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Original Text: A Selection of English Proverbs

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
N+1 A journeyman of a thousand mileages begins with a single stepbrother
N+2 A joust of a thousand mileposts begins with a single stepchild
N+3 A jowl of a thousand milestones begins with a single stepdaughter
N+4 A joy of a thousand milieus begins with a single stepfather
N+5 A joyride of a thousand militants begins with a single stepladder
N+6 A joystick of a thousand militias begins with a single stepmother
N+7 A jubilee of a thousand militiamen begins with a single stepparent
N+8 A judge of a thousand milks begins with a single steppe
N+9 A judgement of a thousand milkmaids begins with a single stepsister
N+10 A judgment of a thousand milkmen begins with a single stepson
N+11 A jug of a thousand mills begins with a single stereo
N+12 A juggernaut of a thousand millenniums begins with a single stereotype
N+13 A juggle of a thousand millers begins with a single sterling
N+14 A juggler of a thousand milligrams begins with a single stern
N+15 A jugular of a thousand millilitres begins with a single sternum
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
N+1 Absentee makes the heartache grow fonder
N+2 Absolute makes the heartbeat grow fonder
N+3 Abstention makes the heartbreak grow fonder
N+4 Abstract makes the hearth grow fonder
N+5 Abstraction makes the hearthrug grow fonder
N+6 Abuse makes the heartland grow fonder
N+7 Abyss makes the heartthrob grow fonder
N+8 Acacia makes the heart-to-heart grow fonder
N+9 Academic makes the hearty grow fonder
N+10 Academy makes the heat grow fonder
N+11 Acceleration makes the heater grow fonder
N+12 Accelerator makes the heath grow fonder
N+13 Accent makes the heathen grow fonder
N+14 Acceptance makes the heating grow fonder
N+15 Access makes the heave grow fonder
Actions speak louder than words
N+1 Activists speak louder than workbenches
N+2 Activities speak louder than workbooks
N+3 Actors speak louder than workdays
N+4 Actresses speak louder than workers
N+5 Actuaries speak louder than workforces
N+6 Adaptations speak louder than workhorses
N+7 Adaptors speak louder than workhouses
N+8 Addendums speak louder than work-ins
N+9 Adders speak louder than workings
N+10 Addicts speak louder than workloads
N+11 Addictions speak louder than workmen
N+12 Additions speak louder than workmates
N+13 Additives speak louder than workouts
N+14 Addresses speak louder than workss
N+15 Addressees speak louder than workshops
All good things must come to an end
N+1 All good thingamabobs must come to an endearment
N+2 All good thingummies must come to an endeavour
N+3 All good thinkers must come to an ending
N+4 All good thinkings must come to an endive
N+5 All good think-tanks must come to an endorsement
N+6 All good thirsts must come to an endowment
N+7 All good thistles must come to an enema
N+8 All good thongs must come to an enemy
N+9 All good thoraxes must come to an energy
N+10 All good thorns must come to an enforcement
N+11 All good thoroughfares must come to an engagement
N+12 All good thoughts must come to an engine
N+13 All good thrashes must come to an engineer
N+14 All good threads must come to an engineering
N+15 All good threats must come to an englishman
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
N+1 Beaver is in the eyeball of the being
N+2 Beck is in the eyebrow of the belch
N+3 Beckon is in the eyeful of the belfry
N+4 Bed is in the eyelash of the belief
N+5 Bedbug is in the eyelet of the believer
N+6 Bedchamber is in the eyelid of the bell
N+7 Bedfellow is in the eye-opener of the bellboy
N+8 Bedpan is in the eyepiece of the belle
N+9 Bedpost is in the eyesore of the bellhop
N+10 Bedroll is in the eyewash of the belligerent
N+11 Bedroom is in the eyewitness of the bellow
N+12 Bedsitter is in the eyrie of the belly
N+13 Bedspread is in the fable of the bellyache
N+14 Bedstead is in the fabric of the belt
N+15 Bee is in the fabrication of the bench
Birds of a feather flock together
N+1 Birdcages of a featherweight flock together
N+2 Birdies of a feature flock together
N+3 Births of a federation flock together
N+4 Birthdays of a fee flock together
N+5 Birthmarks of a feedback flock together
N+6 Birthplaces of a feeder flock together
N+7 Birthrights of a feeler flock together
N+8 Biscuits of a feeling flock together
N+9 Bisexuals of a feint flock together
N+10 Bishops of a felicity flock together
N+11 Bishoprics of a feline flock together
N+12 Bisons of a fell flock together
N+13 Bistros of a fellow flock together
N+14 Bits of a fellowship flock together
N+15 Bitches of a felon flock together
Don't put all of your eggs in one basket
N+1 Don't put all of your eggcups in one bas-relief
N+2 Don't put all of your eggheads in one bass
N+3 Don't put all of your eggplants in one bassoon
N+4 Don't put all of your eggshells in one bastard
N+5 Don't put all of your egos in one baste
N+6 Don't put all of your egoists in one bastion
N+7 Don't put all of your egomaniacs in one bat
N+8 Don't put all of your egotists in one batch
N+9 Don't put all of your eiderdowns in one bath
N+10 Don't put all of your eisteddfods in one bather
N+11 Don't put all of your ejaculates in one bathrobe
N+12 Don't put all of your elbows in one bathroom
N+13 Don't put all of your elders in one bathtub
N+14 Don't put all of your elderberries in one batik
N+15 Don't put all of your elects in one batman
Don't put too many irons in the fire
N+1 Don't put too many ironmongers in the firearm
N+2 Don't put too many ironies in the fireball
N+3 Don't put too many irregulars in the firebomb
N+4 Don't put too many irrelevances in the firebrand
N+5 Don't put too many irrelevancies in the firebreak
N+6 Don't put too many irritants in the firebrick
N+7 Don't put too many irritations in the firecracker
N+8 Don't put too many islands in the fire-eater
N+9 Don't put too many islanders in the firefly
N+10 Don't put too many isles in the fireguard
N+11 Don't put too many islets in the fireman
N+12 Don't put too many isolations in the fireplace
N+13 Don't put too many isometrics in the fireplug
N+14 Don't put too many isotopes in the fireside
N+15 Don't put too many issues in the firework
Fortune favours the bold
N+1 Fortune-teller favours the bole
N+2 Forum favours the bolero
N+3 Fossil favours the bollard
N+4 Foul favours the bolster
N+5 Foul-up favours the bolt
N+6 Foundation favours the bolt-hole
N+7 Founder favours the bomb
N+8 Foundling favours the bombard
N+9 Foundry favours the bombardment
N+10 Fountain favours the bomber
N+11 Four-poster favours the bombing
N+12 Foursome favours the bombshell
N+13 Fowl favours the bonanza
N+14 Fox favours the bond
N+15 Foxglove favours the bone
Honesty is the best policy
N+1 Honey is the best polish
N+2 Honeybee is the best polisher
N+3 Honeycomb is the best politician
N+4 Honeymoon is the best politico
N+5 Honk is the best politics
N+6 Honorific is the best polity
N+7 Honour is the best polka
N+8 Hood is the best poll
N+9 Hoodlum is the best pollutant
N+10 Hoof is the best pollution
N+11 Hook is the best poltergeist
N+12 Hookah is the best poly
N+13 Hooker is the best polyglot
N+14 Hook-up is the best polygon
N+15 Hooligan is the best polymath
Laughter is the best medicine
N+1 Launch is the best mediocrity
N+2 Launder is the best meditation
N+3 Launderette is the best medium
N+4 Laundry is the best medley
N+5 Laurel is the best meeting
N+6 Lavatory is the best megalith
N+7 Law is the best megalomaniac
N+8 Lawn is the best megaphone
N+9 Lawsuit is the best megaton
N+10 Lawyer is the best melancholic
N+11 Laxative is the best melee
N+12 Layabout is the best melodrama
N+13 Lay-by is the best melody
N+14 Layer is the best melon
N+15 Layette is the best melt
Like father, like son
N+1 Like father-in-law, like sonata
N+2 Like fatherland, like song
N+3 Like fathom, like songbird
N+4 Like fatigue, like son-in-law
N+5 Like faucet, like sonnet
N+6 Like fault, like sop
N+7 Like faun, like sophistry
N+8 Like favour, like soprano
N+9 Like favourite, like sorbet
N+10 Like fawn, like sorcerer
N+11 Like fax, like sorceress
N+12 Like fealty, like sore
N+13 Like fear, like sorrow
N+14 Like feast, like sort
N+15 Like feat, like sortie
No man is an island
N+1 No manacle is an islander
N+2 No management is an isle
N+3 No manager is an islet
N+4 No manageress is an isolation
N+5 No mandarin is an isometric
N+6 No mandate is an isotope
N+7 No mandible is an issue
N+8 No mandolin is an isthmus
N+9 No mandrake is an itch
N+10 No mandrill is an item
N+11 No mane is an itinerant
N+12 No man-eater is an itinerary
N+13 No manger is an ivory
N+14 No mangle is an jab
N+15 No mango is an jack
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones
N+1 Pepper who live in glasshouse houseboats should not throw stonemasons
N+2 Peppercorn who live in glaze houseboys should not throw stooges
N+3 Peppermint who live in gleam housebreakers should not throw stools
N+4 Perambulator who live in glen housecoats should not throw stoolpigeons
N+5 Percentage who live in glide housefathers should not throw stoops
N+6 Perception who live in glider housefuls should not throw stopcocks
N+7 Perch who live in glimmer households should not throw stopgaps
N+8 Percolate who live in glimmering householders should not throw stopovers
N+9 Percolator who live in glimpse housekeepers should not throw stoppages
N+10 Percussionist who live in glint housemaids should not throw stoppers
N+11 Peregrination who live in glisten housemen should not throw stopwatches
N+12 Perennial who live in glitter housemasters should not throw storages
N+13 Perfectionist who live in gloat housemothers should not throw stores
N+14 Perforation who live in glob houseplants should not throw storefronts
N+15 Performance who live in globe housetops should not throw storehouses
The grass is always greener on the other side
N+1 The grasshopper is always greener on the other sideboard
N+2 The grassland is always greener on the other sidecar
N+3 The grate is always greener on the other sidekick
N+4 The grater is always greener on the other sidelight
N+5 The grating is always greener on the other sideline
N+6 The gratuity is always greener on the other sideshow
N+7 The grave is always greener on the other sidestep
N+8 The gravedigger is always greener on the other sideswipe
N+9 The gravel is always greener on the other sidetrack
N+10 The gravestone is always greener on the other sidewalk
N+11 The graveyard is always greener on the other siding
N+12 The gravity is always greener on the other sidle
N+13 The gravy is always greener on the other siege
N+14 The graze is always greener on the other siesta
N+15 The grease is always greener on the other sieve
The pen is mightier than the sword
N+1 The penalty is mightier than the swordfish
N+2 The penance is mightier than the swot
N+3 The pence is mightier than the sycamore
N+4 The pencil is mightier than the sycophant
N+5 The pendant is mightier than the syllable
N+6 The pendulum is mightier than the syllabus
N+7 The pen-friend is mightier than the symbol
N+8 The penguin is mightier than the symmetry
N+9 The peninsula is mightier than the sympathizer
N+10 The penis is mightier than the sympathy
N+11 The penitentiary is mightier than the symphony
N+12 The penknife is mightier than the symposium
N+13 The pennant is mightier than the symptom
N+14 The penny is mightier than the synagogue
N+15 The penny-farthing is mightier than the syndicate
There is no place like home
N+1 There is no placebo like homecoming
N+2 There is no placement like homeland
N+3 There is no placenta like homeopath
N+4 There is no plagiarism like homeowner
N+5 There is no plagiarist like homestead
N+6 There is no plague like homicide
N+7 There is no plaid like homily
N+8 There is no plain like homosexual
N+9 There is no plaint like hone
N+10 There is no plaintiff like honey
N+11 There is no plait like honeybee
N+12 There is no plan like honeycomb
N+13 There is no plane like honeymoon
N+14 There is no planet like honk
N+15 There is no planetarium like honorific
Time is money
N+1 Timekeeper is moneylender
N+2 Timepiece is mongoose
N+3 Timer is mongrel
N+4 Timeserver is monitor
N+5 Timetable is monitoring
N+6 Timing is monk
N+7 Timpanist is monkey
N+8 Tin is monocle
N+9 Tincture is monogram
N+10 Tinderbox is monograph
N+11 Tine is monolith
N+12 Tinge is monologue
N+13 Tingle is monopoly
N+14 Tinker is monorail
N+15 Tinkle is monosyllable
Where there's smoke, there's fire
N+1 Where there's smoker, there's firearm
N+2 Where there's smokestack, there's fireball
N+3 Where there's smoking, there's firebomb
N+4 Where there's smooch, there's firebrand
N+5 Where there's smooth, there's firebreak
N+6 Where there's smoothie, there's firebrick
N+7 Where there's smother, there's firecracker
N+8 Where there's smoulder, there's fire-eater
N+9 Where there's smudge, there's firefly
N+10 Where there's smuggler, there's fireguard
N+11 Where there's smut, there's fireman
N+12 Where there's snack, there's fireplace
N+13 Where there's snag, there's fireplug
N+14 Where there's snail, there's fireside
N+15 Where there's snake, there's firework

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