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Poem: Farmer


First line

1999 Nov 30Under the auspices of the Mesopotamian tube-station in EppingIn a distant land called Pernia there ruled a mighty Peach
1999 Dec 24Subtle, Said the MaggotsSpent moons bestrew th'empyrean
2000 Jan 15Such Lucky WickednessFortune fattens the brave
2000 Mar 6My Smothered HaggisCut away, cut away
2000 May 7Businessmen Halting OverheadGive me some glue in pot coloured blue
2000 Jun 1Bangles in TemptationAs the bland computer whines
2000 Nov 25They Vanish Soon EnoughPigmies and penguins like to dance
2001 Jan 9Her Northampton BoudoirBengeo is just the place to start a bitter feud
2001 Sep 3Delirium's RetchingsThe rapid history becomes a page unturned
2001 Nov 15Entropy Without HarlotsInterlinear is the best
2001 Nov 22Once Knighted, Twice Blighted, Thrice Sighted!A wooden Gospel, baked as bone
2001 Dec 12Behold Our Anglican RemaindersChief among the mammals
2001 Dec 21Orphans Drinking DeftlyA glass of claret twice per day
2002 Jan 15The Oboe OmelettesIn the mountains outside Swindon
2002 Apr 15Maybe Not the Frozen Finger-PrintJemima was a nurse-maid
2002 Apr 18Detonated Milk-bottleDisorder met confusion
2002 Jul 24While All Those Has-Beens DanceA brass ring through the eye-lid
2002 Jul 30Rotting Icebergs, Sketched by ProustTo tear the grimy Gospel
2002 Sep 25Whenever Scant Plenitudes ProvideHe so rotten, she so vain
2002 Sep 29After the Empire, Nothing NewCushions – when their time has passed
2002 Oct 10Laundresses, Basements, and PythonsGullible wretches, so polished and pure
2002 Nov 6Surlaw Sha'n't Contribute Veterinary VouchersPerhaps I'm not so odd
2003 May 12Our Sword Unsheathed by MetaphorsRabid was the postman
2003 Aug 31Emilia And Her Tremendous BrainpowerIn my cardboard cardigan
2003 Nov 2Recommendation To Decline Molloy's MeringuesA pound of grease is just the stuff
2003 Nov 9Etruscan! Tuscan! Bohemian! Persian! Theban?Is it a source of insolent pride
2003 Nov 28Allegory Of Scandinavian NuptualsRubbing out the guide-book
2003 Dec 5Saying Much, While Keeping SilentHe sponsored a Gonk
2004 Jan 3Cocker MouthwashA pot of glue left me unstuck
2004 Jan 20Nothing Will Prevail After The NeutrinoI think to make a piece of toast
2004 Jan 24Benedictine Evening DressesPoetic mis'ry in a name?
2004 Feb 3Jelly-Babies Prefer Jelly-ParentsDr Who once gave me candy-floss to eat
2004 Feb 3Caspar CagedA puma won't return the gaze of Rilke
2004 Feb 8The Oast-House SymposiumIt moves an inch a minute
2004 Mar 30Rites For Responsible RaisinsMy cummerbund was missing
2004 Jun 2Dunciad Variorum'Twas Pope who wrote that angels fear
2004 Jun 26M 32 Road MovieThese old molluscs, bought for tea, inscribe
2004 Jun 27The Braunschmidt TransponderPalimpsest of things divine
2004 Jul 8The Parliamentary Parsley SupplierPeel an onion? - for a jape?
2004 Jul 30Gloucestershire Throughout Devon'Tis the ebbing of the eyes
2004 Aug 27Florizel InclinedHide me, my darling, in your tresses!
2004 Sep 21Reunions That Plato ForgotSelected for his miseries
2004 Oct 20His Lady GrammarianBabbling as the brook in spate,
2005 Jan 16Boredom CitySherbert, not Opopanax
2005 Jan 23LichensJust dethrone me, once per week,
2005 Mar 28Bertrand Of Nimes In AnguishHalitosis hit me as he cut my hair
2005 Sep 4Ridicule Enough For CherubimStrong dominion, over whelks,
2005 Sep 20Subway Tools AgainLucy Skeaping, queen of myst'ry,
2005 Nov 11iPods Crafted From Rusting Spanners Or SimilarYou think of these as scones
2006 Jan 11How Silently, How ClumsilyBehold, the Fifth Amendment
2006 Mar 8Shogun MarmaladeSveldt in someone's turban
2006 Mar 29Seeing As We Amuse Your GardenOh raucous bleating
2006 Apr 20Each Circle Will ShakeJudicious combination
2006 May 11White Hotels, Lakes Ablaze, And Blossoms All FallingMade deaf by the sound of the sea
2006 May 23None Save The MeistersingerFirst with the frost
2006 Jun 18His Lucky Skull Has PerishedIn his ochre jodhpurs
2006 Sep 6The Surplus Blondes In SwindonThis poem is dedicated to the memory of Marmaduke Apsley
2006 Dec 15Hidden WorksJust a hint of twilight
2007 Jan 11Neck Up FattyPlates of goulash, on the deck,
2007 Feb 15Plutarch, Amnesia AbroadGrievances and Remonstrance are my middle names
2004 Jun 16Stewed Sea-weed, Nothing MorePip, as a boy, the marshes trod
2004 Aug 19Save Our Dickensian SurrogatesScuttling from clime to clime
2005 Apr 21Vestments In Velvet Of MidnightOnly a quarter

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