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Poem: The Blue Poem


First line

1996 Jun 1This Gastronomical HeadboardI have it in mind to purchase a pie
1996 Jul 1Voluntary PithBarquentine of Arkansas, the dismal oaf here,
1996 Sep 5Undeniably AwashZernebock howls.
1996 Nov 12Blow-torch ConquestsNeither of the archetypes was very much in vogue
1996 Nov 28FrissonWhat I say is seldom what I mean,
1996 Dec 10Shakespearean TemptationFourteen tubes of toothpaste mark my grave
1996 Dec 15Soar, churlish repetiteur!Day breaks like a condor's egg
1996 Dec 24The Furnishing Witches, or Lucy's Festive WagerWit of pig and limb of bat
1997 Jan 4My Favorite Plunderings'Twas a frothy foam upon the wake
1997 Jan 12My Ingot BalloonTranslations of ancient words,
1997 Jan 26Whipped Blood Pudding RegretsI never met a sailor who could sing
1997 Feb 2Hanging (Tidal)Key of diamonds, tempest
1997 Feb 6Aphorisms for Unseen SwineA kiss and a cuddle
***1997 Feb 19Invisible Sandwiches - The Tiresome BeginningsShe found the smoothest stone,
1997 Feb 28More Paraffin for my PerpetualApprenticeThe sun and moon kiss in the light of day
1997 Mar 10Perpetual Nestled TeacupsIt's not my cup of tea
1997 Mar 18Albert Questions The Benighted CauliflowerWhat tremor racks my boneless foot?
1997 Mar 30Lifeless ShedsWe were down to obsolete zero
1997 Apr 17Toxic Fishpudding BluesBlue notes pour from the sax in the corner
1997 May 12The Implacable SyphonThe shadow cabinet-maker
1997 Jun 7Fifteen Oblique WhiskersA table of kinship for all the world's cats
1997 Jun 28Why Force Can Rescue FollyFeeling queasy, turning green
1997 Jul 9One Last LaterBetrayed! The voyeur's curtain
1997 Jul 30Surplus PenguinsBurn my Waiting-List
1997 Sep 8Can poignant rubbish be reliable?This is the way the lady rides
1997 Sep 18The Pan Holds Mixed CroutonsThe doctrine of a shining spoon
1997 Oct 7Yes, LongerNow the tyrant knows the truth
1997 Nov 6Michaelangelo's Lewd Little BrotherFrequently, my brother speaks
1997 Nov 22"Tomorrowismybirthday" cried Katharine's WeddingPile a hailstone on a hailstone
1997 Dec 9Breakfasting TraditionallyAn arbitrary asp might say,
1997 Dec 14Of Struggling Poets and Pious DaysA ghastly mismeasure of woman,
***1997 Dec 28Swimming While DrownedWho were the Bewlay Sisters
1998 Jan 21Maybe Mercury SpeaksScared of every footfall
1998 Jan 30Music, Unless...While I was walking my dog on the moon
1998 Feb 9The Moon Promises My Friend an ApricotBind me to a broken bench
1998 Feb 17Borrowing TwilightCome, Luggage! There's a curious world I'm longing to explore
1998 Feb 26Gossamer Binary CheesburgerPerhaps it was something I said,
1998 Mar 2Jesus pondering a delightful catachresisBeneath the tea tree sits the gnome,
1998 Mar 9No Parsley for Matilda's FruitcakeBy chance, are you going my way?
1998 Mar 13Arnold, WaitingSurely Godot should be here by now,
1998 Mar 17Only Ingrid Soothes This EyeballYour cobwebs (your cosmetics)
1998 Mar 21Zimmerman's Sour GrapesMy lamp-post charm, my seventh life
1998 Mar 31Witness My Self-important BitumenWhen syrup happens to congeal
1998 Apr 24Alice's Adventures in the Improbability PieAlice threw the looking-glass
1998 May 2Once We Devoured MagmaAt last I have the chance to spread my wings and versify
1998 May 9Benedict the Monstrous ToadstoolBehind each King or potentate
1998 Jun 3Nine Beatles Glimpsing SalvationThere was, perhaps, a waving arm,
1998 Jun 7The mystified Walrus constructionUnpredictable grammar,
1998 Jun 30Bedazzled by Our Daphne's PebbledashFlying at thirty-eight times the speed of sound
1998 Jul 21Behind Every Grimacing Badger...Kropotkin claimed that all he saw
***1998 Aug 7Theory Comes LaterOne: a sponge, of medium girth
1998 Aug 10Beyond Anatomical PossibilitiesIf, halfway down the basement stairs,
1998 Sep 30Shirley's Dancing Socks (or Ellen's)Socks! My red socks,
1998 Oct 24Caroline Rembrandt Remembered BackwardsBuckets of mud and acres of slime are all that I need
1998 Nov 23Coat-Hanger EquityScorn these still-born architects
1998 Dec 11Puberty with CheeseburgerOf course
1999 Jan 5Cherubic Implant in My SuccubusLazy day, bowl o' porridge before me
1999 Jan 7All But ThereThere's a THERE there all right
1999 Jan 11Cyber-PogromGive me a goat and a piece of old rope and I walk right along to the fair
1999 Jan 18Is of NightThe smiles I get when I dance around the bar
1999 Jan 22Zen CatfoodCalm throat fortune
1999 Jan 25Very East NinevehBy dint of subtle mime
1999 Jan 26Walk, don't sniffle and you won't get itWhen I was walking this I saw:
1999 Jan 30Earth TelegramA shrew without wings
1999 Feb 2Ferdinand's ElmA grey seal, with grace of an eel
1999 Feb 8The Helicopter's PlenitudeTriceratops, my maiden aunt
1999 Feb 11BlemishesI never saw a clean sweep
1999 Feb 15Forever StrontiumPlug me in a catheter if there are any left
1999 Feb 20Naked GlobeRosemary...comfrey... cammomile tea,
1999 Mar 1Colditz RhythmHellespont and Hecuba were walking down the street
1999 Mar 8Blamirog's Prophetic LandfallBlamirog was wondering about the Blessed Isle
1999 Mar 20Cessations in Cocktail-WaitressingCatastrophe has happened on a scale that Pride forbids
1999 Apr 4A Dire TendernessNever deny that I warned you
1999 Apr 9Easter GreetingsResurrection!
1999 Apr 15Uncle Gomez's Dinosaur EggsAcres of acrid slime do not make a garden
1999 Apr 23Wizened Thoughts for Yesterdays' LeakTesseracts were falling as if falling were the rage
1999 Apr 24Unwound wherries aloftCalesthenic interprobes are launched into the Sun
1999 May 18Further from the Beatiful FootThe rate of completion increases
1999 May 30Zinc Oxide AlarumWhen Hydrogen confounded Zinc
1999 Jun 17Remember My Helicopter?Never in the history of this our Mother Earth
1999 Aug 6For My Bunny Rabbit'Give me back my arquebus!', cried Randolph Great the Third
1999 Aug 23Full Confession for the TitansPay up! Pay up! It's not a game, you know
1999 Sep 6Hugo Onerous (Episode1)Where, oh where is the Phantom Menace
1999 Sep 28Banana WapentakesHow hairy is my nose, do you suppose?
1999 Oct 14Ahab Still Got Those Almighty Moonshine BluesAll dressed up and nowhere to go
1999 Oct 25Map of the Primitive SongSleep, curly savage, on the forest floor.
***1999 Nov 1Over-baked blossomNow listen, please. I've brought you here
1999 Nov 12Fermenting the Woman from the SurgeryAchilles stole my hobby-horse
1999 Nov 23The Herrings' Adieu (Striding Akimbo)Mortar, crust of lies
***1999 Dec 1Stacy's Fading CardiganThe autumn leaves
1999 Dec 14Thinking AllowedI think that I shall never see
2000 Jan 3Protracted Metrical Hermeneutic FestivitiesAs Christmas nears I lift my pen
2000 Jan 6Try Sucking Your Ear Under WaterWhen lightning strikes at midnight
2000 Jan 10The Cracked OmnipotenceTrim
2000 Jan 14The Whatsit, EvermoreTime stands still; the bullet hangs in the air
***2000 Jan 18A Behavioural ThesisYou giants! You, who from this crag
2000 Jan 21Unfastening Tycho's Forbidden BraOne has to keep one's end up, after all:
2000 Jan 22Turbulence in the BelfryRespiration - who's to blame?
2000 Jan 29Weathered Wedding: The Empyrean DustIt wasn't my intention to rebuild the world at large
2000 Feb 2The Superlunary HairdryerMy skeleton, in bony dreams
2000 Feb 7No Thinner KnotCasually, through the wall
2000 Feb 13Kenneth: My Monster PilotCover me with asphalt as they do in Donegal!
2000 Feb 16My Hamster, Utterly Exhausted By TrepanningI sing of beauty and a boy's endeavour
2000 Feb 29Apsley's Painful DirectionArabella Spommit and her shapely cousins three
2000 Mar 11The Dismembered ThumbsBefore taking part in this scandalous hoax
2000 Mar 15Because Foam Canisters IridesceShe cries, that's all she ever does
2000 Mar 17Philosophers Lacking ReasonWhen Kierkegaard was down-at-heel
2000 Mar 18The Tribunal of ParadoxesYour words will be remembered through the years
2000 Apr 3Explode, My Foot!Give me a piece of hoary old leather!
2000 Apr 9My Warning IgnoredArabella Spommit wrote her cup-size on a mouse
***2000 Apr 10Round/ArabesqueDo not cry, my darling, do not cry
2000 Apr 11Fleeing Another Bloody TuesdayIs this all
2000 Apr 12Bacon VortexI woke to find the world undone
2000 Apr 12Your UndoingBy portents, like the sun's eclipse
2000 Apr 17The Callously-Burnt MarathonLike this sample of elation
2000 Apr 27Slithy Again'Twas brillig and the coach and four
2000 May 8My Articulate Cucumber SaysTeasing and tempting is naughty Nanette
2000 May 14In Africa, Hoplessly LostWe don't regret the cakes that glisten in the sand
2000 May 15Fingering Second Every TownWhile blotting my escutcheon
2000 May 16EmbezzlementWhen Ogden Nash ran out of cash
2000 May 16Matters HereticalIn Spring
2000 May 17Awkwardnesses Committed Unknowingly By Archangels On SpeedMy mind's eye, all in sepia
2000 May 18Polemic PolarityHamstrung by a woollen noose
2000 May 22Plangent Daily WailingCadences so swift and deft that man could hardly follow
2000 May 24Anti-Dandruff CornflakesA kangaroo I used to know
2000 May 30Cautiously Urging, Redundantly PurgingIf my ardour flickers
2000 Jun 1Jesus With Underdone OmeletteIn this unspeakable foreboding year, our doom
2000 Jun 6Jeeves Arranged My Spangled Smoking Jackets ElegantlyI like to eat cheese in the High Pyrenees
2000 Jun 9Nanette Newman's Naughty Knickers Say "Oh! Oh! Oh!There was a young man from Kilbride
2000 Jun 12Lemmings Explode When Roped To DynamitePlease help me grease my hamster said the Queen
2000 Jun 14Give It Some Welly Now!To think of bursting as a chore
2000 Jun 20Vacuum Cleaners Constructed Entirely Out Of Anabaptist DogmaA rabid armadillo with a beanbag on its head
2000 Jun 26Butcher's Lament On NothingWhat sort of dog is this? I hear you ask
2000 Jul 11Henderson's Decline'Why have you tied up Granny?' the little girl was asked
2000 Jul 24Guildford, Epping, TootingWhen you proposed this concert
2000 Aug 4Icy PrivyThe green in a bluebottle's eye
2000 Aug 13Wattle Orb Brie (Summer)Whatever happened to summer?
2000 Sep 3Gratia nobis fructus agimus benedicte nisi veniam purpuriensSpry raindrops against a beercan tinkle
2000 Sep 27Earthly SalutesPerhaps it was just that the Fates took a hand
2000 Oct 19My Song of GlassSleep darkly in your mellow haze my love,
2000 Oct 30Cullington's TheoremThere, dancing on my cranium
2000 Nov 3Neapolitan BoreGalisha ga-galoosha
2000 Nov 6Bribes Inspire Returning MPs to Define Themselves as CaterpillarsCostorphine was a Cuttlefish
2000 Nov 7Our Mutinous UkuleleSkiing down a snow-filled tunnel
2000 Nov 8Failure Threaded By ScrewsA wallaby, tried in a kangaroo court
2000 Nov 22Meanwhile, Back Under the Duvet...A kangaroo tried in a wallaby court
2000 Nov 25Stories, Confabulations and TearsBright she was
2000 Dec 9Stroll Across The PierWhen Sullivan was just a lad, his father went to see
2000 Dec 16Tempestuous Trousers of ThracePut yourself in your neighbour's shoes
2000 Dec 22Sundial ShinesHow about this new departure:
2001 Jan 6Finnegan's Ascending NostrilAlphabetic poetry often can
2001 Jan 8Brothers in CanberraThe kangaroos are at the aquarium?
2001 Jan 9Going off the BoilIf love cannot foretell the past
2001 Jan 15Making NunsSheila was my first love, and she was just a hake
2001 Jan 17I, Diamond JimThumb screws , finger nails
2001 Jan 24Unhappy StampedeNow, here's a story
2001 Feb 2The Truth Beyond GingerWhipping in ocean tides and winds of the Sicak peninsula
2001 Feb 3Birds - So?Those onomatopoeic words
2001 Feb 8Geometry Crawls NightwardsTheir shop lay in a triangle
2001 Mar 25Conquer the Bandits of Love!Remembrance is a form of rhubarb
2001 Apr 13Hook PerformanceIn the deepest part of the pool
2001 Apr 24Billiards, or Might My Love Be Undying?Bianca grabbed me by the throat, and said I was a little stoat:
2001 May 14Flange Matrix - Paradise Of The StarsBubbles float up grassy-treed slopes
2001 May 23Palace Challenge to the PartyIt's a noble bird, is your gannet
2001 Jun 6Dali's Uncle's Duckpond of FilthIn an old ball of string
2001 Jun 19Tennyson's Elbow TransplantI glanced upon your book last night -
2001 Jun 29Tooth Drill In Sandwich TownWhen rank delusion soils the mind
2001 Jul 20Misspelt Youth SyndromeA saucer of sour milk for my companion!
2001 Jul 27Surprise EndingA lamb-chop once asked me
2001 Aug 7Mutable, Suitable, InscrutableHidboult was a wanderer
2001 Aug 9The Oyster IntervalIn the palace of my mind, a lonely spirit walks.
***2001 Aug 12Noah often said that it was lucky to stick herrings to treesThe rain poured down; the waters rose,
2001 Aug 18Forget NeptuneTrumpets are green
2001 Sep 5My Mendacious HoneyI lie to you always, as sugar to spice
2001 Sep 6Browsing PoliceWhen to the summons I brought my fist
2001 Sep 13Occasionally I Have Fallen IllWhen I was living with an elk
2001 Sep 26A Pleonastic Admirer of Superfluous NunsThe men in Berlin are terribly thin
2001 Oct 1Our Northern Weeds NotwithstandingOutside the gates of Swindon
2001 Oct 5The Warped Toboggan (Auden Medal Awarded Posthumouly)In the burrows of the Nightmare
2001 Oct 5Who to Blame?Would you like to be a Womble?
2001 Oct 8Immer mit EinheitWhen Apsley dreams of Arabella Spommit,
2001 Oct 10Saved By The Old Handbags AgainArchitecture! Drifting slow
2001 Oct 16Disused MouseTeal creeps
2001 Oct 31Bartók's Drawing-RoomIn a dream, I bit off my boss's leg
2001 Nov 12Slice My Sausage Thinly, SamanthaWhen I was young and fancy free
2001 Nov 16Unknown in Civilised CombatForests crash about my ears
2001 Dec 7Skywards in Epping's Impenetrable Parkland'I hear you have a speaker-phone'
2001 Dec 10Stolen Kissograms in KetchupSuch is cockaleekie,
2001 Dec 11Unnecessary TitsIn Narnia, the earthworms say,
2001 Dec 14Other Presentiments of Scoutmasters from BothniaRemembering his empty purse
2001 Dec 23Noontide PassionThe drips from his ten-gallon hat
2002 Jan 2Lately Confused ShirtsAs he jumped from the peak of the mountain of Slibb
2002 Jan 3Mackenzie is Certainly FasterAll the lonely people
2002 Jan 8Diaspora With NoodlesNow is the time for Algood men
2002 Jan 9The Reborn Tuna Despair for Mayonnaise'Twas on a moonsoaked midnight
2002 Jan 14Benign ImposturesThis egg, which sank in mercury,
2002 Jan 17Dewdrop Whack, Martini Later...The blancmange spoke, in rhyming couplets,
2002 Jan 31Crying AgainDon't give me your usual whinge!
2002 Feb 4Silently FabulousGlutinous grist is my dish of the day,
2002 Feb 769 ServantsThe artichoke eyed the chili pepper with murderous contempt
2002 Feb 22Any child can puke Beethoven's last minuetThe trouser-press is waiting for
2002 Mar 5When You Dangle Your Sister in AlabasterI wandered lonely, as a clod
2002 Mar 13Menu, Unaware of LurkingI can't abide a burnt-up pie
2002 Mar 15Thus Spake the Dingo BakerA thimble, filled with tepid brine
2002 Mar 20Revenge of the Defecating CutleryCuttlebone, my next of kin
2002 Mar 22Dubious FactoryWhen, in the night, I start to doubt
2002 Apr 2Schrödinger BlueGusts and mists are just the stuff of dreams...
2002 Apr 4Hannibal's EggcupFaint amalgam, fashioned quite
2002 Apr 11Caesar and the Suprise ChickenWhen no Esquimau obtains
2002 Apr 24Begone! Said The League of OstrichesWhen first I woke upon this day,
2002 Apr 28Whenever Sacrifice DemandsSuch anger; incoherent rage
2002 May 1Big, Dangerous CamelA feather riding high upon a wave of breeze
2002 May 9Flood-plain EembargoesOnce upon a greyhound dreary,
2002 May 13Mr Leather Roasted Little SquidWhat dire offence from am'rous causes springs
2002 May 15My Helium Pancakes NotwithstandingWhen I consider how my light is spent,
2002 May 20Wood-daemon, Guide Me South!The bittern is a curious bird, according to the sage
2002 May 27TV Chasm and Clitoral YawningMight I dream once more? Of russet dawns and clouds?
2002 May 31Just Icing the MindI love the sound of ice cubes when
2002 Jun 28Squirrel-bitten, the Similes DecayMy love is like a rushing stream, of vigour full and free,
2002 Jul 10During Gordon's Last GloamingApostles of the menopause
2002 Jul 17Lent Without Sister AmeliaA slice of cake, soaked in madeira,
2002 Jul 18These are VagariesOh, why solicit further scorn
2002 Jul 23Mouldy, They SaidThat artichoke they gave me
2002 Jul 24Unlikely Bovine DreamsI sent a message - to an elk?
2002 Jul 26Dark of WantonKnow how the filbert leaps
2002 Jul 29AbigailOn Thames' Embankment, bright spring day
2002 Aug 8Transplant for Triplets (Under Local Anaesthetic)The funny thing is, remarked Smith
2002 Aug 16Stupid PolarThe rain it raineth every day
2002 Aug 30Artem and IAccipiters offend her by slaying unborn lepus
2002 Sep 10Side-Salad MechanismsAs the world wheels it way around the sky
2002 Sep 23Sharing Lulu's BreakfastGuile ... beyond its main intent,
2002 Oct 1Conference for Solo BanjoI sent a parcel trhough the post?
2002 Oct 2Grappling infrequently with the engine-driver's antibodiesThese comedy moths
2002 Oct 3Not LoversVentriloquists with salmonella
2002 Oct 3This Lunch-Box of FateWhen toast-eating poets have eaten their fill
2002 Oct 4The Victorian PhilistinesThe entire world is as a foreign place
2002 Oct 14Laconic as PestilenceMarge sees not her hem's afire,
2002 Oct 22Telephone in a Wishing WellI woke up this morning as blue as your eyes
2002 Oct 29Dali's Baby Next TimeThe vandal! I dread
2002 Oct 31Raptures of Our Lady BromideLet her curl up and sleep on the railway
2002 Nov 5Queen Adelaide's Shapely BozosTwas' once the perfect time for wrath,
2002 Nov 12A Fourth Shortcake DetectorContinuous as the sharks that dine
2002 Nov 12The Submarine HorizonsA biscuit and a cup of tea
2002 Nov 19My No Nonsense DreamA Roland and an Oliver!
2002 Nov 22Sing for Switzerland, Salesperson!Blue Degrees or Royal Arch, in time,
2002 Nov 27Cactus MotheringThe lawn was laid
2002 Nov 27Bluebells for Another DayBehold the poet, in her shack!
2002 Nov 27Digging Around The GraveyardFor once a poem with no drawn-out themes
2002 Nov 27Chutney FeathersWithout my knife and apron,
2002 Nov 28Phenomenology for CarrotsMy philosophy is very clear
2002 Nov 28Judith, A PolynomialIn my glass kimono
2002 Nov 29Hugo's GoatsHideous smells
2002 Dec 5Knowing About AstromancyMy new Gemini space-craft leaks
2002 Dec 9Tendencies (Lapsed)Who pollutes the Muses
2002 Dec 10Ho, Whoreson Pimp!The alphabet should be curtailed:
2002 Dec 12Venezuelans and Their Hated SistersChristmas gloom is coming soon
2002 Dec 15Chocolate Elvis During SessionsOh! My sombrero is the finest,
2002 Dec 27Where are Nelson's Aubergines?I put my trousers in the press
2003 Jan 2Alexandrian Wish WarriorUpon a star I wished one day
2003 Jan 8Gloves of Careful NutmegLike rising, having slept for years,
2003 Jan 10With Alewife Entwined'My suspenders came from France...', the naughty minx confessed,
2003 Jan 22What Are Flemish Trousers?Astride the edge of any knife
2003 Jan 23Ferocious NightgownsIn dread of the foe
2003 Jan 24Orfeo The IneluctableAs lame as a fish
2003 Jan 29Autocratic PenitentSailing down the seventh stream
2003 Feb 5Herring Orphans of All TotnesHow horrid is the elephant
2003 Feb 20First DowntimeEmollient, conciliatory, I ventured
2003 Mar 11Mountainous PiquesWhat God did on the seventh day
2003 Mar 18Hidden By Hygiene FairiesIf only these kids knew what I
2003 Mar 20Broken SmARTISTSIt be not hard to speaketh like the Bard
2003 Apr 9When Did Gingersnaps Vanish From Human Knowledge?I took a penguin on the tram
2003 Apr 17Carefulness Begets SincerityA poem's frail corpse is like a tree
2003 May 1LootersAlas! The Golden Treasury has been looted
2003 May 10Pugna PorcorumI put lobsters in her sock drawer
2003 May 15Succulent RetchingComplacent as the Minotaur
2003 Jun 5Spin-doctors ConfusedThere's too little gristle and not enough fat
2003 Jun 16Necessary foreign horrorsI trimmed that lean bazooka
2003 Jun 17Another DarwinAn airworthy albatross alights atop an arch
2003 Jun 19The Ocelot TiradeRespectable he's surely not
2003 Jun 20For an Unknown FrogThe semi thrummed o'er seams in the open road
2003 Jun 21Test Our Mutual Felicity with UnguentsHis brain slightly mangled from mid-term exams
2003 Jun 22Pig Lint HitMy blog is narcissistic, though its readers, voyeuristic,
2003 Jun 22Telling Tales of Mother's BullseyeYou shouldn't keep an apple
2003 Jun 23If You Could FalterThe glamour of a teaspoon
2003 Jun 23The MistakeI heard him curse, I heard him groan
2003 Jun 24Reveal the Masonic PrudesI heard him curse, I heard him groan
2003 Jun 24Perwinkle Trout WrackHis boots were made of manta ray,
2003 Jun 24Car with Contrast FetishWhen young and old, the old and new
2003 Jun 27Oddments of the BlondeThe gypsy's skirts swirled like the leaves in the fall
2003 Jun 30Now Repercussions Don't HibernateYou asked for a list of excuses,
2003 Jul 9Chronic Sparrows of PathologyAnthrax! Anthrax! cried Frau Schmetterling
2003 Jul 11Accessible Under HegemonyTo thy nobility am I obliged
2003 Jul 17Mosquitos Hatched by HomeworkBill bought broken bric-a-brac
2003 Jul 17Contrary MutantSo here begins a brand new tale
2003 Jul 17How Often Tattooed?How seldom do I see a frump
2003 Jul 17Time and Chance Combine in a Shocking Display of CrudityA masterpiece will now unfold
2003 Jul 17Thoreau ToejamDo mugwumps ever feel the ache
2003 Jul 17Nightlong BattlesOnce upon a time a whore
2003 Jul 17Merry GooglingOn the first day of Google, my search term was to be
2003 Jul 17MushroomGalumphing through the daisy field
2003 Jul 17Gorgonzola PrevaricatesMy gorgonzola often swells
2003 Jul 17Of RubricsPersnickety wickets, aha!
2003 Jul 17IcemanNo man is an igloo
2003 Jul 18Alas My...If not for that one "mistake"
2003 Jul 18Yesterday Doesn't Go Like ThisYesterday, all my poetry rhymed beautiflay
2003 Jul 18ColoursRed, green, purple, brown
2003 Jul 18Silicon DreamsMy computer's on the blink
2003 Jul 18Just As JurassicUpon the plain the stegosaurus
2003 Jul 18Animals (Oz)If I ever had a platypus
2003 Jul 18BodiesHer nipples were quite octagonal
2003 Jul 18Please Don't TryI wish to call attention
2003 Jul 18Brief Glimpses of Aqua NovaWhile cycling through the clouds one day
2003 Jul 18PyramidsWhen mummies in their sarcophagi
2003 Jul 18DrawnIrresistibly, I feel drawn
2003 Jul 18Quantum WorldPhotons green and neutrons pink
2003 Jul 18DreamsHow oft in wet dreams do I walk
2003 Jul 18NighttownOn a night in september, 1982
2003 Jul 18Death, Shrug Off the Useless PunctuationCholera, my only friend
2003 Jul 19Foresight in F Minor (Haydn)Where have our old-timers gone?
2003 Jul 19Things Of The Wild UnknownThe haughty hippotamus spake unto the King:
2003 Jul 19Gadfly PuddingSide by side sat F & N, with monitors opposed,
2003 Jul 19Thaw(haiku) Little lips and toes
2003 Jul 19Nocturne OyIn adamantine underpants the slavish sleeper slept,
2003 Jul 19GarbanzosFalafel was not feeling well
2003 Jul 19WhackyLapwings on my shoulders, nickels in my purse
2003 Jul 19Melodies by JourneymenMoving softly through the symphony
2003 Jul 20NippisingThere was a strange lad from Ontario
2003 Jul 20Paris BlemishedThe last time I saw Paris
2003 Jul 20Uncertain(haiku) He spoke haltingly
2003 Jul 20Giggling IdolsWhat of Phaeton, Hyperion, Icarus, the angel Lucifer?
2003 Jul 21Ivor the BesottenUnbeknown to Ivor Pooter
2003 Jul 22Comeuppance to AstroturfI always knew that I'd be back
2003 Jul 22History Repeats Itself Itself Frequently Despite Appearances To The ContraryTen thousand men have lost their lives
2003 Jul 23Tonight delights us lovingly, but ...The lamps are lit, the table set, the goose is in the oven
2003 Jul 23Stinky Feet(haiku) I think your feet stink
2003 Jul 23Agog at the FreaksWhatever are you doing, Mr. Trimble?
2003 Jul 23Untold Grinkles do the ZinkWhen grinkles with the morgles bink
2003 Jul 24Hills Speak of ChlorineThe old mountain holds a secret
2003 Jul 24A Homerian Epic of Anglicans in PeruThere was an old man from Peru
2003 Jul 24The Long ThinDispense with long narration
2003 Jul 25Poetry and ExcessThere was a man from Timbuktu
2003 Jul 26People Ran for the Butter"Relax", I say, but they never obey
2003 Jul 26The Bitter End (Alas I Died Homeless)Alas! Oy vey! My tires are flat
2003 Jul 26You can't Have SushiHave you ever dated Lucy?
2003 Jul 26Travelling with SomeoneAnonymously the poems flow
2003 Jul 27Parental"You smell bad, Father William," the young man said,
2003 Jul 28Lips You can KissI should've screwed old what's her name
2003 Jul 28Horseback Spirits of the Ghost TownOn a dusty road in an outback town
2003 Jul 29Something CountsZero was an astronaut
2003 Jul 31A Story About Her Master's MustacheIt might've been his husky voice
2003 Jul 31Look AskanceLittle girl, look in the window. What do you, what do you see?
2003 Jul 31FogeyNow here is a story, it's really quite gory and really quite sad to relate
2003 Aug 1Why you never dared tell the Pope about Mother HubbardWhy do you chide me when you could ride me?
2003 Aug 1Nightmares in a Mind Overtaken by Madness After Sleepless Days and NightsIf you had but one final chance
2003 Aug 1Fishing for the Deal MakersThis time, Sam, we'll make a deal
2003 Aug 1Pick You WhatWhatchamacallit and thingamajig
2003 Aug 2Free at HalloweenThe house was haunted, so they said
2003 Aug 3Visiting the MortalsIn San Francisco, on the trams
2003 Aug 5The Best GuestsWith operatic splendour did the door-bell sweetly chime
2003 Aug 5SkinDoes your skin keep you warm in the night?
2003 Aug 6New Battles for DeceitYou stood trembling
2003 Aug 7A Three-Life ExerciseLife is like a coconut
2003 Aug 7Why do the Spanish Never Use Toasters?I've never met a man I didn't like.
2003 Aug 8Spin Skipper, My AssThere once was a hack called Andrew Gilligan
2003 Aug 9Kangaroo DenShe prayed that she might never see the day
2003 Aug 11Autumn, Aimless, Now Upon UsHaiku with me please
2003 Aug 11FoodIn the pages of a dusty book
2003 Aug 11The Alphabet Tastes Best ColdAngry aged alsations
2003 Aug 12Cremated For BystandersAlan Aardvark ate apples
2003 Aug 12Jonah On WarThere was once a man in a tale
2003 Aug 13Mother OneMother Theresa sported a wart
2003 Aug 14Dead SticksSticks and stones may break my bones
2003 Aug 14He-she me?A limerick often is dirty
2003 Aug 15Quixotic Robot QuestsTeflon starships ply the inky depths
2003 Aug 15Begging for WinkEvery letter I have sent you
2003 Aug 16Scone ClichésIt's always darkest just before it gets lighter
2003 Aug 17EffigyRight among the maddened crows
2003 Aug 18RevengeTo those of you who through the years
2003 Aug 18Memories Sleep With YouThis is the strangest place
2003 Aug 18The RevolutionThe desert sands are sleeping tonight
2003 Aug 18Blasted Poets102 poems in just over a week - do none of you sleep? I'm ready to weep
2003 Aug 19Today We Are In The MistsIt started out as molecules, swimming in the primal soup
2003 Aug 19Revelations UndergoneShaman footfall
2003 Aug 20Bedevil The FaithfulWhat's that in your pants? Is it something to eat?
2003 Aug 20Why Are Doughtnuts Delicious?From my window, I can see
2003 Aug 21Spies Seeking Heat in ArabiaClose to the railway, hidden by bushes
2003 Aug 21Fruit Is Like LifeMy life is like a grapefruit
2003 Aug 21Overcome HeartMy life is like a mouse-trap
2003 Aug 22Ungentle UrgingsThe rarely recognised conversation
2003 Aug 22What is Rope?When you look around and realise that naught is what it seems
2003 Aug 24Glibness for FakenhamBills are overdue, your car has broken down
2003 Aug 25Beep ListList of Chores
2003 Aug 25The Great FussI was fishing one day on the pier
2003 Aug 25Pure FlounderingHow little do we know ourselves
2003 Aug 26Negligent Daleks Give Us A Passable FlamencoI'd offer you a crumpet,
2003 Aug 26The Embroidered GorgonzolaTeapots singing in the rain
2003 Aug 26The Thong Is What PosesUnderneath a mountain, in a dark secluded cave
2003 Aug 26Door To Indisposable SleepThe haiku returns
2003 Aug 26The Page is a CubeLike a russian doll, or perhaps an onion
2003 Aug 27Pole Bank FripperyThe long haul to Christmas has started today
2003 Aug 27Must Pups Melt Their Carpet?The pups are gamboling again
2003 Aug 28I Am Not The Obsessive Weirdo You AreI like to spoonbill
2003 Aug 29When a Door is DrunkA healthy meal of beans is the way to start
2003 Aug 31Wellington Shining ThroughTelescoping microscopes and shoehorning hornpipes
2003 Sep 2Pie TrappingsNymphs and satyrs, centaurs and dryads
2003 Sep 3Roomy LifeHe spent his life in deep despair and gloom
2003 Sep 3Spooning the Kielbasa Worse Than MeWhy must you eat the kielbasa?
2003 Sep 4Sonia Wasn't LostSonia is my name, flirting is my game
2003 Sep 4A JourneyA big bloke called Gojko the Serb
2003 Sep 5The Bob Job MurdersI once had an uncle named Bob
2003 Sep 6They Came ThirdDyspeptic Malthusians are roaming about
2003 Sep 9Butter Belly FanclubNeglecting the home repairs I couldn't do last winter
2003 Sep 10Curse Me, Fungus!The Eskimo, my paramour
2003 Sep 11Spotted CrunchI suggested a title word and the word was this
2003 Sep 14Ghosts for My PosterDorian hung on my parlour wall
2003 Sep 17Time or PorcelainI frequently sit on the dunny
2003 Sep 18About A HedgehogThe problem with speaking in verse
2003 Sep 18Semi FrenzyThe smell of camphor; dust motes in the sun;
2003 Sep 19I Fear Bonnie Lies Under the Ocean FreewayI've oft wondered what Karin looks like
2003 Sep 19Weary With Strangely Sprung HappinessWe tried our darnedests to succeed
2003 Sep 20The Circling Saucers Of SiriusMy little pal never leaves me
2003 Sep 20Pirate RhymesThere once was a pirate, Blackbeard
2003 Sep 21Beaming ConstipationYou can choose to conform, you can choose to rebel
2003 Sep 22Infatuation: The Amusing ConundrumWhat do you want to do with this?
2003 Sep 22Quiche SwimIf every boy and every girl
2003 Sep 23That Superficial SniperHe snaps his fingers with such authority
2003 Sep 23Making the Tide WetI once had to wrestle a bear
2003 Sep 24Grandma Ain't Old Enough For Birthdays Any MoreGrandma still sports a teased bouffant
2003 Sep 24Practise The BirdyAt the crack of day when the baby birds do sing
2003 Sep 24Night Before Time Immoderatein the darkness of the night
2003 Sep 25Mother-in-law with OreganoMy mother-in-law, my mother-in law
2003 Sep 26Mail-Room MysteryA weakness for detail
2003 Sep 26Ghazal to AsylumI fear that one day they will carry me off
2003 Sep 26Feathery FiendsWhat is the matter, my fine-feathered friend?
2003 Sep 27Start The Timeclock EarlierFriday evening's nearly here
2003 Sep 29The Progenitors Served ThemWhen our pets outlive their use
2003 Oct 1An Elliptical DoppelgangerMe and my loneliness; we often talk
2003 Oct 1The Pretentious Structures For Tasting My OeuvreAt Halifax, the Muses gather round
2003 Oct 2Large Enough To Store TimeWhat better place than here?
2003 Oct 4Our First Love We DeniedWe fell into the ocean
2003 Oct 6Nailing Lips To My UmbrellaThe lipstick factory: kick down the door
2003 Oct 9Honestly, If Anyone Dares Mention Earwax Again...Among the elbows, as a rogue
2003 Oct 15Yesteryear ForgottenBarmy rain lady, why stand in the rain?
2003 Oct 15Unsightly CheesologyI am filled with remorse, and the reasons are three:
2003 Oct 16Darling Little OrphansWhen Uncle Roland came to stay
2003 Oct 17Incompetence, IncompetenceWhilst painting the ceiling, the artist remarked:
2003 Oct 19Smiles Bestow BlessingsLike a snake, your smile stretches
2003 Oct 19Death is What the Cliché WillViolets are blue
2003 Oct 21Enough Of DeathSharp as a razor my misericordia
2003 Oct 23Tsarist Biscuits, Long AgoBorneo in a biscuit-tin
2003 Oct 23Don't Align Me!Before enraptured earthworms find you
2003 Oct 24Worm Turning CircleNobody loses all the time
2003 Oct 25Theatre of HeadsThe film was droll, though there were dull stretches
2003 Oct 27Always Vainglorious HootenanniesI bought a little bandersnatch
2003 Oct 30Pointy Sticks With HatsShall I compare thee to an Autumn's day?
2003 Oct 31Exchange: Offer Me SomethingI'll make you an offer you can't refuse
2003 Nov 3Disaster ContestArchaic persons, flummoxed
2003 Nov 5Pray For DinnerAnother web, another fly, another day has wrapped - yet I
2003 Nov 7Weird GardenMisanthropic canteloupes are plotting in the dark
2003 Nov 7The Frenchified ArrogantWhen pigs grow wings and cows speak French
2003 Nov 7Fishy Outlaw EscapesA handsome young mackeral, named Frank,
2003 Nov 10Cult IrregularitiesThe Underbelly Cult
2003 Nov 11Several Sporting Opportunities For NorwichWhat makes a lively lunchtime
2003 Nov 12Dreaming Of Bagels And JavaWhen you met me in the restaurant
2003 Nov 13Olympian BreakfastingVenus came to Athens, thence from there to Rome,
2003 Nov 13Like Butterflies Don'tSo many little fluffy things
2003 Nov 15Ruined DreamscapesI had an eerie dream last week
2003 Nov 15Pets Are Not What They SeemIf every dog and every cat
2003 Nov 16Visitors Not DerailedIf it seems too difficult
2003 Nov 17Hazardous WaistForty-seven atheists have gathered round my grave
2003 Nov 18Happiness, The Noose Of LovePoetry I never knew found love on your demise
2003 Nov 18The Most Rewarding Kind Of ExercisePut it off until tomorrow
2003 Nov 20I Am TransformedI came upon a startling sight
2003 Nov 20So Let's Not EatThe fridge is lurking in a corner - tempting me to sin
2003 Nov 21Avoidance Of Outrageous AphorismsThere was an old man, Mr. Tucker
2003 Nov 23The Allure Is Fortunately PassingWhen I was only seventeen, I fell in love with a Gypsy queen
2003 Nov 23Disembodied StuffDispense with this vulgarity!
2003 Nov 24Our Knoll StrollWhere was JFK, the evening I was shot?
2003 Nov 25Growing Like BacteriaAnother turning point, a fork stuck in the road
2003 Nov 27Nothing Percolates Like TreacleHave you ever thought of peppering your toes?
2003 Nov 28Unless You're The Household PetAbrasively, your parrot squawks
2003 Nov 29Voluptuary MeterDusty streets and peeling paint
2003 Nov 29The Proper ToesA man with a prong on his nose
2003 Dec 1Poetry Means Never Having To WinkPuerile and dull is the Limerick form
2003 Dec 3Popcorn Of The FrenchWhen tapdancing down the Champs Elysees
2003 Dec 5Bondage Followed Swiftly By KickingsOne misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather
2003 Dec 8Extraterrestial WingnutsHooper wouldn't say his name
2003 Dec 9Etiquette Toward Farm AnimalsWhen addressing a horse, remember the rule:
2003 Dec 11Biblical SoundbitesThe Tower of Babel, good sir
2003 Dec 12Smells Like ParfumCéline, we'll make a fortune if you'll sweat into this vat
2003 Dec 14Sorry ExcusesCold, you say?
2003 Dec 17Nesting Penguins Throughout Asia MinorI can't believe I left the grass in my pocket
2003 Dec 19Greatly Exaggerated Half-truthsTim sits alone at his desk in the dark
2003 Dec 29Pay Cash For Everything Except UnguentsLate Christmas Eve the lot was dark, and so I filched a tree
2004 Jan 6Clichés Usually Reserved For Sensitive SoulsThe winter sun broke through the trees, to shine upon the meadow
2004 Jan 9Otherworldly Stuff By BobQuentin Tarantino
2004 Jan 10Allowing Rembrandt His Fish SupperBetween the pilot and the prow
2004 Jan 12Talisman TesticleYou can't take it with you - or so I've been told
2004 Jan 12Quietude Is SurrenderAll is quiet; my morning cup of tea is steaming in my hands
2004 Jan 14Tugged UpAll is quiet; my morning cup of tea is steaming in my hands
2004 Jan 14Prefaces Are LovelyLet us be pretentious, erudite, utilizing abstruse references, esoterica
2004 Jan 16Drastic Therapy For TwoThere hast never been a thing more shiny
2004 Jan 17Weekend Sorrows Melt In AleHappy birthday, Kimberley, let's head off to the bar
2004 Jan 21The Dimmer-Switch DiseaseJeeze, I can't find my knees
2004 Jan 22Porcine Tales By GranddaddyI've got a brand new bathroom
2004 Jan 24Beaten FluffyI took my bitch to get her shaved on Park Lane yesterday
2004 Jan 25Cheese Pistons Of All AgesWhat is this evil in our midst?
2004 Jan 26Looking Good BackwardsWhere are the songs of yesteryear?
2004 Jan 28Parsec Progression BeyondWhat are the odds
2004 Jan 29Semicolon FailingsThe scarlet letter, none too soon
2004 Feb 4Destiny For My King Of HastingsOne day, while I was walking
2004 Feb 5Farewell, MutinyCease to sway
2004 Feb 17Habits Of Old Liberals Foregone"devolve prolific coconut" advised the sophic spam
2004 Feb 22Clandestine Openings Like ThatMeet me in the arboretum
2004 Feb 24Who Drank My Sorbet?Blend one part soot and two parts salt
2004 Feb 27Messages For SandwichmenWe scaled it down
2004 Mar 1My Aunt's Astonished ParakeetRepetition twenty-fold is what I really crave
2004 Mar 3Diffused By Brilliant CloudsI wandered lonely as a nerd
2004 Mar 9Nothing But Extra FamineWhilst walking on the darkling path
2004 Mar 12Frauds? YesLet us now praise famous men
2004 Mar 16Relying On Our Native DiscretionUncle Stalin's on the floor
2004 Mar 19After LessonsHow to explain this shocking situation
2004 Mar 23Vladimir's Looted Me CarrotSilently clutching his kite,
2004 Mar 26Otherworldly Newsagent With Or Without CroutonsA surgeon addicted to soup
2004 Mar 29Extraterrestrial, Improperly AlignedThe cookbook used by Dr Who
2004 May 1More Coal Please. VicarShe's known as Nell, down in Camberwell
2004 May 10Trios YetNo I never joined in
2004 May 13Lest We Forgive Without ForgettingFor the gloom that follows fire
2004 May 25Adjectives On SteroidsSo sullen was he, in his melancholy wistfulness,
2004 May 25Ellis InlandOh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light
2004 May 28Hanging Trout Fancying GrandmothersI dropped it down the wishing well
2004 May 29Banished From Man's EarsTo cudgel, to cajole
2004 Jun 16Nothing More Tangible For HillmenReticence, the virtue of the fool
2004 Jun 21Seegarten Tour For WitsIf it's standing-room only
2004 Jun 22A Very Lodestone'A Fiery Flying Roll', you claim
2004 Jun 24Unworthy Of ScornThis invention makes me sick!
2004 Jun 25Subliminal Telemetry WastedA muse might amuse us
2004 Jun 30If If Why When How WhoBig Brother watches the housemates perform
2004 Jul 6We Never Boycott OversightsGot a nice new jersey
2004 Jul 9Staff Barbecue For Hygienic ElvesPleonastic bunkers that the empire built
2004 Jul 14The Zimmer-frame SocietyEmblematic? Regal? Or a waste of space,
2004 Jul 19Disco InfernalAnnie Lennox drove my car
2004 Jul 29Bless This Horse With GreatnessThe Gryphon, on his rival page
2004 Aug 10Undercover Pastries Lost In SpaceIn every other window
2004 Aug 18Through Hooded DreamsShoot off her skin
2004 Aug 26Carry No Weightlifters AloftWhen shopping for a pachyderm
2004 Aug 27Poorly Bohemians After SupperAn escapee from sanity: that's me
2004 Aug 30Addicts Of Various DispositionsWallowing hogs and leaping frogs
2004 Sep 4Blossom On Most Wintry AfternoonsHow blistering your prose, how Jovian your style
2004 Sep 13It Cannot Be The TeapotsShe is in love with the beautiful formlessness of the sea (Sylvia Plath)
2004 Sep 15Unnecessary Puns As She Grasped Another CupcakeHer eyes are like a cup of tea
2004 Sep 21Nature And Delight Worn OutWe are the Corporation
2004 Oct 12Cardigan Wildlife ArtistsWhen chatty foils reappear
2004 Oct 14When Nagging Seem Treasonous"Love me or leave me," my girlfriend remarked
2004 Nov 4Zoology Students On HolidayMy cat has six claws on her frontmost two paws
2004 Nov 17The Approach Of Suicidal RobotsThe telecon went on and on
2004 Nov 29Things Are Annoying EverywhereJust take a breath - we'll sort this out
2004 Dec 8Parts That Require Frequent CalibrationA man once played my didgeridoo
2004 Dec 17Facile FarewellTaking umbrage, in the Nile,
2005 Jan 15Stealth For Newfound CheesesBroad pretensions, on the board-walk,
2005 Jan 24Trap For Attractive BabesCould you possibly close your sweet mouth as you chew?
2005 Jan 27Horses Most DefinitelySpanish onions, in the dark,
2005 Feb 1Sixty-five DegreesIf you squeegee my windshield, I'll scour your pot
2005 Mar 18I Would Rather Not Serve RiceI might not swallow more than once
2005 May 3Blimey, GuvDear, pour me out a single cup of tea,
2005 Jun 29Always DownfallenThe mood, in Hitler's bunker
2005 Jul 4Enough Bagels DisavowedIn spite of all your after-shave
2005 Jul 12My Priapic MilestoneCoddled mushrooms, all a-simmer,
2005 Jul 20Remedial By AssociationSufferers of synarthrodiae
2005 Aug 10Fields Of EverywhereHis secretary's teeth were sown
2005 Aug 23Wittgenstein TherapyTake parnsip from the heap
2005 Sep 1Detonating ErrorA small explosion
2005 Sep 4Leonine Mellinger Pronounces Herself DestituteThis Plasticene®'s Jurassic, don't you know?
2005 Sep 8WhistlesRussell Hoban, king of rhyme,
2005 Sep 21Caramel ChristmasIn this wise, the King of Thebes
2005 Oct 5Associations Lend Their ChevronsCriticism - from the ranks -
2005 Nov 23Fester's Last WordsIt takes a man with real strength to deplore
2005 Dec 1When Everything PresupposesI am the Centaur and the sword
2005 Dec 12Aspire To LifeBig fish, tiny pond
2006 Jan 11Enduring Without SuccorIf fish could scream
2006 Jan 26Off KilterAll is confirmed
2006 Feb 14Tithes Before FlamingosIf heebie has jeebies and hocus has pocus
2006 Feb 23We Can All Escape From This HotelClutching and screaming they summoned you hither
2006 Feb 28Wise Virgins Stitched In GorgonzolaVanishing by windmills,
2006 Mar 2Half The Time Left To UsHave you met my little friend, Bip?
2006 Mar 14The Death Wish ListWhen Doomsday comes, where will you be?
2006 Mar 30Bread-van ImpasseReptilinear
2006 May 4Good BugsWe must perform a Quirkafleeg
2006 May 12When London RoseCould it be summer's here?
2006 May 15Yes, Cheese Is EdibleI'm glad to see your back
2006 May 30Inbred HeirloomTo generate hysteria, the Queen declared the area
2006 Jun 7Lark OvariesHave you ever thought of trimming your moustache?
2006 Jun 9The Thursday MatineeNo lack of contentious divisions
2006 Jun 12No Peppermint DropsThe clouds are filled with bicycles
2006 Jun 16Dragon-tail DrunkGoing out again
2006 Jun 21Steam CalendarSt. Swithin's Day? Is that in May?
2006 Jun 29The Caretaker Who Cried WolfWhen once I bumped a smallish man
2006 Jul 6Socialists Challenging A ShutdownA dinghy's captain, fearing wreck
2006 Jul 17Drum DazedThe hideous spectre of her purse
2006 Jul 28Such Gravitas Is WastedAgain, at the cathedral
2006 Aug 3Craig Levy, MoorhenNow if six turned out to be nine
2006 Aug 31Cried The IdyllBe not so blue, my dainty dove,
2006 Sep 2Can ChewingTo sit with you at sunrise
2006 Sep 20Demanding Chocolate Money BackWhile others stand empty
2006 Sep 26The Cauliflower NuisanceDemanding menace with a payment,
2007 Jan 16Fly NightmaresA carthorse, baked in bread
2007 Jan 21Not Nubile, Not ShadowsCurves aplenty, on the bed,
2007 Feb 26Interface Not Found - Contact the LibrarianAs to orientation I've begun a new élite
2007 Mar 2Duplicitous Herrings in Identifiable WatercoursesCatechresis mumbles, in the final act,
2007 Mar 29Ancestral Portraits: Girl AskanceEthel had the sharpest wit,
2007 Apr 13Three Blonde MiceOff to other hemispheres
***2004 Jul 2Domestic MeltdownThe problem is easy to see
2004 Aug 27We Penguins Have Closed Supper Clubs ForeverI'm an escapee from sanity
2005 Feb 22The Alphabet Artfully Reconstructed From BedspringsAwake! Before the porridge starts to burn!
2005 Mar 10Wherever Tuesday BluesLittle Jack Horner sat in a corner
2005 Apr 25While Letting Agencies Do Their DamnedestWe pick on them because we know
2006 Sep 7Showmen, Their Regrettable LegendTonsils made of plastic
2007 Jan 15Recipe For A Very Quiet AirplaneAdd a fraction from the jar
2007 Mar 19They Taught Pointless RulesOnto Oban, with a snail,

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