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Poem: The Green Poem


First line

1996 Nov 1Jail-mouth SlimeAt the risk of sounding spiteful, I shall tell you what I think
1996 Dec 8Yellow Paris HagsSt Vitus, in his winter robe
1996 Dec 27The Lilliputan Comb'"Inertia"? What a charming name!'
1997 Jan 12Tomorrow Hardly TryingAbove the burning snow
1997 Jan 24The Uneasiness Of MotivesThey also serve who wait there to return
1997 Jan 31Diagnostic EncomiumOh! How I hate his leaking bladder!
1997 Feb 12Almost After ForgottenSleepless wretched pacing, red-rivered eyes - glazed, gazing
1997 Feb 23False Memories of a Papal FailureI blench to acknowledge my failure
1997 Mar 2Swooping Ono DelightThis is an ode to all things past,
1997 Mar 11Saint Nincompoop's AplombI remember, I remember when verses used to scan
1997 Mar 22Orderly Insects Are ForecastSmall birds
1997 Mar 25My Gallic Endorsements'I wonder', mused the conqueror, 'why lemons seldom sing'
1997 Apr 6Regarding Mr SlickChiropracters, anarchists, and sheep
1997 Apr 15Horse-Face Shrike In Lonely DialogueBy leaving no margin for error
1997 Apr 26It Isn't Often OatmealIn his book, 'The Uranium Fanfare',
1997 Apr 26Apocope-0ReticuleIn my outhouse, far from Tunis
1997 May 28The Eagle FallenOctopus, the raven-haired
1997 Jun 14South Margin Closed, AlwaysEvery thing hath a beginning
1997 Jul 13Fetch Away Fish!Yellowing leaves frame a watery sky
1997 Aug 29Never Once Promising To Underestimate BunsOver the choppy leather line
1997 Sep 20A Toasted Budgie in my LaxativeThis extra leg's a bother
1997 Oct 28The One Incorruptible Servomechanism (The Princes' Mile)Fancy Wills and Harry,
1997 Nov 29Requisite TragedyChristopher Robin was captured by those
1997 Dec 19Therapeutic HeresiesIn the field, no break of day
1998 Jan 1Narrow Trousers in PimlicoWhen the wallet of the wealthy with fivers stiff is stuffed
1998 Jan 20Soup Training - Who Cares?Happy New Year to the burghers of Strood!
1998 Jan 30Conical CatharsisA parent who neglects the tasks
1998 Feb 4An Idyllic Situation Ruined By Reed-BuntingsThe best man is a tidy one,
1998 Feb 10Thoughts of Poseidon's DaughterEdgily, along the pier
1998 Feb 18Unwholesome LodgingsThe opera-house, from half-past one
1998 Feb 26If Shadows Could JestWhy is it so dark in the middle of this life?
1998 Mar 15Caramel Cribbage-BoardKeeping pace on cobbled lanes,
***1998 Mar 20Whiskers of AnonymityKeep your vigil - face the facts
1998 Mar 31Beyond Homespun'It is with most intense regret
1998 Apr 3Reduplications overThis confirms
1998 May 2Inexpensive Shakespearian BlancmangeFor Macbeth it were done quickly,
1998 May 4Majestically BehavioralThe bilious fishwife was covered in stew,
1998 May 17Putresco's WonderingCartwheels begone! From shattered climes
1998 Jun 1Raskolnikov's FallenIf night should fall before the deed is done
1998 Jun 8Sausages in StrangenessA man in blackface wandered into the hall
1998 Jun 23Scouting for MiceStupidity, my carapace
1998 Jul 4Cheeseboard DuskThe Books of Heaven opened, the pages to their destinations flying!
1998 Jul 27Neugierig, oder?der Reim lernt eine neue Sprache
1998 Sep 4Romeo's Last Reward (Exodus)The note bore the crest of nobility,
1998 Sep 29Bliss on CuspHe met her in a French cafe...
1998 Nov 26The Labyrinthine CityCanterbury? No, it does
1998 Dec 1Outlet-valve in preparationIf spring does not come
1998 Dec 11Ambush Every ClosureWhat an opportunity, what a sheer delight!
1999 Jan 5Clouds In Angelic UnderclothingSwing down sweet cherubs and lie with me
1999 Jan 7Brain Pump OutletLouder than a hill of cheese
1999 Jan 20When We Were ProteinsIn the warm air
1999 Jan 25Sensible NosesA small crimson telephone quivers
1999 Jan 26SeedsThe seeds of gourds shook,shook,shook!
1999 Jan 28Continental HeadTime and again I'm obliged to remark
1999 Feb 3Tenacious LoipA harsh law, or an honest law?
1999 Feb 8Quantum Snork Sput SnootingWell bless my soul and clean my boots! I've started a new stanza
1999 Feb 11Spin FriarThe Lady's not for burning
1999 Feb 22Never Knowingly CharmedUnskilled workers toil wordlessly
1999 Mar 2It never happened really except once maybe yesterdayThe night was dark, and dire foreboding crackled in the air
1999 Mar 6Opacity's 22 Miraculous BeingsSilent in the midnight silence
1999 Mar 7Nubility OneThe death's-head watched and waited,
1999 Mar 12Therapists KillHenrietta ate a cake
1999 Mar 23My Boatswain's Left BaboonA third knee is a mighty boon
1999 Apr 7This Pinteresque PortionWeasels ripped my heart out
1999 Apr 16A Bergsonian Lullaby For CatsCowboy and Chabot are on the go!
1999 Apr 26Handel's Balletic HymenVirginal scrapings are like unto gold
1999 May 7The Unseen ChillThe 'Spoonbill Chill' hung over the land
1999 May 23While I'm Devoid of SyntaxSlowly, slowly crept the maddened fox
1999 Jun 5Celibate Coinage in Whitechapel LanePoem composition is a task the world adores
1999 Jun 29Atmos the FerricTick Tock...Boing!
1999 Aug 20The Etiquette of Hogwash CountryOnce upon a golden morn
1999 Aug 30Tarantula Flakes Ripped my EarlobeWhat is the point if one lacks the finish ?
1999 Sep 13Explorers from FutilityThe 'Big Adventure' all began on a day of trepidation
1999 Sep 23Anathema or AssonanceA Plutonian plutocracy, a demonized democracy,
***1999 Oct 16The Knight who Rode a Goat to BarcelonaBefore the porcupine descends
1999 Nov 18SudsThe main thing to remember about hunting with a fish
1999 Nov 26Bottle UpSpoons are the one thing God forgot
1999 Dec 1One Blonde Speaking After SilenceLike fish, attracted to a flame
1999 Dec 14Screaming by RoteA random collection of words
1999 Dec 19On Heat For MonthsAway! Here's neither inn nor manger
1999 Dec 23Hail Noddy!Something whispers in my ear
***1999 Dec 24You'll be a Laughing-stock TomorrowAt this festive, glowing season
1999 Dec 26The Equilibrium RanklesLet's not add another word
1999 Dec 29I, EverestI hear the tread of thirty thousand men
2000 Jan 7The Margarine Heart-ThrobThis divan whereupon I lie
2000 Jan 13Cloudier MysteryGad-about Gertrude, there she gapes
2000 Jan 18Cement Listlessly Poured Upon An ImpostorWhen Thoth was King of Bermondsey
2000 Jan 23Intergalactic Journey of a Broken CruetThe Zimmer by the garage door
2000 Jan 25Abandoned FrightfulnessConsumed by Lust, whose second course
2000 Jan 27Within No Feasible HemisphereWhy, when death inheres within the very egg
2000 Jan 29Her nerveless dressing-table, regarding whichAlthough her skull is squat and flat
2000 Feb 3The Sun WolfIn the tallest tree
2000 Feb 7Sugar Hates Recollections'Handle not the lesser fruit!', so spake the chieftain bold,
2000 Feb 12Big Man Devours Helicopter's EmptinessI made a little omelette with a single serpent's egg
2000 Feb 19The Yellow Singing TurncoatsInflamed by passion and a touch of flu
2000 Mar 3Corporeal Longings: The Carrot Stick Of AppearancesThe sun sinks slowly into the sea, or so it seems.
2000 Mar 15Stolen: Orville, My Disgusting DonkeyQuandary, a quandary,
2000 Mar 15Pigment DenialPigment
2000 Mar 16Bosworth: An OdeWhen cuttlefishes congregate
***2000 Mar 20Discredited in BirminghamYour bland mosaics, weak and pale
2000 Mar 29Doglike DoingsI remember Folkestone in December
2000 Mar 31Sickening Ogresses Devour OctametersTwice, beneath a battered moon
2000 Apr 4The Cakes, The KnifeArabella Spommit was a temptress, all allure;
2000 Apr 4Suction By Toothsome LipBy dressing up in surgeon's robes
2000 Apr 9Radishes Cloned My Goat!Arabella Spommit had a cat made out of cheese
2000 Apr 10Are LikeIf you were an ape, what kind would you be?
2000 Apr 12Waves, Water UnderIf you were an ape, what kind would you be?
2000 Apr 27Holding Nigella Lawson's PythonWhenas April with his sweet showers
2000 Apr 27My UndoingWhen I was young and fancy free
2000 May 1When We Got Bob Plastered...Now I am old, and in men's eyes I see
2000 May 2Our Nose, Once BittenThe great thing about the verse compositions of Ogden Nash
2000 May 3Universal Generalisations Are TiresomeThe chief delight of Roland Rat
2000 May 10Three Dodgy Hamsters, Always Gardening!Tie me to the undergrowth with a length of twine!
2000 May 11Alone With Another FoolI'm afraid he is addicted to collaborative verse
2000 May 15Wake! Capitulate!I had a small Etruscan
2000 May 23Homily For Courtesans in Norwich cathedralThe cards were dealt, and in my hand
2000 May 24She Wasn't Waving But His Trousers WereShe was poor but she was honest
2000 May 29Under the AdriaticIn the darkness of the night
2000 Jun 1Never, Scarcely EverGive me bowls of carrots in the sunrise that is grey
2000 Jun 7The Tomato Points WestI like carrots in the spring-time
2000 Jun 9When It's WhenAn addictive personality
2000 Jun 14Bragging About Semi-colonsIf only
2000 Jun 23Unseen Behind Ourselves AgainAway on the heather'd down
2000 Jul 6How Large Is Tina's Dinosaur?I once asked Uncle Herbert
2000 Jul 18Her Promiscuity Made GoodShall I compare thee to a coach and four?
2000 Aug 3Stuffed PetsFill up my brazen pockets with the water of the Loire
2000 Aug 15Phyllis, My Secret SquirrelWe met in Dublin, in disguise,
2000 Aug 29Against Tintin: Yesterday And TodayWhen Friday rolls eventually around
2000 Sep 17Fondling Benedict: The Groan MatrixWhen Time has run its merry dance
2000 Oct 3My Zebra ToesThe stillness of the day, the ceaseless hum
2000 Oct 16Tents Erected in Plymouth Sound'Give me the buzz!' I shrieked in blunt Welsh
2000 Oct 24Integumental Teletubbies (Seventeen Hours Ago)Mine is the eggcup, yours is the hake,
2000 Nov 1Keats Knew His MindOh, what can ail thee, Knave of Hearts,
2000 Nov 2When Shoes Falter'Bring me a fish with a pear in its mouth!'
2000 Nov 3Spartan Opinions Devour Our SiblingsA pestilence, a nuisance, a wretched waste of time!
2000 Nov 7Squeezing Another's PocketThere's no adventure that's too fanciful
2000 Nov 10Drawing-Rooms, The Only TerminusNow my charms are all o'erthrown
2000 Nov 15Glistening ObbligatosOh ripely reeking Camembert!
2000 Nov 19Though Bereft of BlossomColours anniversary
2000 Nov 24Possibly Wasting My DaysLongshot: five apostles
2000 Nov 27Ninepenny Lithuanians - A RhapsodyCashier, change this love-note
2000 Dec 5The Strangler Ripped Asunder, AsunderPerhaps a Lithuanian
2000 Dec 18The Ballad of the Blocked ToiletsShe wandered through the garden fence
2000 Dec 19Eagles Can Never DespairDemons of the centrifuge
2000 Dec 23My Raving VirginA perfect wedding in the snow
2001 Jan 1Symphony Buttocks With Apricot OrchestraToast Christmas dog
2001 Jan 9A Prawn ParadingAn ant always admires actors
2001 Jan 12The EnslavedI just can't help thinking of you
2001 Jan 15Ode Scribbled Rudely by LennonA is for the alligators alcoholically inclined,
2001 Jan 21Shutters Fold Tightly Again6 x 6 - from wall to wall
2001 Jan 24Future Dereliction Of DutySomewhere in the evening, at a screen not far from you
2001 Feb 19Firestorm FingersHave you heard the story of the Chattlewhump, my son?
2001 Feb 28Arresting the CompositorInto the cauldron of possibility
2001 Mar 9Amusing-EsotericNecromancy doesn't work, my uncle used to say
2001 Apr 18Time ItselfWe'll try once more before the crash
2001 Apr 25Our Only StrawberryWhy me?
2001 May 9Tadpoles of DoomRemember me when I am dead,
2001 May 17Innocuously Or VenomouslyI always caught the quarter-past; it never ran on time
2001 May 17PSSBHe is bald and bespectacled
2001 May 24Stravinksy in Sidcup: Untimely MinuetIf saints are souls with greater spirit
2001 May 30Unlikely Spectacles Watch On The Firm'Pine kernels, artichokes, tuna, beef and cheese'
2001 Jun 3Sonnets Lately DespatchedWhen to the summons of a baker's wife
2001 Jun 20Pointless NosesA pound of cheese is just the stuff
2001 Jun 27Vacant possession of Chichester Cathedral (Song Cycles)You bled the life from out of his home!
2001 Aug 1McBoreal's AdventureHamish McBoreal? The spaniel from the Glens?
2001 Aug 7Washed and Dried in Time'A ton of prunes, a pickled egg, two muskets and a globe?'
2001 Aug 9Matrimony is Hegemony, not PatrimonyShe's all to me, and little more
2001 Aug 9Nostalgia for Breakfast - And Blue SkyI wish I were in Ngunnawal again
2001 Aug 10Marinade Your Partner DailyHis passion was a restless sort
2001 Aug 13Obsoletely and IgnominiouslyWhen I was young, we had a cave
2001 Aug 16There goes another racing certaintyThis door is alarmed
2001 Aug 17Very FigurativeAdd your own line to the poem
2001 Aug 20Airlock, WarlockThe Ministry of Frost
2001 Sep 6A Railway CanalI cycled to the station with fury on my mind
2001 Sep 12Dense, Dense, Dense, DenseCelebrate good times?
2001 Sep 22DaydreamParticularly pleasing was the scent of new-cropped straw
2001 Oct 3Hidden Are Our Own Inept PerformancesBlended with the hint of curling smoke came release
2001 Oct 4Truculent VirtueHere I am and here I'm staying!
2001 Oct 7Vindaloo (Abbreviated)I sent my luv a cllphn txt
2001 Oct 9Hideous IndeedJarrow is my noble home
2001 Oct 12ConverselyToday, when none was ever born
2001 Oct 23Calf-Length Flight-Bone ProspectsGilded by an autumn sun
2001 Nov 5Cutlery TissuesIs it a bug or a feature?
2001 Nov 7Kurosawa Crawled HeavenwardThere's nothing to accomplish in the dust
2001 Nov 13Lithuania Accepts Barclaycard Again!The cabbage roared to see the mouse
2001 Nov 17Leave Meetings BehindA slice of bread, varinshed with wax,
2001 Nov 20Frogmen Imminent'Tis time! 'Tis time! The deed is done
2001 Nov 22Afternoon Prayers, Being a Master-Class for Emissaries of TorporLet's be quick! Their backs are turned
2001 Nov 23Areas Of DevoidChief among the mammals
2001 Dec 5On Galvanizing Spartan SurfacesThe mouse crept closer to its goal
2001 Dec 7In Abandoned Transit-VansHarold was a potter
2001 Dec 13When hamsters stammerEnough of all this sniping, at the wizards great!
2001 Dec 18Cap in HandsworthThe Crossbow, famed in Chinese tales
2002 Jan 3The Blood Line of Blandishment CastleThe Welder was welding as never before
2002 Jan 8Apsley's Gannet!When standing on my pantofles
2002 Jan 16Grandiose Gestures, Futile Drivel'Leave me @peace.com', my nephew cried,
2002 Jan 30My Finite and Fastidious FriendThis time, I shall follow my leader
2002 Feb 6Unspeakable Extracts of LouiseRegicide is just killing the King,
2002 Feb 12Armadeep Looked OutIn the Sudan, there lived five men
2002 Mar 3Sausage Pouting PicturedEchinacea, oil of rum, it's all the same to us!
2002 Mar 5NegatingA waltz a day is not enough
2002 Mar 6Uppity EvidenceNo more peaches! No more cream! I'm off to sail the seas!
2002 Mar 10Lift-off! (Red Umbrellas)The conical nose had been smeared with strawberry jam:
2002 Mar 20Goose DeskThe roots of criminal intent
2002 Mar 25Cacophonic, Electric, Adamant'Craddock's Cat Biscuits are finer by far!', the radio blared
2002 Apr 12Nothing Bought With Eurocheques, I ImagineWhy can't the wicked inherit the Earth?
2002 Apr 14Melting Pot RitualA caramel pig once sat on the throne
2002 Apr 18The Circumference SpoonJack of the desperate moments
2002 Apr 29Apricot BritainMy ice-cream dribbled into the soft earth, as Rachel
2002 May 8Criminals in PolticsThe Captain rode to Hampton Court
2002 May 13The Firmament ThroughoutThe south of France is not a place
2002 May 20The Apostle Paul Ate Our Show DogsI gorge a slow caramel,
2002 May 28Hearts, Like Crystals, Dissolve into NothingnessFinesse the Queen! Finesse the Queen!
2002 Jun 11Adventurous WednesdayNever mind the problem throat
2002 Jun 17Repeatedly FocalOld Uncle Tom made a nuclear bomb
2002 Jun 27At the Leg-warming MarketStatistically speaking, the cow
2002 Jul 5In Contempt of a Buried SteamshipThis poem concerns Hades.
2002 Jul 10Whistling TortoisesA frond of bracken in the hair
2002 Jul 18Beside the Derelict Hat-standWhen Granny comes for tea and cake
2002 Jul 26Stolen From Steel Factory SirensThe skies were heavy as an ounce of osmium,
2002 Jul 26ScarcelyThe glaciers of Egypt
2002 Jul 29Piecemeal PremonitionsI saw Yehudi Menuhin
2002 Aug 2Cheese Isn't For Funny LadiesPenumbral vision
2002 Aug 5Eyelash RadioNecessity's the mother of invention
2002 Aug 7Gartled Invertebrate Forum'Subtle', spelt with seven Ps
2002 Aug 21The Obverse EquivalentThe dark cathedral shivers
2002 Aug 28Infested by Dali SpecialistsWhen nuns collide, then is the time
2002 Sep 24Because Bane BarksOutside the gates of Norwich
2002 Sep 29Escstatic, DogmaticShe declared herself democratic,
2002 Oct 3Aldershot's Unhappy History of Gardening CompromisesMine is not a ranicd bun, served steaming on a plate,
2002 Oct 3Wheezing MatildaWhen I was old, and on my tongue
2002 Oct 4Let's Beat Up ApsleyA cardboard egg tastes just as good
2002 Oct 4Towards the Sloping PlanetTo say that he was fat would be
2002 Oct 10Knitting Vol-au-ventsWars are documentaries now...
2002 Oct 11ManifestedPerhaps I'm not so odd
2002 Oct 15Nonsense Sharpens Your RefrainHearlding a century of filth and gore,
2002 Oct 22Mr. And Mrs Kruschev's Treasured Collection of Victorian Iron PulloversBenjamin Braddock got carried away
2002 Oct 28Only if the Circle TurnsSuch a cruel summer! On cool heaths
2002 Nov 6A Contest for Castle CustardThe goat came down from the hill-tops
2002 Nov 12Epitaph for an Asymmetrical Arrrangement of BearsTie them to the bowsprit? With a scratched CD?
2002 Nov 12Defeated by Professors of UsurpationOne escalator, one canoe:
2002 Nov 12Against Wheat-craftHere, in Glasgow,
2002 Nov 14Sign RiseToffee dipped in chocolate, by the wastrel's hand,
2002 Nov 18Earthenware ThinkersBehold her single in the field
2002 Nov 23Lent Spent in ClaptonCanons to the right of me, and deacons to the left
2002 Nov 27Lechery's Not a Primary FoodstuffSome alphabetty spaghetti
2002 Nov 28Hertfordshire JokeI add some lard to every bath-time mix
2002 Nov 29Heroic and AuspiciousIn Hastings, once, there should an elm,
2002 Dec 2Bereft Between WidowsMy love is like a red, red snapper
2002 Dec 5Applause for Melodious MetalA female, young, of ill repute,
2002 Dec 11Shirley, My Wife for a DaySome caged bird squawks
2002 Dec 12On My GuffPlease sir, stand downwind from me.
2002 Dec 24Lincoln's Curry RidersThe plenitude of earthly thoughts
2003 Jan 4Xenophobic PoppingBisexual biplanes bifurcating
2003 Jan 9Unknown Railway Station BluesPimrod was a snappy lad,
2003 Jan 9Jolly Thirsty PiratesFifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest
2003 Jan 10Squeeze the Glands Beyond Table MannersThere's nothing so original
2003 Jan 23Fauré, Mendacious In Cairo,Less than catarrh
2003 Jan 27Samantha's Sinister Hockey TourMy hermitage, lodged safely on the crag
2003 Jan 27Person or Thing UnknownThe first time I went to Iraq
2003 Jan 28Groovy Chicks Abound HereinBig stuff is going down, dude
2003 Jan 30Zen RootsBalanced calm across the bay
2003 Feb 5Sheepish AmbitionIf the thought of hope is not enough
2003 Feb 7Longings Unknown to ScienceWhy should I ration
2003 Mar 7Dead, Undone, UnmeasuredNaked, dripping, loins all soap and tension, I rise from the bath
2003 Mar 19Fun in the Unnerving Moonlight (Rembrandt's Schooldays)I've always been taught to report what I thought
2003 Apr 30The Doctrine of GigglingI've long held a theory that Seuss ain't no doc
2003 Apr 30Cross-talk KnaveryBy way of insulation
2003 May 10Industrial-Strength Wrigley'sMy Spiderman was killed by Zach
2003 May 17Management Facilitates, Managers CollideComplacent as a senator
2003 May 31Inaudible When Down-windI promise, tomorrow I'll be a good boy
2003 Jun 5Creases Rectified by ArtSteeped in the grime of ages
2003 Jun 16Bespoke Chutney for BigglesSmooth eucalyptus, resinous aura
2003 Jun 17Trout Pox Toast FarmingNow is the moment! Grasp the nettle!
2003 Jun 17Caramelised Jamboree BagsBedevilled by mosquitoes
2003 Jun 18This Goaded PostureYou write sixteen lines, and what do you get?
2003 Jun 18Pickle My CreationWelcome, fine folks, but please be more attentive!
***2003 Jun 21Theory of Everything on TapLucinda' big sister chowed down on plutonium
2003 Jun 22Nile Feather Death TripHer upper arms; mine eyes alighting
2003 Jun 22Always One VaneFoul, foul, foul, this weather's spent
2003 Jun 23Considering Its WoodpigeonsDial 'Clockwork' for disturbance
2003 Jun 23Rock HusksVowels with a vengeance invigorate vows
2003 Jun 24Glow ExperimentalMadame Curie created quite a glow
2003 Jun 26A Reasonable Religion for Village GreensSilver and brown were the eaves of the town
2003 Jun 27Each Recusrive ReaderOn a moonful night, strangely bright
2003 Jun 27Knight of the Noxious LieIf only I could sing like William Shatner
2003 Jun 28ImperfectionOh, to be Home now summer is here....
2003 Jun 30Erie CanalThe creek oozes down through the dimwitted wood
2003 Jul 1CitiesIn Seville, bitter oranges grow ripe in the sun
2003 Jul 8Time and Four Fantastic SpoonsThe Raiders of Gor had slavegirls galore and kept them all in chains
2003 Jul 9Scapegoat RanchersWhy isn't tomorrow
2003 Jul 17Lay for a Lonely FarmerShe was lovely as the night
2003 Jul 17Fractured Hearts Have Missed Innumerable ChancesHow graven seem those fractured tarts
2003 Jul 17Mukluks SometimesMy own dear love does seldom fart
2003 Jul 17If Only People Smelled Like FlowersI often wonder how to start
2003 Jul 17Persnickety GirlsI once saw a doctor in Dayton
2003 Jul 17Googlylying in a ditch of binjo
2003 Jul 17Whackerwocky'Twas zillig and the mangrove whips
2003 Jul 17PC #22Televised indignities, alas
2003 Jul 17DreamingI fear I cannot hope to match
2003 Jul 17TickAwake! for midnight at the witching hour
2003 Jul 17Odin UnderstandsI am seriously whacked
2003 Jul 17SoupspoonThree smooth stones near water's edge, gray as everyday
2003 Jul 17FallenI've fallen and I can't get up
2003 Jul 18The Ageless Golden FleeceMy buddy, Moe, is getting old
2003 Jul 18Paid to EndWhen I find myself in times of trouble,
2003 Jul 18UntitledHow speckled my rotisserie
2003 Jul 18The Perpetual Unloved TurtlesThe Hamptons are green this time of year.
2003 Jul 18Singing the Family SongSimon says, "Slow down, you're movin' too fast"
2003 Jul 18UnderwearShe doesn't like my underwear
2003 Jul 18Snow Slithers UpThe night was dark and stormy
2003 Jul 18MadnessWhen all the world is going mad
2003 Jul 18HairHe urged me to go get a perm
2003 Jul 18HalcyonSee how all the daffodils
2003 Jul 18Sanctum InviolateDamned hypocrisy! In truth I hate them all
2003 Jul 18UntitledWhat are these glass shards upon the floor?
2003 Jul 18Numbers IrrationalOne hundred and seventy four point six
2003 Jul 18UntitledHow softly do the dryads hump
2003 Jul 19Jello FellowWhile bouncing on a sea of jello
2003 Jul 19Collaboration Is Not EssentialThe men and women came, from far across the land
2003 Jul 19Fishies Swimming SilentlyMy glitzy one, my little twerp
2003 Jul 19UntitledThis is in free verse and I mean to state that always the cambembert is stale
2003 Jul 19Phew, Too(haiku) I've forgotten much
2003 Jul 19Never Reaches GloryMy eyelashes are black
2003 Jul 19UntitledDyspeptic diehards turn me on
2003 Jul 19UntitledMy luv is like a red red rose
2003 Jul 20BingledWhile surfing on the web one day
2003 Jul 20Existentially Imbued(haiku) Why must you insist
2003 Jul 20Untitled(limerick) I knew an old gal from Quebec
2003 Jul 20Dangerous Dancing SensationsWho goes there? I hear your steps
2003 Jul 20Vegetables, FranklyYou have disrupted my routine, Mrs. Flugle
2003 Jul 21Gamesmanship (The Piglets)Oink on, you crazy pigman
2003 Jul 21Planets of Repeated Sincerity(limerick) There was a young maiden from Venus
2003 Jul 22Often PercolateWhose clothes these are, I think I know,
2003 Jul 22Morning is DeadAwake ye slumberers, and greet the day
2003 Jul 22Confessions, TrulyTo dear Mrs Hoopledon, I hope you're feeling better
2003 Jul 23SpoonbillrocyTwas jillig and the smirky twerps
2003 Jul 23Don't Do NeverNever tip a robot waiter
2003 Jul 23Dig it, BonobosFried mice and ferret stew
2003 Jul 23Fellatio LimericksThere was an old geezer from Kent
2003 Jul 24Voices Brokenthe tiny white wheelbarrow, overturned,
2003 Jul 24Seduction Are UsIt is the faintest of sounds
2003 Jul 24Smog OnionsThe smog comes on little rat feet
2003 Jul 24Ownership for MenThis is dedicated to the one I love
2003 Jul 24Questioning BeforeDid you ever wonder why
2003 Jul 24Markup Over SenseCome
2003 Jul 24Sleep Will Not Be HeardI really need to get some sleep
2003 Jul 24Imagination, Fortitude, CholesterolImagine there's no flugle
2003 Jul 24Brie TabulaThe page is blank
2003 Jul 25Rubicund Mummeriesmummeries cast brightly upon lavender sidewalks
2003 Jul 25Every Phrase Yodelled by WagnerParsifal was bleeding from the gramophone
2003 Jul 26Love AwkwardlyIf I fell in love with you
2003 Jul 27Wish To Be"It wasn't meant to be," the woman sobbed.
2003 Jul 28When Ambrosia of the Peppermint...Moonbeams and fairy dust, stardust and ambosia
2003 Jul 28And Now Hard SkirtsMy love's inclined to wear a hat
2003 Jul 29Unbidden Answer to Cellular MessageThe telephone is ringing, dear
2003 Jul 29No More Edible Pope(limerick) There was an old lady from Wales
2003 Jul 30Alien Hissy FitAliens squirted mustard in my face
2003 Jul 30Insults for SchoolmarmsSlug bug!
2003 Jul 30They MultiplyYou've learned to tie your shoelaces
2003 Jul 30Vaccuum Devices Have Undiscovered PotentialI often think that nothing grows so red as a rose where some once Caesar bled.
2003 Aug 4Batman and Gawain (The Quest)Now, hearken, I'll tell you the tale
2003 Aug 5Folks Who Smoke SoapMendicant Sam was a broken man
2003 Aug 5Relativity In Guise Of The Moving MoonA small chunky moon drifts or perhaps
2003 Aug 6Many Small Wonders for RoyaltyPoor Peter was three inches high
2003 Aug 7Time and the WalrusThe moon was shining on the grass
2003 Aug 11The Horizons of RenewalWe have waited for a new beginning
2003 Aug 12Arcade Dreams Of My Gamey YouthSpace Invaders often haunt my dreams
2003 Aug 14Cow EndingYou do not moo, you do not moo
2003 Aug 15Cocksure WillsI dare the wind to blow contrary to my whim
2003 Aug 15A Fine Line Between Endless CatsOn Friday the seventh of May
2003 Aug 15Cash MeHow dear of you to send me cash
2003 Aug 17You Are Choking Me With Gloves OnYou are the very air I breathe, my sustenance
2003 Aug 17Kamasutra for Happy Knives and SpoonsThere was a fine seller of pearls
2003 Aug 17UntitledCry wolf
2003 Aug 17They AbruptlyJonathan and Mary
2003 Aug 18True Stories but Grossly TruncatedThere once was a man who was purple (world's hardest limerick coming up...)
2003 Aug 19What's The Point Of Intermittency?Hello, Beefy, howya doin'?
2003 Aug 20Lurking in ThePlay it again, Kansas Sam
2003 Aug 21Whackers Are SlackersHotchie-totchie, Liberace
2003 Aug 21Wooing under the CloudsIneluctably, you woo me. The clouds
2003 Aug 22But a Pizza Means the End of ThunderstormsMORE GOOFY HAIKUS
2003 Aug 22A Doberman You All Wanted To KnowThere was an old maid from Duluth
2003 Aug 23The Meatloaf SerenadeWith faltering steps Alonso reached the summit
2003 Aug 25Sobering LaptopT'was but a night on the dell
2003 Aug 26"You Are Carbon", We SaidThe waves are in turmoil, and strike at the rocks
2003 Aug 28Long Unbidden MelodyWine and women, women and song
2003 Aug 29Time CalendricDoes anyone look forward to September?
2003 Aug 30Don Prufrock, Life of TediumThe internet crawled to a halt
2003 Aug 31Are You Better?More haiku you say?
2003 Aug 31Undressing SwineI really must take a shower
2003 Sep 1Questionable PantheonsSlumberers! Rome is burning all about you
2003 Sep 2My Guts ReekGood Morning, Mr. Soap!
2003 Sep 2Ugly SecretsNosy spoonbillers
2003 Sep 3Verse JusticeAck! My poetic license has been revoked!
2003 Sep 4Paul never liked peace anyhowYes, haiku is back
2003 Sep 4Mugging For Pennies"The proof is in the pudding," or so I've heard it said
2003 Sep 5Putting the Carthorse Before ZenAt times the truth may not appear the best approach to take
2003 Sep 6Persistent FadingChatting can be difficult
2003 Sep 7Brian is ThereThere was a young maiden from Nome
2003 Sep 9U-Boat BlessingsTrilingualism, once a curse,
2003 Sep 9Gargled EndBy the time you read this message
2003 Sep 10The Exorcism of All LimericksThere was an old hag from New York
2003 Sep 17If Only God Lived 9 LivesThe first thing I learned in my life as a cat
2003 Sep 17Cold Boff in FreedomHowever shall the cold night envade,
2003 Sep 18To Brother DominoThe money ran out, and I had to leave
2003 Sep 19Strange Bits Of FilthKansas Sam's brain overheated
2003 Sep 19The Walks of Soul SistersI have seen this place before
2003 Sep 20Licensed to Kill EverythingMoneypenny's not a happy bunny
2003 Sep 21Toes of ParaffinCamille, thou most elegant doorstop
2003 Sep 21MilkroundWhoremongers, rumormongers, mongers galore
2003 Sep 21Though Tamborines are ComfortingI may have to saddle a horse
2003 Sep 22Who Will Have The Lady Over?The sun was not shining the day
2003 Sep 22Plunder of the PhigosiaI have dined with the Gods, and yet
2003 Sep 25America, Land Where Meiosis ReignsI've heard that the folks in the U S of A
2003 Sep 25Tribute of the Rather WetI once knew a lady, Francine
2003 Sep 25Lightning Ignites My Secret BeardPrecipitous whiskers
2003 Sep 26Bored MagnoliaWhat kind of tree would you most like to be?
2003 Sep 26Difficult TimesVersify where you are able
2003 Sep 26The Global Hegemony of You and YoursUne nuit foncée et orageuse
2003 Sep 27In Piles of Half-Burned PizzaWhat evil you planning today?
2003 Sep 29My Puckered TimesUncork the bottle and light a cigar
2003 Sep 29Morbid Obsessions With BroccoliMy imagination runs a little wild at times
2003 Sep 30What Is Best For EachNine yards matter, when in zoos or farms an unclear sign
2003 Sep 30Flowing The FableOnce upon a time in a faraway land
2003 Sep 30The First Cyborg WhoreRosie was a robot made of steel
2003 Sep 30Contactual Precautions and Unbecoming CursesYou must, when adding cream to recipes
2003 Oct 1If Not InsoucianceFeeling rather awkward, newly clad in neon eyewear
2003 Oct 2Opinion Is Not A OccupationIf fish could scream
2003 Oct 2Poets - We're Belligerent To A FaultPoets fight with words and not with swords
2003 Oct 4Captain CorrectionThe sky is blue and so are you
2003 Oct 7Coffee On My YardstickCoffee grounds in the sink, the drain webbed with hair
2003 Oct 10Numerous WonderlandsFour-and-twenty blackbirds
2003 Oct 10Have You Enough Putty?Wetching in the tersome rain
2003 Oct 12The High WhatI want to do to you, what the spring does to the trees
2003 Oct 14The Apologetic PolkaEscape these shores I must, and head for foreign soil
2003 Oct 15Disaster and Cheek'This watch you sold me for a pig -
2003 Oct 16Protruding PosteriorThe real derivation of 'prat'
2003 Oct 16Our Bombastic Parlour PigTerence wrote, when not in Thrace, a clutch of tearful plays
2003 Oct 17The Pennyweight SauceA pennyweight of muskets scattered on the dock
2003 Oct 19Go-Faster WaistcoatFaster than the human mind can ever comprehend
2003 Oct 22My Corduroy Mariner, CorrespondinglyWith skin as pale as honesty
2003 Oct 24Poor Child RolandHow he dawdles! Watch the steps
2003 Oct 24Therefore I Can Be Repeatedly WoggledI seldom spurl the gaffled zern
2003 Oct 26Hairless of SinsHer body glistened, hairless quite,
2003 Oct 27Imagine This WeirdnessImagine a World without...
2003 Oct 28Flame White Trash!I went to bat for you so many times, and how have you repaid me?
2003 Oct 30No Way to the AfterlifeI wonder: is it worth the time?
2003 Oct 31Amanda and Her Moose TherapyI traced the lineage of the Spoon
2003 Nov 1Irresistible TypesMy Love was born on Halloween
2003 Nov 2Kissable Landlords In JeopardyKiss me quick and go
2003 Nov 4Monster ShowtimeOh, the claws, they should not be
2003 Nov 7Haiku With ProblemsThe jester donned his liripipe
2003 Nov 7Trepidation Is Sometimes AllI find myself washed once more, upon a friendly shore
2003 Nov 7Piggy And The Penguin BankersMy head is full of fish, I fear
2003 Nov 10My Painful BassCome an' listen to a story 'bout a man named Jake
2003 Nov 11Tea With CartoonsBetween the kettle and the cot
2003 Nov 11SeptuagenariansMuch to my dismay, I turned seventy today
2003 Nov 12The Moon That Howled, "Donald!"The moon shone bright on that surly night
2003 Nov 12The Ultimate Sob StoryThe squash, I fear, is overcooked
2003 Nov 15Pickpockets, Rejoice!Shall I invite you to a game of darts?
2003 Nov 17Nor Eric Nor Unshaven ShirtsGive a man sufficient rope
2003 Nov 17Pleasingly CyclicalIn the evening came the cycles
2003 Nov 18God's Void DevoidYou stare impassively at the world
2003 Nov 19Jerry-built RiffsThere once was lady from Knox
2003 Nov 20Alphabetically DefinedAnthony Brown caused doubts everywhere
2003 Nov 20Oh! Gosh They've GoneYup, they cleared the decks again
2003 Nov 21Insufficiently Stylish BehaviourVerily, I think I'll slump
2003 Nov 21Hunting The InnocentJust before the doorbell rang, my lids had fallen shut
2003 Nov 23The Frozen Meow"I must remove that oil stain" muttered the piebald rat
2003 Nov 24Ultimate DetergentMust you hone your scimitar?
2003 Nov 24WoodfiredPizzas spin lazily in the inky depths of space
2003 Nov 24My Special NosebagIf falling stars had parachutes
2003 Nov 25Underwater CloudsAborted in its prime
2003 Nov 26What Concerned Us As Free ThinkersTell me the secret
2003 Nov 27Arbitrary MegalomaniacsI've been lectured again by the stockman
2003 Nov 27Evident HypocrisyThe stack's not much fun anymore
2003 Nov 28Food For Sentimental Souls Like UsTurkey, yams and pumpkin pie
2003 Nov 29Thought Of The Mayoral FoolFurtively, a polar bear
2003 Dec 1Mittens DisturbItems that do not give offence
2003 Dec 8Wings Of Men Who WaitThe early morning moon is pale as a chalk daub
2003 Dec 9Whatever Is Your PleasureAcross the rolling Irish hills, he rode for Dublin-town
2003 Dec 11Twilight Of A Flaming PieSitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun
2003 Dec 13Sundry Things Spread ThinlyOnce a brave Sultana
2003 Dec 18Forever In Love With MarilynThere was an old goatherd named Bill
2003 Dec 23Someone Who For Once Is Not Averse To Changing LanesBespectacled, mustachioed--a man nondescript
2003 Dec 27Splat Went The Fig Custard FruitcakesKaboom and kerplunk, vavoom and achoo
2003 Dec 29Ignoring ProblemsBehold mankind, how fragile it's life
2004 Jan 1Hake SproutsMy sister, Sue, has several suitors
2004 Jan 7The UnkemptHer face was blanched, her eyes aglow; the sky was gauzy, rent
2004 Jan 9Attempted Assassination During EvensongRather than conferring shame
2004 Jan 11His Own Lewd VespersMy penchant's mathematical
2004 Jan 13Tsunamis Get The SurfersWell! That relief was pretty short
2004 Jan 14Frequency Of Dinner JacketsI did not think a coddled egg
2004 Jan 14Yeah, Wow, Gollly, Gee, Gasp, Yep, Indeedy, ShucksCome on baby, let's
2004 Jan 16With Our Dentures Firmly Detached For Whitsuntide'Mr Spaceman, can't I travel,
2004 Jan 19The Everlasting PetsMy cat is too fat
2004 Jan 20Whom To Enchant?Be glad that Wall Street's closed today
2004 Jan 22The Cork CoffinsThis message to the nearly dead
2004 Jan 24The Rite For Pipkin BreezesIf I could dance like Fred Austere
2004 Jan 26Argument For ExceptionsA new bordello - civic, clean - is what Wisconsin needs
2004 Jan 27Mops Our Fevered Explorer Cannot DisplaySo... slate wiped clean, whereto from here?
2004 Jan 30Baroness ButtercupOh, innocents, listen in time
2004 Feb 1Flight Recorder In MinkShocked by his failure to fly,
2004 Feb 3Further Epsom SaltsHow far can we fall
2004 Feb 4Rebel Angels, Mountain DanceLabouring dismally under a sky
2004 Feb 10Baltic BangDo not go gently into that goodnight
2004 Feb 17Composers In The GroundJust say "Baroque" and choral hymns
2004 Feb 19Sometimes Enough Makes SenseThe trampled multitude are free -
2004 Feb 20How Can It Be Moss If It Grows Faster?O sober reflection
2004 Mar 18Doves, Couples, Quarks, ExigenciesGive me the pen and invisible ink, and I'll write my life story for you
2004 Mar 19Only Once Is More Than Twice Times TwoGive me the pen and invisible ink, and I'll write my life story for you
2004 Mar 24Marrows AwayThis choice of relish was not of the best,
2004 Apr 2Bureaucracy Marks The PedestriansIf filling in forms engenders dismay, tick box 'A'
2004 Apr 19Amulets As FishcakesWhen I went to Inverness
2004 Apr 24Piquant HostessesBowls of mustard lined the hall
2004 Apr 29Sausages Stitched LengthwaysThe rats climbed on the rising ship
2004 May 12Motherhood In The PastureDiapering tushies is really a bummer
2004 May 18We Sold Our Restaurants In CyprusUpanishads and Vedic verse
2004 May 24Meaty Beaty Big And BonsaiSausage, when the time is right
2004 Jun 1Raindrops Keep Dripping On The PhotoshootAtop the hill the castle stood
2004 Jun 16In Our Wintry OrganTo prime one's seventh armpit
2004 Jun 18Forswear CourageHollie was a hostage
2004 Jun 20Grid Of Life ExpectantThe weight of expectation is pressing on my brain
2004 Jun 24Cutlery At NoonSilent in the dinner-queue
2004 Jun 30Maidens Irritated When Their Purity Runs OutA thesaurus was stoned to death, a diction'ry was raped,
2004 Jul 2Danish PolkaBruno's head, a perfect sphere
2004 Jul 7Sediment Flying In From The AirfieldTen more miles and we'll be home
2004 Jul 9Believe What You Will But Doubt Nothing Excepting YourselfLittle boys with little toys
2004 Jul 12Tea-room TrumperyCatachresis in the crypt
2004 Jul 30Imminent Destruction Of Everything In PortPassion, closeness and great sex
2004 Aug 9Fish Remedies For MischiefNot a feather, nor a leaf,
2004 Aug 17Nomads Are Only Upright HayseedsAffectless nomads
2004 Aug 20Meringue-laden ExclamationsAt this time, most every day,
2004 Aug 25Reaper Without EnvyKaolin
2004 Aug 27The Least Suspicious ConcertinaA drooping, stealthful melody
2004 Aug 27Not What It SeemsBack at the beginning
2004 Sep 1It Never Raineth On The Holy FoolBack at the beginning
2004 Sep 3Sages Of Most Definite HopefulnessBehold!
2004 Sep 9Drenched In Watery EndsYour putative queen, dear sire, has fled,
2004 Sep 16Nothing But The Very Onerous Consumption Of DesireThis rare dark beauty doth my heart inspire
2004 Oct 11Holy Things Always Worry WomenWho will search
2004 Oct 13Lest We Forge Biscuits For Orphaned PresidentsMildenhall; I choose to doubt
2004 Oct 22Massacred By Melting GeologyMy foot is stuck; I cannot move
2004 Oct 26Effortless AbyssCold crustaceans, diving deep,
2004 Nov 29Hypothesis EpsilonCome, let us dance, just you and I
2004 Dec 9Prone To TautologiesOf sacred cows and catered sows
2004 Dec 16Doubly Formal ZebrasTo hoist a somewhat smaller flag
2004 Dec 22Albatross, Lie StillHow calmly did th olive branch
2004 Dec 31Pointless Goodness"The End is near!" the Bellman cried
2005 Jan 18The Hegemony Which Everybody ScornsOne before the turning
2005 Jan 20Welsh DittyThere is a tavern in the town
2005 Feb 2After Reality, InterregnumShe plugged it in, she switched it on
2005 Feb 7Good-luck To Endless SorrowLeastways, said the meter man, You'll always have some fish
2005 Feb 9Perfect PitchersMonosyllables
2005 Feb 22Sigh No More, LadiesThe Dutch maintain that any eye
2005 Apr 20Future Species Will Not Tolerate HotelsIf the Sun was to die today
2005 Apr 21Despatched AgainI have a little creature
2005 Apr 28Before She Utteredhiiiiiiiii
2005 Jul 8Crop Circling GearTo view this page as Scratch'n'Sniff
2005 Jul 25Tartlets In CustardyBlesséd fragrance, of the Nile,
2005 Aug 1Heathen LentIngest this canapé of grime?
2005 Aug 31To Study All Known ColoniesPleonasms get me down
2005 Sep 9When Caesar FoamedWe danced, in nothing but a hat
2005 Sep 21Packed Without Any Discernible EntropyThe last was gone before its hour
2005 Oct 23The Tartan Cow TrapThere was a young man from Nantucket
2005 Oct 30Yes, Seamstresses, Invisible Stockings For Marriage VowsSo much nicer now
2005 Nov 16Guile In Any MayAwestruck in the horse-truck,
2005 Nov 17Ignoring The Peach And NectarineIf ever I would write a dirge
2005 Dec 8Immaculate Threnodies by Augustan BachelorsOn Boscombe Down, where Keats was born
2006 Jan 3Over By The Time She Smells The BrieSunk by the Spanish Amanda
2006 Jan 4Clockwork CatechismYou say 'tornado'
2006 Jan 11Trampling Your Toes OnMine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
2006 Jan 29Handy Men Poised With UnguentsIf beating fleas was my habit
2006 Feb 16Absent WhiteRimbaud, Verlaine and absinthe
2006 Feb 24Lodestar Of The Ballooning NurseWe changed your appointment
2006 Mar 2Injunctions To The BarricadesBring me the bones of a man who is broken
2006 Mar 16Godliness In Three-four TimeHe walked his widow home
2006 Mar 29Ethereal SequenceEther, real
2006 Apr 7"How Curious!", Quoth The Melancholy ShrikeEngrossed by the maudlin
2006 May 4Louse, LouiseFeasting on the gouts of blood
2006 May 10Love For A PigletNobody comes, nobody goes
2006 May 12Kiki On SpeedThe glittering lights of Montmatre in her eyes
2006 May 15Cliches But No AnswerIf brevity's the soul of wit,
2006 May 23Into The VegetableA carrot lay upon the bank
2006 May 25What Loving EuthanasiaClunk! Whrrrrrrr. Zzzzng.
2006 May 31Simulacra Of The Smaller Variety Found In BrightonWhen they talk about Eau de Cologne
2006 Jun 23Tights For A Prophylactic RailroadI shall not fail to summon you
2006 Jun 24Outwardly NubileLet us go then, you and I
2006 Jun 27Death AgainThis mausoleum, filled with Zinc,
2006 Jul 29Ravioli RamblingsThough Cecil balked at Puffy's plan
2006 Aug 9Kill None But The Brave LoverNo mistress is so passing fair
2007 Jan 22The Fifth Vatican InnuendoOh Wally! Won't you start your car,
2007 Feb 8Whatsoever It Findeth North of DunfermlineFor the Law was given through Moses
2007 Feb 12Squid DivinityProem, poem, words of praise -
2007 Feb 15Clumps and WispsOrthodontists wrecked my life
2007 Feb 18Vulva Pinxit HincWounded and silently brooding
2007 Feb 19Fragments ConcludedUnion State gave way to blues - in a doleful way -
2007 Mar 9Never Meant to HarmA nasturtium, rambling fine and crunchy,
2007 Mar 21My Desire Seldom Lights My DesireRainbow bright across the loch
2007 Mar 26Unless Cruel Servitude BeckonsThis lizard, crabbed and taut,
2004 Jul 14Each Weary WelcomingTo redefine our clique
2004 Oct 8Not Allowed In Our PicnicsA tide of rash assumptions
2005 Mar 23Incoherence Everywhere Discovered AnewThe horror-shows of ancient Gaul
2005 Mar 31Our Vectors Ineptly ComputedChucked up, chucked out
2005 Jul 19High TeethJuicy plums for me to bite!
2005 Nov 13Goodfellow MosesA secret door
2006 Jun 16Night ThoughtsWhen o'er the willows whipporwills
2006 Dec 17He See Nothing With RelishThe price of dodging RSI

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