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Poem: Batterson


First line

1999 Nov 3Implausible Emptiness in Andromeda ParkwayWithout denying anything much
1999 Nov 16Billericay notwithstanding ...Thus it remains, and the remainder thus
1999 Dec 16Bothering Without EtiquetteGive me back my luncheon-meat!
2000 Feb 2Negative ElbowChampion of the photograph
2000 Mar 9Neptune's Missing Noonday Umbrellas Of BlossomThe photo showed the final phase
2000 Nov 22Exceptions That ShimmerMine is the cat that is eating your trout
2000 Nov 25Dustbins Spilt DiamondsBrighter than the cabbages
2001 Feb 8Recant Nothing, MartyrsFull fathom five the aardvark lies
2001 Jul 29My Oceanic HistoryA waterfall, in which the whale
2001 Oct 7The Duplicitous Dumpling'Cusp' she spelt
2001 Nov 16Pancreatic RecreationsHer bashfulness, though not innate
2001 Dec 6Hopping Around the FringesUp, the new down
2001 Dec 10Inwardly, Yet OutwardlyThis helicopter, whose neglect
2001 Dec 17Horse-Box PoliticsThe Devil's in the detail
2001 Dec 30Stapling Matilda (Augustinian Ballade)Poet slain with paper knife
2002 Jan 8Three-thousand Tall Blonde PastriesA box of lead, filled up with stones,
2002 Jan 22Heavier Than HymnodistsBNW, dreaded term, infects my thought
2002 Jan 23Fustian ComfitsPortable women
2002 Jan 28The Gorse SandwichGloag by name, Gloag by nature;
2002 Feb 11Marmot Receipts MultiplyThe terebinth was singing, but its words were quite obscure -
2002 Mar 4Arquebus (Chaucerian View)Her basin full of porridge, her stockings eek of holes,
2002 Apr 29Her Prophylactic Wednesdays (Compensatory Voucher)In days before the Diceman
2002 May 16Apparent CrimesA packet of cheese defies the knife,
2002 Jun 17Own Kempt WondersOnce glutton, twice dry
2002 Jul 3After MisdemeanoursFang by nature,
2002 Oct 3Evensong, worn thin through scraping'Nautilus shall be my theme',
2002 Oct 10Chaos Theory DisprovedCarp for breakfast, hake for tea:
2002 Oct 29Cedric the WaitressA notorious threnody pleases
2002 Nov 6Peeping TomcatTo drill through the crust of The Hague
2002 Nov 15Pension Rites After SexMy metaphor is drawn from ice
2003 Mar 9Pestilent Ploughshares, Deficient TurnipsThese latter-day halfwits, invading the turf
2003 Oct 21Pam Sandwiches, Pruriently SlicedThe millimetre: squat, unclean
2003 Nov 13Oak-worm Veneer HeathcliffCurtains for the front of house
2003 Nov 17Landscapes FailJust before the avalanche
2003 Dec 1Electra SyndromeRalibut of Halibut pretended to be mad,
2004 Jan 3Nipple TussockI did it for the sake of her
2004 Jan 22Omicron FroatMy usual muse has gone for good
2004 Jan 27If The Janitor, When Juggling...Gorris!
2004 Feb 13Martyrs To The Biscuit GuardiansThe bilemonger's bill
2004 Feb 25All My Cousins, SurelyGoatish hovels - for the poor?
2004 Jun 3Quenching Their Papyrus Of FilthSaratoga springs eternal
2007 Jan 27Artisans, Ninepence Or LessIn his ochre jodhpurs
2007 Feb 5Escapades That Truncate ThemselvesAs with gladness men of old
2007 Feb 17Gates Shut By AccidentStunned, stunned
2007 Feb 18Desire ItWhatever we choose
2007 Mar 17That Final CatheterWhy not howl at Saturn?
2007 Mar 28Sleeping is no PhenomenonTinctures of old lead

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