31Vongole Al Limone Con FunghiClams are not my favoured dish
2005 Nov 16The Lost Macduff Reforms In ElyHis cranium, by some accounts
2005 Dec 8Piebald Cheques'The first day of the rest of your life', they sang,
2006 Jan 19It Seems Pointless To PolkaHandel's Croatian
2006 Feb 11The Great CriticsE wrote slowly, R wrote fast
2006 Feb 24Our Road Is Hardly JustifiedPut me through the paper shredder
2006 Mar 6Chance Coupling Without The ResponsibilityMassive friction, from her waist,
2006 Mar 9The Protective Turnip, Terrified Of Nightmares, Is Already Failing Under My TutelageI had a date with a girl named Fred
2006 Mar 25Wallpaper For BeaversI found your umbrella
2006 Apr 4Echoes Of AshesMississipi, come to me!
2006 Apr 26Attempts At Ironic PosturingMy bunny lies over the ocean
2006 May 15Men Without EquationsAre you prepared to reveal
2006 Jun 13Concerto For Nobody And DrumWhen the new one comes out
2006 Jun 15Fasting MythsThat loathsome letter taints the page
2006 Jun 24Torment Jemima For BotheringMy neighbours, then, the nomads
2006 Aug 3Eight Parrots, Seven RoguesHengist had the brightest sword
2006 Sep 1Elizabethan LemonadeIt is said that a codpiece, selected to cover
2004 Nov 24All Things Can Be Overturned In TimeJoin the dance, you naiads all,
2005 Jan 26Enough Said: The Undershirts Finally ArrivedDamn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN!
2005 Oct 25Half Baked WhollyStalk the streets of Serenissima
2006 Jun 20The Lost BanterThou, pollen, art my nemesis

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